A Lovely RAK!

Hi bloggies!

I think you need to congratulate me! I haven’t managed to blog for a couple of days … and I didn’t stress about it! 😉 Yes … I am learning not to let my blog control my life! 😀 So … I had a PILE of cards that needed to be made for some special events coming up in the next couple of weeks. I was determined to get them all done … and spent yesterday afternoon & most of today … stamping! I have gotta say … it was wonderfully satisfying to get so many finished!

So … I have heaps to share with you all … but do need to prepare card recipes for each of these before I can post them. In the meantime … I wanted to show you a fabulous card I got in the mail last week from my blog buddy Fiona. She sent this with a little package … what a sweetie! (The card is too!!! 😉 )

I have one Christmas card left to show you … so I will try and post that tomorrow … if I get the chance! ❓ And … then … hopefully I can share some of the new creations with you! I am pretty thrilled with most of them! 😀

Hope you have a great weekend! Hugs xx



  1. Glad you liked it 🙂 I actually made a few Christmas cards today, does feel good to get some stamping done.
    Fi xox
    – Thanks Fi! Are you home again from Hawaii??? I hope you had a fantastic time! Hugs xx


  2. Lynda says:

    Standing an applauding in congratulations darl’n!!!! I think the recent weather has been conducive to stamping. I am v v much looking fwd to seeing all your creativity…as usual!!
    Oh isn’t Fiona’s card delish??? Parisian Breeze and a Tea Pot…..almost a perfect balance…hee hee hee…was there tea inside…you mention a package…but not of what it was???
    I hear you on not letting blogging rule your life…I have a post going up this AM (sun)…the 1st for nr a week….guilt is the only thing that gets the better of me now…LOL!!!
    Hope you get some more stamping done…but also bask int he sunshine!! ooxx
    (PS…Miss 7 was just over my shoulder watching me type and asking what card I was commenting on…I showed her and then said it was for Andrea…to which she replied….”I KNOW who Andrea IS mum!!!” too funny!! ooxx
    – LOL … what a giggle! That is so cute! I am famous … at least in the Shrimpton family!!! 😉 I can repay the compliment … cos all my family know what a lovely sweet friend you were … and always available with medical advice … when my Dad was dying! You are my hero! Thanks for all the lovely comments! Hugs xx


  3. Helen H says:

    Fi’s card is gorgeous Andrea – what a lovely RAK to receive!
    Congratulations on that rather large looking pile of cards you have created – can’t wait for you to share them all. Hugs 🙂
    – Now I just need to find the time to blog! It has been so hectic! But … I am looking forward to sharing these creations, too! Hugs xx


  4. Kim S says:

    I am so glad you aren’t stressing??!!! I’m not sure that I believe you – but I am glad you think it!
    – Me thinks you know me too well, Kim!!! I am trying … TRULY!!! 😉 Hugs xx


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