A new idea!

Hi bloggies!

The great thing about stamping … is there is always something new to try. A new technique … a new way to add a ribbon … a new colour combo … etc etc. I sat down to create a birthday card for a 13 year old boy on Saturday … and came up with a couple of neat ideas! (I am sure it has been done before by some clever person … but they were new & original ideas for me!)

Luke is Sandy’s best friend … and the two of them are soccer MAD! So … I went online to find a background picture (free wallpaper) to print out. I resized it in Publisher … and printed in black/white deliberately … because Luke’s (& Sandy’s) favourite team is Real Madrid … and apparently black/white/gold are their”kit” colours! I also designed the letters for the flags in Publisher … added a star frame around each and punched them out with a circle punch. (When punching copy paper … make sure you fold the paper so you have two layers to punch through. The helps to create a smooth cut.)

“Boring Alert!” Feel free to skip the rest of the post! Well … as you can see … my time is a little full at the moment. This  new programme is looking good … but it is creating more work for me … and less for Gav … in a sense. This is the result we wanted, though … to enable Gav to do a few more reviews each week. So … I am going to need more hours for work tasks … which will mean less time for stamping and blogging! While I am learning … the data entry is a little slow … but I am sure that with time I will get quicker at my tasks. So … with this busy time of the year approaching … I am a little nervous about how I am going to manage all I have to do. (I still haven’t finished my Christmas Cards … and need to post them out!)

I guess that it is “that time of the year” for everyone! I popped by this morning … and found 1 comment from my faithful bloggie, Lynda! I can’t complain … because I have been a little busy … and haven’t done a huge amount of blog hopping, either. So … I do understand that it is rather difficult … at the moment … but that 1 little comment did look rather sad and lonely!


Oooh … just had to share this pic … that I found in my search for the pics that I added above! Isn’t this a fab idea??? I will be back as often as I can. I am sooo addicted to my blog friends! 😀 😉 I miss you when I am not here! 😀



  1. vi lammertsma says:

    Oh Andrea! What a great concept! Teenage card ideas are so difficult to come by, but this is so cool!

    And those cookies – my daughter would just love to make those for her friends! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Ps – Do love your card recipe box – all info at a glance!!

    – Hi Vi! I was quite tickled with how this turned out! 😀 Thanks for the enthusiastic comment! 😀 Aren’t those cookies so tempting! I am keen to make some too! Hugs xx


  2. bronheslop says:

    Hey beautiful! Never fear – we’re never far away. Love your card for Luke; obviously a lot of thought has gone into it, and it sure works! I’m at home with the second son with chicken pox – and this one is so much worse than the first! He has spots EVERYWHERE! Blisters on blisters… even on the soles of his feet! Poor little bloke. He’s quite demanding with it, so I haven’t been around much – but you’re my first stop today, Andrea, ‘cos I miss you too!! Big hugs, Bron xoxox
    – Oh Bron! So nice to see you! I have popped by your blog a couple of times recently … but I must admit … not in the last week or so. Thanks for your wonderful encouragement. I remember chicken pox going through our 4 eldest kids … one after the other (not at the same time!) I was stir crazy by the time I was able to get out into the world again! I hope your little man recovers quickly … and that the other kids don’t pick it up! Take care, Hugs xx


  3. Lynda says:

    I so love this new idea Andrea. Gives a whole new avenue to explore for cards for boys of this age group…cause seriously…they are so easy….right!!!! The pennants just finish it off perfectly.
    Glad to hear you are trapsing thru the new programme. Funny how wk disribution always shifts….hee hee hee. If it makes you feel any better I have not even NEARLY finished my chrissy cards. (fingers x’d 10 will get done today) plus all the other gifts I am making for the big day/teachers etc!!!! I can def relate to the snowball act ur polar bear has going on!!!
    Take care of you and breathe. I promise to do the same. I will hound ur blog no matter what…you know that!!! ❤ ooxx
    – I know … I can always count on you to be here! Thanks for all the sweet messages … and the ‘keeping in touch’ emails. Hugs xx


  4. Monika/buzsy says:

    What a neat card Andrea. Love the idea of using a photo or wallpaper. The banner looks great and the team color is perfect! :o) Hope you get used to the new program fast.
    – I am at a really frustrating stage … I am getting the hang of the new programme … BUT … there is a huge (200) number of patient files to enter … and each takes around 45 mins to an hour! Yikes! I hope I will get quicker … but all the little details (pathology & medications) have to be accurate! But … thanks for the encouragement! Hugs xx


  5. Gabbi says:

    This card is awesome.
    Love everything about it!
    I’m sure Luke will love it too!
    Hope you are coping with the busy season – I wouldn’t survive without the calendar at the moment!
    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous designs!
    ♥ Gabbi
    – I have all in my calendar … but just not the time to do all that is listed! I am very busy! 2 days in a row working late into the night! Just trying to get a little on top of things! Luke did love the card … and Sandy was excited to pass it onto him! Hugs xx


  6. LOVE this one – but maybe because I have a 13yo soccer obsessed son – LOL. It really IS a perfect card for this age group!
    Love thos cookies too – LOL
    – Perfect … and really quite easy! Just took a little time to find the right pic! Can’t wait to try those cute cookies! Hugs xx


  7. Great Card Andrea, very effective, ps love the reindeer cookies
    – thanks Karen! Will try and do some blog hopping soon! Thanks for stopping by! Hugs xx


  8. Helen H says:

    Great card Andrea! Your soccer wallpaper is awesome & the personalisation with the name banner & team colours is perfect. Thanks for sharing such a cool idea for what can sometimes be a tricky target audience.
    Good luck with the new programme – the more you do the speedier you will become so soon the numbers won’t look so daunting!
    Cute cookies too. 🙂 Hugs
    – I know you are right … but I am feeling so frustrated at the moment … with all the kids on uni break & nearly school hols … and I am stuck in front of the computer doing bookwork! 😦 I would much rather be spending time with them! But … I guess I should be thankful that I am able to work from home … and can be flexible (normally). Isn’t this a great idea! I was really excited to think of this one! 😀 Hugs xx


  9. Maryanne says:

    Awesome card Andrea – I like the reindeer biscuits too – ive just tried my hand at mini caramel tarts decorated like reindeer – too cute….
    – I am just hoping that I find the time to make some Christmas cookies! Sigh! Thanks for popping by to leave some blog love! Hugs xx


  10. Kim S says:

    Here I am just sitting down to catch up on all of your fabulous posts – and the second one that I get to talks about one little comment. Could I feel any guiltier??? But…I will always eventually get here because I so love my morning cup of coffee while enjoying your blog.

    It has been busy here – long story about a teenager who has decided he hates high school enough to skip classes. Who would have thought my gifted, talented and charming son would become our problem? (Actually we are quite concerned about what he is not telling us – maybe bullying?). If we ever find a way to meet in person, you will have to share how you have raised such an amazing family!!

    OK – enough of my sad story – – – LOVE this card. My youngest is a lacrosse player and I am always on the lookout for stamps. But as you have just demonstrated – all I have to do is find a pix, and use my pennant set – and it’s perfect!! Thanks for the fantastic idea!
    – Oh Kim! I am so sorry … my hissy fit was very selfish … and I didn’t want to make anyone feel bad! 😦 And … truly … I am the last one to criticize because I have just had no time to blog hop for a while either! So … this is the pot calling the kettle black! I am feeling so much for you with your struggles … and feel very privileged that you shared something like this with me! Take care, Kim. I am sure all the ground work you have done will be worthwhile … and your “gifted, talented, charming son” will remember all you have taught him in time! Hugs xx


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