I can’t believe it is Christmas again!!!

Hi my special blog friends!

I remember doing my “25 days of Christmas” last year … like it was only yesterday … and here it is Christmas AGAIN! 😯 I don’t think it is just a case of getting older … I truly think life is busier and the year moves more quickly for us all.

It has been a difficult year … and many of you have shared all the ups & downs … so I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all those who sent messages of encouragement & sympathy … and tried to make the load a little lighter. All your messages touched my heart … and helped to keep me going. I will be sad this year … because my dear dad is not here to share Christmas with us … and especially because it is the first Christmas for our first grandchild and he would have loved to have watched the fun we have with her. I am also missing my family who are all sharing Christmas together in Q’ld. But … I am so blessed to have all my kids & no. 1 granddaughter here to make it special.

I am so thankful to God for watching over us this year … and although it has been tough at times … He has always been there to support, guide and encourage. I truly wonder how others survive trials and difficulties without the knowledge that they are in God’s hands … and that He has a special plan for all our lives. I like to think I have grown through the sadness & trials … and I am so thankful that my faith has been such a comfort to me.

But … my blog friends have also been a comfort and encouragement … and I just wanted you all to know how special that has been to me!

On a happy note … we are sooooo looking forward to spending Christmas with our little Bree! She has been such a blessing this year … and a joy to have around. She has more pressies under the tree than anyone else … and is going to be thoroughly spoilt … but … hey … isn’t that what grandparents, aunts & uncles are for???

Anyway … I think I have “blethered” on long enough!!! I just want to pop by and wish you all a wonderful Christmas full of joy and blessings from God … and that 2012 might be an exciting & happy year for you all. (I am looking forward to starting a new year! 😉 ) Take care over the holiday season … and drive safely! 😀

Gav is having the time between Christmas & New Year off from work. I had to talk him into it … because his patient list is a mile long and he hates making people wait. But … it has been such a BIG year … with so few holidays (only 1 week!) … and I think we all need the break. So … I may not get back here until the New Year … but I am sure you will all understand if I take a break from blogging for a week or so, too???

With all my love … thanks … and prayers for you to have a special Christmas …



  1. Kim S says:

    Merry Christmas to you! You will have so much fun with that sweet little girl. And rest assured that your dad is there with you and enjoying it all.
    – Hi Kim! Thanks again for all your friendship and support this year! I can’t wait to see what you will be showing us this year! Hugs xxx


  2. Lynda says:

    Firstly…Love ur Candy Cane name!!!!
    Secondly……I wish you and yous all the best for a Chrissy filled with wonderful memories and heartfelt recollections. Although those you desire may not be physically with you….I cannot imagine them being far away from you today. Take LOTS of pics of Bree….we have Pippa (7mth) so I think if ur age is measured in months….you get spoilt ROTTEN!!!!
    Enjoy ur break and know that I will haunt you in 2012…hee hee hee.
    Love, hugs and endearing friendship to you Andrea. MWAH ooxx
    – Thanks for noticing the name, Lynda! You never miss anything do you??? Thanks for the sweet thoughts for Christmas! I managed to not be too sad … and enjoy the company of the family … and especially Little Miss Sunshine! She looked sooooooooo cute in her Santa outfit … I think I will have to share the photos! 😉 I am so looking forward to sharing special times with you in 2012! Hugs xxx


  3. Hi Andrea,
    I hope you had a lovely Christmas with all your family.

    Thanks for sharing all your ups and downs with us. It is great that we do have a loving God to help us through these times. I’m glad that I can give you real hugs not just Cyber hugs.

    I’m looking foward to sharing lots more creating and laughs in 2012.

    Love and Hugs,
    Jenny xxxooo
    – Hi Jenny! It has been so nice to share friendship, blogging, stamping & fun with you this year! Can’t wait for more in the new year! Hugs xxx


  4. Gabbi says:

    Enjoy your break Andrea – I hope you had a fantastic Christmas celebrating the birth of our Saviour & have a refreshing and relaxing week taking time out!
    Love Gabbi ♥
    – Thanks Gabbi! I am so enjoying the break at the moment. Only prob … once you stop … it seems you feel even MORE tired!!! ❓ But … it is so nice to have some time with Gav & the family. I hope you are able to have some time these holidays together as a family! Hugs xxx


  5. Helen H says:

    Hope your Christmas was wonderful Andrea & that while you remembered special times, you got to make some beautiful new memories as well to hold in your heart. All the best for 2012. Hugs 🙂
    Andrea adds: Thanks heaps Helen! It was special … even if a little ‘low key’! Hope your’s was the same! Hugs xxx


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