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From the Heart


Hi there bloggies (blog groupies!) 😀 😉

It is my 2nd daughter’s birthday today! Happy Birthday, Sheree!!! And … Stace & Shane celebrated theirs on Saturday (14th). Yes … 3 kids … 2 years apart & birthdays in the same week! It was a nightmare organising birthday parties when they were little!!! 😉 I have all 3 birthday cards to show you … but the photos are still on my camera … waiting for my photos to be found & sorted. Work is the priority at the moment … so photos are in the ‘to do’ pile. I’m not sure yet when this might happen! But … in the meantime … LOOK what I found in my draft box!!! I forgot I was working on this before my puter crashed. So … I do have something to share with you today! ….

As much as I miss some of the old SU! colours (I mentioned Sage Shadow recently) … there are some new ones that I simply LOVE!!! Cherry Cobbler is one of those. So much more satisfying than Bravo Burgundy or Riding Hood Red. I love the deep rich colour! The mask for this one is just a torn paper mask! Easy peasy! I don’t know what I would do without my En Francais background! Perhaps I need to discover a new background stamp??? 😉

Well … off to try and re-enter patients & invoices … and each day I find more files that I have lost! I just discovered that Gav’s 50th birthday photos are gone!!!!!!! 😦 That is very sad … cos almost all the family was together (except our special Q’ld family).   But … there is nothing I can do about it … so I need to get over it! 😦 😉 See you soon! xx


7 thoughts on “From the Heart

  1. Oh I do really like this card Andrea. I have a big soft spot for this colour too (as does Kez Bunting….aka Kerry Cobbler!!) The faux tear gives the card a chance to go to another level even tho on a single…if that makes sense?? Great to see Bliss breaking out again too. Hope the computer gremlins are being rounded up and dealt with. ooxx
    Andrea adds: I am sooo frustrated! In restoring the most recent backups of my photos … it has made me realise what a mess they were on the hard drive! I have so much to do to get them all cleaned up! And … I am keen to get this done so I can upload my recent card photos … and blog them! I need a big ‘anti-frustration’ hug! But … I also need to ‘suck it up’ and get on with it! Thanks for your lovely feedback. Hugs xxx


  2. PS…please pass on my b’day wishes to all the kids. ooxx
    Andrea adds: Thanks hunny … have done that! Hugs xx


  3. Sooo glad you found this and posted it – it’s GORGEOUS! I too love the En Francais stamp – it just adds such an elegance to any project! Happy birthday to your kids too – well organised I must say – LOL
    Andrea adds: Hi Debbie! I am keen to pop by your blog … but work stuff is still taking all y time! (except for a little escape to reply to my comments!) Thanks for your encouragement! hugs xxx


  4. Your teasing with En Francais again Andrea!! (Must buy it.). Your card is beautiful. Love the little blingy bits scattered through the text. This masking technique really is fabulous – adds so much depth & it’s only a single layer!
    Cherry is one of my favourites from the new colour range too. It’s so easy to work with.
    What a terrible shame about your photos (BAD computer!!!) Hugs 🙂
    Andrea adds: YES!!!! BAAAAADDDD COMPUTER!!! :d 😉 Hugs xxx


  5. Andrea – Gorgeous card. Love this technique. Love the extra bling you added with the jewels! Nice touch.
    Thanks for the inspiration. I am hoping to get some stamping time this week and weekend!
    Andrea adds: Hi Annette! So nice to see you! I have just got my bookmarks sorted (kinda)! so … hoping to do some blog surfing today! Hugs xxx


  6. Hey Andrea! First off, big happy birthday wishes to Sheree!!! Wow, three birthdays in a week!!…yeah, I imagine that DOES take a lot of coordinating. Very cool though! 🙂 Our neighbors have three boys and their birthdays are all in the month of April. They used to have one, big combined party.

    Beautiful card! I love the rose color and that ruffled ribbon.
    Andrea adds: Hi Denise! So nice to have you pop by! I have been sooooo loving your creations of late! The break must have done you good! Hugs xxx


  7. Great card, love the tearing and yeppers, enfrancais is my fave background choice too, just gorgeous! Arrrgggghhhh!!!! do not envy you all those birthdays together, even as they got older, I can only imagine the nightmare it would have been lol. xxx
    Andrea adds: It does get a bit exhausting sometimes! But … it usually means now … a nice dinner out … or fish and chips at the beach! Hugs xxx