Happiness is stamping with friends!

Another BOY card! (sigh)


Hi bloggies!

I am suffering stamping withdrawals again! My sis reminded me yesterday … that everyone has a HUGE ‘to do’ list at this time of the year (so right!) … SO I am going to STOP whinging about mine! I do need to make some more Christmas Cards … so hopefully … I will have something different from MALE cards to show you! In the meantime … this was for my b-i-l’s b’day …

I have had a run of male cards … and I really feel like I need to do something female for a change! I compensated by adding a Christmas banner with pink fairies!!! 😉 😀 This was a super Q&E CAS card. A star mask … a little sponging … a splodge & silhouette image! Easy peasy! I hope he liked it!

Take care … I popped down to Leonie’s yesterday … helped her cut for her class … and then we worked on the invitations for her daughter’s wedding. I brought home a pile to do … and would like to get those done for her asap! Plus … work work work to keep on top of! Oooops! I said I wasn’t going to whinge!!! 😉 Have a great day!


8 thoughts on “Another BOY card! (sigh)

  1. Love what you have done here. Great spin with the stars – awesome! Love how it is another male card & colours etc.
    Hope you get more off your ‘to do’ list today, inlcluding those invitations – that is what happens when you are so talented! – you have to share your skills 🙂
    I am off to school for a Year 2 graduation/picnic/party afternoon with a giant slide and party games (!!) – huge birthday party to celebrate Jesus’ birthday for infants. Should be fun, … but there goes Tuesday! (will be out from 11am to 4pm!).
    Thanks for sharing…
    -Gabbi ♥
    – Hope you enjoyed your end of year activity with year 2. I feel really disappointed with Tongarra. Apart from a parent organised yr 6 “after party” (not Sandy) … there was no end of year ANYTHING!!! Sandy didn’t go on one excursion this year … and there was absolutely nothing else for end of year. I remember at SSCS there was a different activity organised for EVERY grade. Picnics, ice skating, beach trips, bowling etc etc! But … he did come home from school today … very excited that holidays have begun! Invitations all finished. I think it took me about 12 hours consistently. Hugs xx


  2. I’m sure he liked it! Where do you get these great male ideas! Love to pick your brain sometime!!! BTW – go on and have a great whinge – we all need to sometimes! I give you permission…..heh,heh!
    Love your posts!

    – Isn’t it annoying when you reply to a comment … and it disappears into cyberspace. Take 2 — Thanks for the a-ok about whinging. It is nice to ‘vent’ sometimes to our friends! And … thanks for all you lovely comments recently. If you want some more ‘male’ ideas … click on ‘male’ in my categories! Hugs xx


  3. Wow! I love the sponged stars on this Andrea. Great card.

    I hope you get on top of things!

    Love Jenny x
    – I am sooooo on top of things … that I totally forgot about Tracey’s house move yesterday. After promising to help … it totally slipped my mind!!! I feel sooooooo bad! I hate to let my friends down. I know you were there! I’m sorry I wasn’t! Thanks Jenny! Hugs xx


  4. Another fab boy card Andrea. I love the spongind and masking you did. The stars look awesome inside the bigger stars! Such a neat technique. :o)
    – Masking is always a winner, Monika! Looks really professional … when it is really a super easy technique! Hugs xx


  5. The last thing I feel like when I haven’t stamped for a while is to have to do a male card! So uninspiring. I finally got to do some cards on Sunday and I had to do Gavin’s, though that was ok as it’s a special one! Also managed to do two sets of Chrstmas cards. One lots was a quick and easy design and the other a bit trickier and cute! I have about 36 now… just a few more to go I hope. Might end up having to take on holidays to write at the last minute. We’ll have to see what next week brings.
    – Well … you are ahead of me! I only have about 28 done! And … another 20+ needed! I need to get onto that asap! Looking forward to seeing your card for Gav’s 50th! Glad you had some time to stamp! Hugs xx


  6. A great male card, love the colours you have used to, hope your schedule clears soon, lifes at one speed at the moment I think – Full throttle lol. Take some time out for you though, hugs melxx
    – I imagine life is full throttle for most of my blog buddies! You are probably still recovering from all the prep for your son’s birthday! I must make sure my other bloggies see what you accomplished for this amazing party … here is the link for anyone who is interested … Melissa is simply a super mum! http://beedevinedesigns.blogspot.com/2011/11/sweet-treat-buffet.html Take care, hunny! Hugs xx


  7. Oooohhhhhh….I DO LOVE this one Andrea. The masking looks fantastic and is a great accompaniment to this stamp.
    I hope you do get things checked off your list. Know that many of us out there are getting there slowly but surely. Take care of you. ooxx
    – Hey hun! I am gradually marking things off my BIG list. Most of the organisation for Gav’s party is done. Now we just need to pray for good weather … seeing we are having a Brekky Beach BBQ. Hugs xxx


  8. Fabulous!!!! Love the masked & stamped stars Andrea & the silhouette image with the “splodge” backdrop. Brilliant male card & fabulous colours. Keep the male cards coming!!! Hugs 🙂
    – Another today, Helen! (Gav’s birthday card from me!) I think you will like that one! 😉 Hugs xx