A fabulous idea!

Hi bloggies!

I was so excited when I found this on Leslee’s Blog … because I had 1 more gift card holder to make for Christmas … and it was for my 23 yr old son … so I didn’t want anything too “pretty”! This was perfect!  I actually added a top note to the back of the snowman to turn Leslee’s ‘postcard’ into a gift card holder!

There is actually NO stamping on this creation! And … it came together sooooo quickly! And … I was tickled with the result! I will be filing this idea away for next year, too! Isn’t it fun to find a great project to CASE! 😀 Thanks Leslee for the fabulous idea!

I hope you are all getting organised for the festive season? Gavin is taking some time off between Christmas & New Year! (I had to talk him into it … but now he is looking forward to a break!) It will be nice to get up each morning and say ‘what will we do today’! 😉 I have my sweet Bree & Stacey here today! They have been away for a week … so I am excited to see them. Take care … back soon! Hugs xx


  1. Lynda says:

    Brilliant, awesome and festively blokey Andrea. He’s gunna love it!!!! Tope notes are so v v versatile. I do love this wee chap lots. ooxx PS….enjoy ur speccy BR-ugs (Bree hugs) ooxx
    – Oooh … how precious! BR-ugs!!! Had a few today … but too many others here and I do have to share!!! 😉 Isn’t this snowman fabbo??? Hugs xxx


  2. tkitto says:

    I LOVE your snowman Andrea. It is super cool. Thanks so much for spreading the inspiration around
    – Hi gorguss! So nice to see you … and so great to see you are back blogging again! (Just popped over to your new blog!) I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Hugs xx


  3. Gabbi says:

    Love your snowman (!!) 🙂 – and it has almost been cold enough to snow around here – where is summer???
    Loving your projects & inspiration – just need to find some time to play!

    4 sleeps to go!

    -Gabbi ♥
    – No time for playing here, either, Gabbi! 😦 But … soon I hope! It has been miserable weather, hasn’t it! But … I think it is going to be a nice (not too hot … but summery weather) for Christmas! Thanks for all your lovely support and encouragement this year! Hugs xxx


  4. Melissa says:

    ohhh far too cute, love that it is festive without being girly 🙂
    – Yes! Perfect for the recipient! 😀 I love this idea! Hugs xxx


  5. Leslee says:

    So glad to see this cutie up on your blog. And thanks for the shout out.
    Holiday Hugs!!
    – Hi Leslee! Thanks so much for the inspiration … this was just what I needed! Hugs xxx


  6. Helen H says:

    Super cute idea – great gift card holder Andrea! Hugs 🙂
    – Hi again Helen! Isn’t is the most adorable gift card holder!!!??? Hugs xxx


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