Debbie’s Masterpiece

Hi bloggies!

Do you remember last year I showed you this amazing card??? I have another gorgeous masterpiece by Debbie to share with you again this year! I am always so touched and excited to receive one of Debbie‘s original creations! I am so in awe of her talent & PATIENCE! Please take a moment to pop by her blog and make sure you have a cuppa with you … because it won’t be a short visit!

Here is the Christmas Card I received from Debbie this year!

Wow! This is special … and must have taken hours to create! I wonder how many of these gorgeous creations Debbie sends out ..she must start making her Chrissy Cards in January!!!! 😉




The main  picture really doesn’t show how gorgeously sparkly this card is. I have tried to capture it in these photos but they still don’t do it justice. Debbie’s cards always have so many little details … unbelievably pretty! Thanks Debbie for your kindness in sharing such a beautiful card!

So … one last pic … my kitchen was taken over by Stacey & Skye yesterday. They decided to make some gingerbread houses for Christmas “from scratch”. Yes … they rolled and cut their own dough & then put them together … and decorated them. Took hours … but it was a fun day. Lots of giggles! I got the very pleasant job of keeping Bree happy … but then I also ended up with the big clean up … cos they ran out of time! (Skye had to go off to work at 6.30pm) So … here is a pic … they were pretty tickled with them!

I am off to make my Christmas Cassatas … remember … I shared the recipe with you all last year! I hope I can find something to share with you tomorrow!!! Hugs xxx



  1. Gabbi says:

    Great card – an original indeed! So much patience – not like the ones I try and make in bulk!
    Love the gingerbread houses – looks like lots of fun! (except for the cleaning up – I agree that that is not so fun!)
    Hope you have a great day!
    -Gabbi ♥
    – Hi Gabbi! It is so nice to pop by at this busy time of the year … and see your happy face! Thanks for all your lovely comments! Hugs xx


  2. Lynda says:

    Wow….ain’t Debbie the most AMAZING person. I too was blessed to receive one of her cards for Chriisy this year and am still blown away by its amazingness (if there is such a word). Her attention to the small things is without comparison. This card suits you down to the ground Andrea.
    The houses look good enough to eat…..DER!!!! I can only imagine the kitchen carnage afterwards however….LOL!!! love and hugs to you all. ooxx
    – LOL! Yep! It was a mess … and every time we needed to clean up to make some room … Bree needed a feed. Babies are such handy things to have around sometimes (for the mum!) 😀 I am so in awe of Debbie’s patience!!! I just don’t think I have it is me! And … you are right … this does look like something I would like … doesn’t it! I went searching on her blog … and found this way back in August! Perhaps that is the secret to beautiful Christmas cards … begin really early!!! Thanks for your little beauty that arrived in the mail yesterday! You are such a sweet friend! Gav always says “Who’s Lynda” … whenever something from you arrives. And … I always say the same thing … “my nurse blog friend who helped me so much when Dad was sick!” And … then he knows exactly who you are! “D Pity he forgets so quickly! 😉 Hugs xxx


    1. Lynda says:

      Easy sweetie….Gav is MALE….and the defence now rests!!! hee hee hee….ooxx Ur more than welcomere the card….HAD to do something for you….if for nothing else to make Gav think!!!! 😉
      – You are soooooo right! “MALE” … enough said! Thanks again! Hugs xxx


  3. Helen H says:

    Hi Andrea. Debbie’s card is exquisite – beautifully coloured & lots of lovely detail. The sparkly die-cut border is gorgeous.
    Bet Stacey & Skye had a ball making & decorating their sweet gingerbread houses – they are delightful!!! Hugs 🙂
    – I have Debbie’s card sitting as a Chrissy decoration … on our hall table! I can’t bear to hide it away amongst my other lovely cards! It needs a full showing! Hugs xxx


  4. Aaaaw Andrea – you made me blush! I’m just sooo happy you liked it – it’s times like this that I appreciate making cards – too put smiles on friend’s faces is the BEST gift!

    Hey do you remember how we got “chatting” – I CASED the “swap” I got from you at Convention in Canberra when I was just starting out! You have inspired me from the start – just wished we actually “talked” and “met” each other properly then too!

    And talk about patience – I can’t remember the last time I had the patience to make a gingerbread house – LOL. They are AWESOME and I’m sure put plenty of smiles on faces during the making AND the eating – LOL.

    Lotsalov to you.

    – Hi Debbie! Oh … those horrible ‘swaps’ that I added silver couchous balls to … because I really wanted a silver accent! Yikes! Thanks for reminding me. I liked the designs … but those balls!!!!!!!!!!! 😯 What was I thinking!!!??? I have some beautiful silver half balls now … that Silke Ledlow sourced for me (she uses heaps) … and then I got a top up via Lynda when she went to Singapore! So … I do use the ‘real thing’ now! But … after checking out your blog … I guessed you must have got this one … which actually doesn’t have any of those ‘tacky’ balls on them!!! ! If anyone else is interested … there is a pic of all my swaps here: (and the post before this one!) Hugs xxx


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