Happiness is stamping with friends!

Don’t forget ……….


Hi bloggies!

You may remember … that recently I passed my 200,000 hits milestone. And … I wanted to share this moment with all those who had helped me to reach this amazing landmark! This blog award is for EVERYONE who has left a comment / blog love for me during the last 3 1/2 years. Your contributions have touched me and encouraged me … and I wanted to “show the love” back to you. There is however, one condition!!! You must ‘PAY THIS FORWARD‘ on your blog … to at least 3 of your blog friends who have encouraged you in your blog journey!

I haven’t seen this award (below) posted on any of my friends’ blogs yet … so I thought I would give you all a friendly reminder … especially to those who left comments on my “Thanks SO MUCH” post celebrating my huge milestone!

Thanks again for all your support! I hope to visit some of your blogs and spread some love again soon! Hugs xx


5 thoughts on “Don’t forget ……….

  1. Promise to pass this generous award on darl’n. MWAH ooxx
    – Thanks hunny! 😀 Hugs xx


    • Happy to tell you….checked off the list today. ooxx
      – Thanks Lynda! I am glad someone appreciated this hearftfelt award! 😀 (giggle!) Thanks for paying it forward … I hope your friends enjoy their awards! Hugs xx


  2. You will laugh… I didn’t put the symbol on my blog because I don’t know how! I also don’t have three blog friends to pass this forward to! But that’s ok!
    – Happy to give you a lesson!!! 😉 And … you could pass it onto ME!!! 😀 Hugs xx


  3. You are so sweet Andrea. I will try to get to this next week when things calm down. :o)
    – Thanks Monika! I am just wanting to repay the kindness from all my wonderful blog buddies! Hugs xx


  4. Thank you! Even though I haven’t kept up on commenting on your blog – I had this post bookmarked as I definitely want to pass it along. However, the first person that I would pass it to would be you!!! Your links to posts on my blog are definitely my most viewed posts!! And your comments are always so encouraging.
    – Wow! I am so thrilled that my links direct so much traffic! I didn’t realise that! Now … that has made my day! I am so glad to share your delightful designs with my blog friends … because you are “right up there” on the top of my fav styles for card making! Hugs xx