A Wedding Card

Hi bloggies!

Here I am! I had every intention of popping by yesterday … but … just didn’t get here! I won’t bore you with the details … I’ll just say … working from home is tricky when the kids are on holidays!!! LOTS OF INTERRUPTIONS!!! (Happy … but … FRUSTRATING interruptions!) 😀 😉 I hope you don’t mind another CASE-ed card today??? Gav is doing photos at a friend’s wedding … that is coming  up on Australia Day … and this is what I made for the Bride & Groom! (SSShhh … Julie … don’t let on I have posted this on my blog.)

I’m not sure if you can see the sparkle on this card??? I took heaps of pics … but just couldn’t seem to catch it in the photos! I used my Vanilla Shimmer Smooch Spritz on the embossed background … and was thrilled with the beautiful white shimmer. If only I had thought to do the same to the flowers before I attached them to the card!!! Because I had added the rhinestones BEFORE putting them on the card … I was a little stuck. They definitely needed some shimmer … so I ended up painting some Frost White Shimmer Paint on them. (Carefully avoiding the rhinestones! … Not an easy process!) The FWSP is not quite so “white” as the VSSS … but I was happier with the shimmery flowers rather than the flat white.

The gorgeous inspiration for this card came from Andrea Ewen (note: Name on recipe is mis-spelt … but link is correct!) Andrea’s flowers are actually “table confetti” with an embossed edge on the flowers! Just such a lovely elegant touch … so why don’t you check out her original card … HERE!

Well … heaps of work to do … c ya’all later. Hugs xxx



  1. Gabbi says:

    LOVE the card & so worth the extra day’s wait!
    So, so pretty with the shimmer & bling!
    Enjoy having the kids home, as before we know it they’ll be disappearing again!
    Busy but fun here.
    Thanks for sharing!
    ♥ Gabbi
    – I feel like the holidays are disappearing already! We still have another “Christmas Do” on the 14th with my family who were away for the Christmas Break. It will be really laid back and CAS … but it is a nice excuse to get together! (it is also Stace & Shane’s b’days!) I will have to think about “back to school” soon … Sandy desperately needs new shoes! I am hoping the next 3 weeks are a little quieter! Hope you having fun, too! Hugs xxx


  2. chrissieah says:

    Tell me about the holidays disappearing… and I go back a week before the kids! I only made one card yesterday… it took me a while… it was a special one!! 😉 Wasn’t able to sit for long spells… seems my back has gone out in sympathy with Ian… not too bad though.
    This card is just lovely. I love one colour cards! Helps to have the right punch with this… which I don’t… don’t think I would cut all those flowers by hand, though I think you could do it!
    – LOL … you give me far too much credit! I wonder what the “special one” is???? 😉 Hope your back is feeling a little better. Must be all that travelling and IKEA-ing!!! Hugs xxx


  3. Lynda says:

    This is a magical monochrome marvel Andrea. The smooch is devine. I have the frost white on my wish list!! I have to do a Wedding card in late June this year and may have to keep something like this in mind. Congrats on a fab card with a delish result. ooxx
    – Hi Lynda! I bet when you were in school you won all the essay writing competitions! 😀 Hugs xxx


    1. Lynda says:

      NEVER even entered an essay contest (sorry) darl. I am just a fan of the English language and the wonderful ways in which you can contort it. ooxx (Besides…I bet the alliteration made you smile!!)
      – Yeah … but I am sure … if you did … you would WIN!!! And … I always smile at your comments! ALWAYS! Hugs xxx


  4. Melissa says:

    a lovely card, the all white is so fresh I think, well done, i am a fan of the vanilla smooch, my fave out of all of them, it is so pretty and on your card. Have a great weekend 🙂
    – Yes! I agree! I prefer the VSS more than my ‘made up’ Frost White Shimmer Paint Spray … but I do like the Champagne Mist SPS rather than the Gold Foil SS. I DON’T like the Silver Smooch Spray … I prefer the Platinum Shimmer Paint Spray. I guess everyone has their favs! Thanks for popping by! Hugs xxx


  5. Helen H says:

    Love the white on white with the touch of Razzleberry Andrea. I can just imagine the beautiful sheen from the shimmer spray – it’s just so hard to capture sometimes, isn’t it? Hugs 🙂
    Andrea adds: I am experimenting a bit with my photography … I just need to be able to load them … and see if they are better! Hugs xxx


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