After break catch up!

Hi Bloggies!

Well … Gav is officially back at work … which means I am also officially back at work!!! 😦 I had expected to have a bit more time doing some stamping over the last 10 days … but with Christmas / New Year / relos visiting / kids around … I never seemed to find the time to sit down!!! 😦 Perhaps now all the busy-ness is over … and after I catch up on my bookwork … I might find some  time! 😉 Here is something I managed to put together … on the 1 day I did stamp!

The incredibly beautiful inspiration for this card came from Laurie Willison. Her ‘Soapbox Creations‘ card was so stunning. The colours just jumped out at me! What a gorgeous combination. You have to check out Laurie’s card … cos her’s is a little more elegant with some pretty flowers instead of the stamped butterflies! I did add some “Champagne Mist Shimmer Spray” to the background and the butterflies … I think you can just see it in this picture!

Well … I can’t procrastinate any longer … I have end of month invoices to do … and then off to the airport with my sis to pick up mum. She is returning from a week with my other sis in Q’ld. Take care … c u soon! Hugs xxx



  1. Sandy How says:

    A delightful card, lovely DP and the buttterflies are nice and bright, the black ribbon is a great finishing touch. Wishing you all the best for 2012.
    – Thanks Sandy! Hoping to catch up on blog hopping soon! (After bookwork catch up!) Will pop by and say hi! Thanks for your lovely wishes for the new year! Hugs xxx


  2. Gabbi says:

    Hi Andrea, Happy New Year!! Glad to hear that you enjoyed some time off!! Love your card & your gorgeous butterflies. Such beautiful colours too. Thanks for sharing! ♥ Gabbi
    – Hope you are having some family time too, Gabbi! Thanks for popping by! Hugs xxx


  3. Lynda says:

    Oh I do like this a LOT Andrea. The colours are delish. I love the collage background. It works so v v well. I am hoping to (finally) get some (or all) of the new In Colours soon. I am guessing that If i play with them I may connect with them better. Fantastic card.
    Hope you’re tolerating the heat ok, that your Mum has had a blast in Qld and that Gav does not wk you too hard. MWAH ooxx
    – And … Lynda wins the prize for noticing all the little details … again! Thanks so much for your enthusiastic responses to my creations! MWAH right back atcha! Hugs xxx


  4. Laurie W says:

    I love it! Your card is beautiful! That text in the background is SO pretty! Thanks so much for the shout out! 🙂
    – So glad you were able to see my CASE of your gorgeous creation Laurie! I just LOVE this colour combo! Hugs xxx


  5. Oh this is gorgeous Andrea – the En Francais stamp always gives a background such a lift! Must get myself back to work too!!!
    – I just love using En Francais for my backgrounds! It is a ‘keeper’ for sure! Thanks for popping by, Debbie! Hugs xxx


  6. chrissieah says:

    Love this! Definitely want to get that background stamp with the writing! Will add it to my order! I am up early today and plan to stamp. Finally!! …. will be a good distraction I think to spend another “home alone” day stamping ( and watching the cricket of course ). Thanks for inspiring me to get into it today! I might even case this card ( though can’t use that background yet ). Hugs. C.
    – Hope you had a productive day … stamping! And … the cricket was WELL WORTH WATCHING yesterday!!! I am glad you have the chance to stamp. I think we need a stamping day … for me to achieve something too!!! Hugs xxx


  7. Helen H says:

    Wow, this is lovely Andrea. Love all the black touches. The colours are gorgeous & that background panel looks amazing. I still don’t have en Francais in my collection yet – shame on me! Hugs 🙂
    Andrea adds: Shock!!! 😯 I don’t know how you survive without En Francais. It is my ‘go to’ for those fancy backgrounds! Hugs xxx


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