Sad face! :(

Hi bloggies!

Sorry … nothing for you today … because you won’t believe it … but yesterday my hard drive crashed … again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😯 😥 It is only 3 months (October) since Dell replaced my hard  drive … and now they had to come this morning and do it all over again. And … to top it all off … Gav has been fiddling around with the back up programme for the last month … trying to get it to work … finally bought a new one … got the licence … loaded it on Tuesday night … but it needed a final ‘tweak’ on Wednesday … but the hard drive crashed before the back up had kicked in!!!!! So … I have again lost about a month’s work. Lost my internet favourites (all my fav blogs!!!) … lost my emails … contacts (although I do have these on my iPhone) … and there is hours of set up again … to download all my programs!!! No Office … no Live Photo Gallery … NO PHOTOS OF BREE TAKEN IN THE LAST MONTH! NO card photos taken in the last month!!!!!  … etc etc … aaarrrggghhh! 😦

So … I am using Shane’s computer to enter some patients for Gav in our online programme … and sneaking some quick time here to let you know I may be  MIA for a couple more days! Gav is installing programmes tonight … but it may take him a little while to get them all done. And … just when I had finally caught up and was on top of things … now I have to spend time finding all the things that are missing and take the time to re-add them! Sigh ….. L-O-N-G—S-I-G-H! 😦

I cried … yep … how pathetic!!! And … then I went and sulked on my bed!!! But … then I sucked my bottom lip in … and decided … if I can’t blog / work / email etc … then I may as well stamp!!!! So … in the last two days I have made 9 cards including 2 x 50th birthdays &  3 x 21st birthdays … which all took a little time … cos I like to make these milestone b’days a little more special! So … I am feeling quite satisfied at what I have achieved!

Hope you have all had a good day … mine was nice (apart from the computer probs) … stamping & lunch  out with my sis & my mum at my favourite restaurant!!! (Seabreeze at Kiama) Anyway … better get back to my work. Sending love & prayers to my little sis in Toowoomba who is having her wisdom teeth out tomorrow. I hope it all goes well! Take care … and I will see you as soon as I can!



  1. Lynda says:

    Oh sweetie……I am so v v devestated for you. You have had such a crap run of luck with your computer glitches and gremlins. I can only hope that between Dell and Gav you can be righted. Sending you heaps of hugs and supportive luvin’. ooxx
    Andrea adds: I am back online … but so much is still missing! I am soooo frustrated … because I worked so hard to catch up on all my work this week … so I could spend some time with the kids … and now I have a lot of clean up and re organising to do! SIGH! Gav started to download HIS backups onto my computer … so I have all these files I don’t need … and none of mine that I do!!! My calendar is a mess (no formatting) … and the saddest … is the lost photos … Ree’s graduation … Bree’s first Christmas … etc etc! (And … although I don’t blame Gav … cos he is soooooo flat out — but I had been reminding him for weeks that my back ups weren’t working. It is ironic that he got it sorted the day before this happened … but the back up still needed a tweak to work … and sadly it was too late!!!) 😦 Thanks for the sympathy! I know it is pathetic to share all this on my blog … but I find I need the ‘pick me up’ my blog friends always supply! Hugs xxx


  2. Sharon says:

    So sorry for your trouble. To me computer problems, car problems and gaining weight are at the top of my “Sad” List…..Be encouraged
    Andrea adds: Oh Sharon … thanks for the empathy! It is true … troubles shared are troubles halved! Thanks so much for taking the time to encourage! 😀 Hugs xxx


  3. vi lammertsma says:

    Hi Andrea! So sorry to hear about the computer gremlins!!! At least you managed to channel the creative energy into heaps of cards!!!! Hope all goes well from hereon in! Feels like we have a limb missing when we lose our computers!!

    Andrea adds: Hi Vi! Yes! It does feel like that … life seems all up-side-down … when you can’t access all that you need / love! Computers are like men … can’t live with them … can’t live without them!!! 😉 Hugs xxx


  4. Kim S says:

    You are absolutely cursed! I cannot believe your luck. But I am totally amused that you stopped the tears by making cards! Isn’t it amazing how much better a day can be after immersing yourself in colors and ink and glitter??!! I also now have today’s task for my son – finally setting up a backup program!!
    Andrea adds: I can only say … from my experience … BACK UPS (preferably to an external hard drive) … ARE ESSENTIAL!!! And … would save a HUGE amount of grief!!! 😀 I have been waiting for the new year to click over … after our traumatic year last year … but it seems … already 2012 is starting off the same! Let’s hope it picks up! Hugs xxxx


  5. Mz Cookie says:

    oh bless your heart…. There is nothing worse than having computer issue’s. Too bad there is no way Dell can retrieve the info off the crashed hard drive…. You’ve got all my sympathy cuz I’ve been there… Good luck……
    Andrea adds: Hi Cookie! Thanks so much for giving me a lift today! It really does help to have the sympathy of my friends! Hugs xxx


  6. Sandra says:

    So sorry to hear of your computer problems, Andrea! I know from experience just how frustrating it can be and yes….I’ve shed tears over my computer too 🙂 I hope it’s all fixed quickly and I can’t wait to see what you’ve been creating.
    Andrea adds: At least I have the internet working now … but still no access to photos … and I can’t load new ones … till we sort the old ones! Thanks for the cyber hug! 🙂 hugs xxx


  7. Modern technology is sent to try us for sure! But think of the positives – if you’re not hanging out here you could be CRAFTING – LOL. Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery for your computer! Lotsaluv
    Andrea adds: Exactly right, Debbie! No stamping today … but I am getting ready for 2 kids b’days tomorrow … and have been minding my Bree! So … there is another distraction … Bree is always useful for smiles!!! 😀 Hugs xxx


  8. Fiona Harrison says:

    You need a Mac as they have an inbuilt back up program. Plug in external hardrive and off it goes. My computer played up last month, did restore from back up, and it’s been perfect since. I must say, I don’t like Dell but I love Apple. Think Dell owe you a new computer or a refund, plus compensation for all those lost treasures!!!! Look fwd to seeing your creative results though. Hang in there!
    Fi x
    Andrea adds: Hi Fi! We do have a really good back up programme (we purchased) … but Gav was having trouble networking my computer to the hard drive for the back ups to save. I think he is going to get me my own hard drive … to connect directly to my puter! It is more a case of priorities on Gav’s ‘to do’ list … and time! (Which means we have learnt the hard way …. again!) He has promised me that it will now be his no. 1 priority! Gav has just gone out and bought an ASUS for himself … because his computer is 3 1/2 yrs old … and soooooo slow! I guess I might be next on the list … and it definitely won’t be a DELL! 😉 Thanks for your helpful suggestions! Hugs xxx


  9. Melissa says:

    Damn computers, they are the pits arent they? Hope it is all sorted, have spent about 2 hours tonight trying to recover inbox from outlook 7 uugghhh!!!, finally found where the scanpst.exe was located, that took me a good hour lol, then after that it took me the next hour to fix it lol, I am over it, by the time I am finished I should be able to get a job in IT, ha ha ha, maybe…… Good luck, and enjoy the downtime of no computers while you have it, I reckon it is the world telling us to stop and smell the roses lol. Hugs Melxxx
    Andrea adds: Thanks Mel for that good reminder. I should be able to just switch off … it is just so hard when work is backing up … and I am missing my blog friends! 😦 And … it is school holidays … and I so wanted to be organised so I could spend this week with the kids! But … fixing any computer probs (like re-finding and saving all my bookmarks takes time!) Sounds like you know all about it! Hope you don’t have any more probs! I am just frustrated … cos it took me a good month last time to get my puter back to the way I wanted … and 2 months later I am doing it all again! Well … there is my little vent … I will stop whining now!!! 😀 Hugs xxx


  10. Helen H says:

    Oh dear Andrea! What a major, gigantic pain! On the bright side though, when your computer is ready to behave, we get to see 9 lovely new creations! Win, win for your bloggy friends! Hope it’s all sorted soon. Big hugs & smiles to cheer you up 🙂
    Andrea adds: Some of my creations are for coming b’days … so I can’t show you until they are all over. But … with 3 kids this week … at least I will be able to show you all these cards! Thanks for the sympathetic comment! Hugs xxx


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