Stitched Stockings Scallops

Hi bloggies!

Well … obviously I didn’t get back yesterday. Stace & Jono and little Bree were here in the afternoon after church … and stayed for dinner. Bree is such a delight … and I managed to somehow get some lovely cuddles. (That’s the benefit of “passing”  on the card playing — a fun family activity … but I would rather have cuddles!) I just had to share these gorgeous photos … Bree having her first swim with Stacey in our pool. After a shaky start (the water was pretty cold) … she took to it like a duck. Our little water baby! 😀 Yes … she is a little ‘nude nut’ … but look at those gorgeous brown eyes!

Here is the card I promised on Saturday …

In my blog travels recently … I learnt that different countries have different “traditional colours” for their Christmas Cards! Not every country follows the trad red/green/white/gold combo. I have also been reading that many card makers are embracing the ‘non trad’ colours. I imagine that perhaps one day … we may not have what we call a traditional colour scheme for Christmas???? Well … I do like to spice things up a little … and enjoy experimenting with other combos for my Christmas Cards. This “Perfect Plum / Certainly Celery” combo worked really well … don’t you think? A simple card … and so quick to put together!

Oooh … goodie! Bree (& Stace) have just arrived! I am babysitting while Stace & Ree go to the gym! 😀 😀 😀

And then … I am off to do some work! You won’t believe it … but Gav is checking out some new programs for his medication reviews. He is quite keen on one … and is trialling it at the moment. BAD NEWS …. If he decides to go with a new one … the 200+ reviews that I have done all the pre-interview bookwork for … will all need entering into the new system!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😯 !!!!!!! 😯 !!!!! That is going to take hours and hours! And … so near to Christmas!!! I imagine I am going to be snowed for a while! But … I have some cards from my stamping day on Saturday … so that will keep me blogging for a little while! BUT … I am not sure when I am going to finish my Chrissy Cards!!!??? Yikes! Plus I have Gav’s 50th to organise (his b’day is the 13th Dec). So … please please forgive me if I am a little tardy blogging at times … because it really isn’t that I am being lazy!

Hope you all have a nice day! After torrential rain Friday night / Saturday morning (actually … a few days before, too!) … it is a lovely sunshiny day here. Beautiful spring breeze! Hugs xx



  1. vi lammertsma says:

    Hi Andrea
    Love the colour combo for Christmas! Haven’t used my Stitched Stocking stamp and punch set nearly as much as I`d like – you`ve just motivated me to grab them and get cracking!
    Enjoy the kiddies!
    from a 37degree Alice Springs
    – Hi Vi! Sooooo nice to have you popping by so often! It is great for my ego! I am … like you … a little slow with using this set & punch! But … I figure there are a lot of Christmases to come! 😀 Hugs xx


  2. Lynda says:

    Ooooooooooooo….this is so cute. I LURVE the colour combo darl. I esp love the scallop dotted punch border…looks brilliant. Yet another Lowcock stunner to pop into the CASE file for inspiration!!
    Bree is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo darn stinkin’ cute!!!! The family resemblance in the pool is scary….hee hee hee. I am so glad you got some speccy cuddles. Always guarenteed to be a mood lifter and a soother for sore souls. ooxx
    – Isn’t she just! She really has her own personality now … and is super funny when she is blowing raspberries! She is not keen on the solids Stace is trying at the moment … and if she is tired … she will throw a wobbly if she tries to feed her. It’s not a concern quite yet … but she will have to learn to eat solid food SOON! 😉 “Nandy” (me) is not ready to discipline … her mother can deal with it!!!!!!!! 😉 Thanks for the sweet comments! Everyone must be busy … because my comments are certainly drying up lately! But … I am not complaining … because my ‘new’ work situation (trialling a new programme) is certainly taking up much of my free time at the moment! Hugs xx


  3. Monika/buzsy says:

    Oh, she is a cutie Andrea! Can’t blame you getting some cuddles! It’s nice that you can be there to see her grow.
    Love the stockings. The colors are so pretty! The border strips look great.
    – Hi Monika! If only there were more hours in the day. It is so lovely to have you pop by … but I am feeling very guilty about the lack of blog hopping on my part. My excuse … is an over abundance of “work work” at the moment. I am missing being here! I love having Bree around … only 15 mins away from us! She is such fun! 😀 Hugs xx


  4. Helen H says:

    What a little cutie Bree is & such a cheeky little smile – no wonder you were getting lots of Nandy cuddles!
    Love the celery/plum colours of your card. Green & purple are one of my fave Christmas combos. The row of stockings is cute & I see you have “DD”ed them just for me, lol! The double border looks great too. Hugs 🙂
    – Helen … your visit this morning has been a special “lift” for me! Thanks for all the blog love! Hugs xx


  5. Kim S says:

    I LOVE non-traditional Christmas colors and yours are wonderful! Unfortunately, that is not widely embraced here – if I use non-traditional colors for our church card racks, they are the last to sell. I remember a year when I used a royal purple for a “He Is Born” type card and was thrilled with the results – it sat there until the day before Christmas! C’mon people – you all have to wake up to the creativity of cardmakers!!!
    – I agree Kim! I do like to revert to trad colours … but it is also fun to experiment with other colours! I am sure your cards are ALL snapped up … who wouldn’t love to send one of your gorgeous creations to a loved one! Hugs xx


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