Gavin’s 50th

Hi Bloggies!

Well … it is kinda bittersweet to have another birthday … cos Gav has hit the big “5” “0”!!! 🙂 My gift to Gav was money to buy a surfboard … and my wider family put together to buy a “steamer” (wet suit) … so he is all set to go surfing with Skye & Sandy!

If you would like a “visual” of how I created the background for this card … here it is! I have included details about the sponging on my card recipe. It looks impressive … but it really is quite easy! The sun was created with a circle mask with a torn “bottom”.

So … my birthday card was appropriate for his gifts … and I did enjoy having an idea to work with! After I took the photos of this card … I did add a black “50”  in the bottom right corner. It will be nice to sit on the beach and watch him enjoy his pressies! An enforced break from his busy life!  Well … can’t linger! Stuff to do! We are going out tonight to the Steakhouse for Gav’s birthday … so that will be a nice night out! (All the kids & Bree!) C U soon! Hugs xx



  1. Lynda says:

    For some odd reason I have a “Bryan Adams” song going thru my head after I saw this card Andrea. It is magical beyond words and sooooooooooooooo appropriate for Gav. I am sure he loved it. The sponging is GORJUS. Another Lowcock STUNNER. ooxx
    – And … it is so lovely of you to be here so early … and leaving such sweet comments! Thanks FRIEND! 😀 Hugs xx


  2. Gabbi says:

    Happy 50th Birthday Gav.

    Hope you all have a fantastic day & evening!!

    Beautiful card!

    Thanks for sharing
    – Thanks Gabbi! It has been busy so far … but Gav is taking it all in his stride! I think he looks pretty good for 50! Hugs xx


  3. Happy Birthday to your fab hubby Gavin – 50 is just a number they tell me – will let you know how I cope in a couple of years – LOL. Your card is PERFECT for him given his surfing theme – LOVE the background!
    – Hi Debbie! I am hanging on to 49 for as long as I can. Unfortunately that is only for 3 months more!!! I HATED turning 40 … but I guess it is time to embrace 50 … especially now I have a grand-daughter! 😉 Thanks for popping by! So nice to see you! Hugs xx


  4. Leslee says:

    One word comes to mind immediately….GORGEOUS!!
    I’m sure Gavin loved it…how could he not? It’s from you 🙂
    – Thanks Leslee! I soooo need to do some blog hopping. Will pop by asap! Hugs xx


  5. That’s a fab card, bet Gavin was thrilled. The sponging is fantastic and a perfect background for the surfer.
    – Thanks Fi … he was rather impressed! Especially the bit in the centre about choosing a new surfboard!!! 😀 Hugs xx


  6. Helen H says:

    Another sponged stunner! You definitely make magic with these silhouette designs Andrea! Hope Gav had a wonderful birthday. Hugs 🙂
    – Thanks Helen! I do like doing silhouette designs. They actually come together really quickly! Hugs xx


  7. Kim S says:

    Happy belated birthday to Gav! Is he using his presents yet??? It’s a perfect card, the sponging makes a wonderful scene!
    – He ordered his surfboard today … will be here on Monday. Has been and spent his “surf shop” gift voucher on a wetsuit … and is raring to go! Now we just need some good waves. Lately it has been nothing … or 10′ … not great for learners! Hugs xx


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