Speedy Gonzales!

Hi bloggies!

Phew! I am so sorry … but life is manic at the moment! (When is it not … in my home?) I have Gav’s 50th (Saturday) party to organise … urgent bookwork … Christmas cards to finish & write … a friend moving house this week … cookies to make for pressies … Sheree’s uni graduation … a friend needing help with wedding invites … christmas food list & shopping to do … School end of year celebration … blogging … blog hopping to catch up on … etc etc etc. My head is spinning. So … much … that I am sitting here at my desk … and I can smell bacon! But … nope … no bacon cooking here!!! Not sure what that means … probably that I have lost it!!! 😯 🙄 GRIN!!! 😀 😉 So … I am going to be speedy gonzales today … and just show you something REALLY QUICK!!!

Remember … this card …click pic for original post!

I needed a ‘last minute’ engagement card on Saturday … so here is what I did with it! …

Add an engagement phrase to the centre of the card … and voila! How did I do the reversed bird??? I actually stamped the image onto the smooth side of my stamp-a-ma-jig mat … pressed the image onto the card … and “tweaked” it with a marker … to define the image a little better.

The snowflakes banner is to let you know how FREEZING it has been the last couple of days! So much for a Summer Christmas! We have had the coldest start to summer in something like 61 years!!! Come on sunshine!!!

Gotta fly … cos I really have to get  moving on that ‘to-do’ list! C U all soon! Hugs xx



  1. vi lammertsma says:

    Hi Andrea

    What’s that expression? – if you want something done – ask a busy woman to do it!!!
    Such a clever chook to just alter an existing card! Well done!

    – It was out of desperation … but I was pretty tickled to think of the idea! 😉 And … yes … busy woman here … with lots on her list! Hugs xx


  2. Gabbi says:

    I’m hearing you sister! … When did life hit high-speed??
    I do hope you can get a few things ticked off on your ‘to do’ list, and that things are not being added faster than you can get things done!
    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous ‘tweaked’ card, very clever!
    Have a lovely day!
    -Gabbi ♥
    – I am sure that life will settle down sometime! I am hoping that 2012 is a fresh start … and will be a better year than 2011! Hugs xx


  3. Kim S says:

    I think that our definitions of freezing are probably different! Tomorrows high is predicted to be -10C and tomorrow night will be -23C. I bet you are feeling absolutely tropical right now.
    – You are right! Very tropical! It is all relative … isn’t it! 😀 Hugs xx


  4. chrissieah says:

    I hear you too… it’s that time of year… I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t have a to do list like yours! By the way can you let me know when you put your next order in…. I don’t have a lot to buy but a few little things. Thanks. Hope you get through that list… and are still smiling!!… that’s the important thing… cos all that busyness is worth it when you see the end results!
    – Yep! You are soooo right, sis! I will be putting an order in soon. Will let you know! 🙂 I need a couple of bits and pieces too! C u tomorrow night! Hugs xx


  5. Melissa says:

    a fabbo card, love the bird, and that heart is cute, I forget about that one lol, Hope you get through some of that list, maybe we could swap lists, may be a little more exciting to complete them then if they aren’t our own lol.
    – I’m sure it would be more exciting, Mel! Not so helpful perhaps … but definitely more exciting! I am sure your’s is just as big as mine! Hugs xx


  6. Donna says:

    oh Andrea I love your new look on your page!!!! I have been away for sometime! I also had to laugh (as mean as it may be) because we had the warmest Nov. in our history….OH OH have the tables turned. It is going to be like spring here in New England this week ….it does not feel very Christmasy around here, no cold no snow`!!!! But I love it becuae that means no shoveling no coats and no slush!!!!! I am so sorry you expected better weather where you are. You know it will not last forever, the warmth will come to you just as the cold will come to us. Thanks for all your sweet comments I LOVE THEM and I LOVE SEEING YOU POP IN!!!!! You sound very busy and that is good (wink) Have a great week and I will chat soon…oh I am not sure what is up with the clock thing I may have to put a different one that is true to New England time. I had no idea it switched to a different time zone for the reader. Thanks for the heads up! Hugs~Donna
    – Yes! It is kinda weird … the clock thing! I do have one that I have on my desk top … set to your time! Lotsa weird weather happening at the moment. I am just hoping it warms up … cos I am giving Gav money to buy a surfboard for his 50th! I’d like him to use it!!! Glad you are not bothered with the “downside” of snow! But … I do hope you get a white Christmas! Hugs xx


  7. Lynda says:

    They always say that out of creative adversity comes sheer genius!!! Classic example!!!! LOVE this idea. You are such a clever cherub!! Will have to try that SAMJ trick at sometime and see if it wks for me. You can be guarenteed that they will NOT get a card even similar to this!!
    Remember to flip ur bacon (don’t want it getting overdone on 1 side now do we??). Tell me….what is the smell of when a vegeterian suffers the same phenomenon??? If it’s compost…it def ain’t gunna smell as sweet now is it?? ooxx
    – Now I am feeling VERY sorry for you! The smell of bacon cooking (heaven) … compost (not so good!) How can you have a birthday without a bacon sandwich for breakfast??? It is my fav thing of my birthday! 🙂 (And mother’s day!) I hope your day is a good one! Hugs xx


  8. Helen H says:

    Sweet engagement card Andrea & go you! on tweaking another design to get it done fast. Love that you reversed the image to make a cute little couple.
    Hope you have got through your huge “to do” list & that the phantom bacon wafts have disappeared. 🙂
    – I know … bacon … how weird!!! I a slowly getting my ‘to do’ list under control … but still in super busy mode! Thanks for the encouragement! Hugs xx


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