Fun to make … but time consuming!

Hi bloggies!

Each year I like to make something for the office staff at school … to thank them for all their hard work during the year. I usually make fudge … and I have previously shown you some of these gifts and even shared my favourite fudge recipe. I decided that I wanted to do something different this year … and went trolling on the internet for ideas. This is what I found!!!

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And … here are the internet links … if you would like to make them …

I had heaps of fun making these … but … they did take a while to do. (More than 1 1/2 hours per batch!!! 😯 By the time I had finished … my back was aching … and I was totally over it!!! 😉 But … looking at the photos … I think it was worth the effort. The baskets were made using one of the tutorials from INK4U! 😀

Well … bookwork to catch up on … and then more Christmas Cards! Hope your prep for Christmas is going well! I am also working on my grocery shopping lists! C U soon! Hugs xx



  1. Gabbi says:

    These look like a labour of love! – and too good to eat!! I hope they appreciated them!

    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous treats.

    I made some bags of “Reindeer Poop” with a sweet poem that I adjusted from the internet – they were quick & easy to make – and I used the dasher stamp to decorate the tags & filled the bags with maltesers – too easy!! 🙂

    Reindeer Poop:-

    Santa made his list this year,
    the results were really very clear.
    He checked it once, he checked it twice –
    he saw that you’ve been not so nice!
    So when he came to fill your stocking,
    he did do something rather shocking…

    “What could be so bad?” you say, “Could it really spoil my day?”.
    Well here’s what I saw Santa do, (I’m sure he did it just for you) …

    He came over the horizon, on snowy white drifts,
    and found his reindeers had left “little gifts”.
    He got an old shovel and started to scoop,
    the neat little piles of “reindeer poop”.
    But to throw them away, seemed such a waste,
    so he saved them, thinking ~ you might like a taste!

    He then delivered the presents, which took quite a while,
    then Santa passed by and sheepishly smiled.
    I heard him exclaim as he rose in the sky,
    “Well, they’re not potty trained – but at least they can fly!”

    Keep it in mind for next year – your back will thank you!

    Have a great day!

    Love Gabbi ♥ 🙂

    – GIGGLE, Gabbi! 🙂 I have seen reindeer poop & poems before … but not this poem!!! It is such a hoot! Thanks for sharing! And … I think I was planning to do this … this year … and totally forgot about them! I hope you remind me next year! Hugs xx


  2. chrissieah says:

    They certainly were a hit! It was great you sent some spares in too… Linda & Jill were encouraging everyone to try your sweet treats! Thanks so much for going to all that trouble!
    – Glad you all enjoyed them … I bet Ian got the “mint” ones!!! 😉 Hugs xx


  3. Kim S says:

    You are amazing!!!
    – Thanks so much, Kim! xxx


  4. Maryanne says:

    Hi Andrea,
    They are too cute – my “Christmas treats for this year are caramel tartlets – decorated to look like rudolf – mini marshmallow and choc drop eyes, pretzel antleers, jaffa/red m&m nose – the only thing is that you can’t bag them up and give as gifts – more plate food.

    Wishing you a fantastic christmas and an awesome new year.

    rubber hugs
    – Those “rubber hugs” are very comfy! And … the tartlets sound delicious and lots of fun. Happy Christmas to you too! Hugs xx


  5. Monika/buzsy says:

    These looks so yummy Andrea. Wish I had patience to bake! Love the pretty baskets you put these in! I’m sure the teachers will love these.
    – I bet if you tried … you would be fantastic at it! If you have patience enough for card making … I’m sure you have plenty for baking! Hugs xx


  6. You have been busy Andrea making all these and the cute baskets. They all look yummy. I’m sure there were lots of tasting in the process too 😉

    Love Jenny xx
    – Actually … NO!!!! I was so busy I didn’t even stop to have a taste until the next day when I was packaging! And … the kids were all out … so no nibbling from them either! Gav is not a sweet tooth … so apart from the 2 I tried … that was it!!! Amazing … HUH??? Hugs xx


  7. Lynda says:

    All of these look so v v delish Andrea…but guarenteed to put me in a diabetic coma….hee hee hee. I will def suss out the recipe links you haev provided. I am always looking for natty different treats. I cook my florentines for Chrissy every year, however this year only one batch. I have really pulled back. My time management is not fantastic for some odd reason this year.
    I am so v v glad they went down a treat. The wee baskets look amazing. ooxx
    My time management seems to have flown out the window … this year … but for some reason … it is all coming together this week! These are a ‘ONCE ONLY’ … cos … truly … they look so impressive … and they were FUN to make … BUT … take FAR TOO LONG!!! Hugs xx


  8. Helen H says:

    Andrea you are such a sweetie! What a fantastic batch of goodies to say thank you to the school staff. The baskets are gorgeous too. Hugs 🙂
    – And … the great thing … I have enough left overs to share with the family at Christmas … too! 😉 Hugs xx


  9. Melissa says:

    mmm yummy, lucky teachers xx
    – They are yummy! And … like childbirth … I am quickly forgetting how long it took to make these … so perhaps I will try again because they were a hit! Hugs xxx


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