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Hi bloggies!

Christine (my sis) and I had a ‘date’ to make cards last Wednesday … but when we finally got together … both of us had no ‘mojo’!!! 😦 So … I had a few digi images that I had printed out months and months ago … and Christine had brought some of her “line image” stamps up … to share … and so we decided to just sit & relax … and do some colouring in!!! 😀  I wish I had thought to take a photo of Christine’s gorgeous images (perhaps she will post them on her blog?) … but this is what I managed to achieve …..

You can see I just had to add some of my new Iridescent Ice Embossing Powder to each image! The sparkle is so pretty … and it is so easy to do with a Versamark pen to add ink just where you want the EP to go! I have managed to ‘throw together’ one card using one of these images …

I think I am a little addicted to this colouring now … and am seriously thinking about getting some Copics. (I have been thinking about it for a while!) The $$$ are a deterrent … but with a 50th birthday coming soon … perhaps I could ask my dh for a starter pack (or 2? 😉 ) I am interested to know if YOU have replaced SU! markers with Copics … and whether you were pleased with your decision??? And … does anyone have any hints about where to start (ie. colours … which Copics … papers … MUST HAVES … etc???) I also need some more ‘line image’ stamps … so might pop by and collect some digis to use!? 😯

I am happy to report that I have my photos organised (after my computer crash). I am still missing almost 3 mths of photos … but Sheree has some of these on her facebook … so I am hoping she can provide me with at least a few of the memories that I have lost! I have lost 3 mths of card recipes, too … but at least these are all online on my blog!!! And … finally … I can share some cards!!! 😀 😀 😀 I am trying to ignore the backed up bookwork today … seeing it is Saturday … and plan to do some long overdue blog hopping today … hopefully! Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Take care …

PS: Talking of Facebook … I wanted to let you know that I have de-activated my account. After my profile was hacked twice … and then just recently … someone hacked my internet banking and tried to withdraw over $9000 from my mum’s account (that I have access to for bill paying) … I was feeling a little ‘vulnerable’ … and decided that perhaps the problem initiated at Facebook? I don’t really know if it has anything to do with it … but better to be safe than sorry! 😦




  1. Denise M. says:

    I loooooooove your Cocoa mouse card with all that awesome sparkle!! So sorry to hear about your problems with hackers. 😦
    Andrea adds: I am loving this glitter paper. Will have to get me some more!!! Hugs xxx


  2. Sandra says:

    Hi Andrea,

    I’m also thinking very hard abotu getting Copics myself. Here’s a fantastic tutorial on the ins and outs of Copics by Makeesha http://www.makeeshabyl.com.au/index.php/category/tutorials/copic-markers/
    Good luck with your decision! Let me know how you go!

    Andrea adds: I don’t know why it is so hard to take the plunge! Thanks for the link! Will check it out asap! Hugs xxx


  3. Lynda says:

    I am so glad you and Chrissy got something done. They all look AMAZING. I esp like the very edible looking strawberry!!! The card you haev posted is an easy one for me to love…cause ot looks like one with coffee to go!! The iridescent Ice EP makes a beautiful difference.
    Thanks so much for sharing the Bree pic too….she is adorable and will always make you feel better no matter what the computer gremlins are doing. ooxx
    Andrea adds: The Bree pic is rather old now … she is crawling & climbing up … and a little cheeky monkey! She loves to tease! I have just bought myself some more digi images today … so I imagine you will be seeing some of them soon, too! Hugs xxx


  4. Donna says:

    First of all I love your sunny summer border…we got our first snow storm of the season today! I guess we cannot complain too much but I still do! LOL, second, your grandaughter is a charmer, I want to pick her up and eat her toes!!!!! Adorable really! Third the card below is one I will HAVE to steal! What a great card for a workshop, Andrea do you mind? (wink) You know I have done it before! LOL! Hope your summer is going well, It is always a PRESENT to see you pop up in my comments. I miss you and am sorry that it is all my fault! Hugs blog friend!~Donna
    Andrea adds: Please don’t apologise … if anyone knows that life can sometimes be overwhelming it is me! 😀 I love to have you pop by … and love even more visiting your blog … to discover all your wonderful creations! And … I have just popped by your second blog to find that I have missed 3 of your sweet posts! I decided to return … when I have the time to comment … because your posts touched my heart! And … I am sooooo flattered that you are going to ‘steal’ my card … please go right ahead!!! (And … no acknowledgement needed!!!) I am just glad to be able to help! Take care … Hugs xxx


  5. Kim S says:

    I am glad you are back full force and so sorry for the missing months of images. Its probably the last thing you want to hear, but you definitely inspired me to get photos backed up – I have them all on a portable hard drive and am now working on getting them up to FLICKR. I almost don’t care about losing anything else on the computer, it almost seems like it would be an easy way to “de-clutter”!

    You are going to be SO ready to make cards with all of those colored images. And the hint of sparkle is perfect! (Love those Cocoa mouse images!!)
    Andrea adds: Hi Kim! I am glad that my trauma was good for you! I am glad you have your pics backed up! I am saddest about losing the photos of Bree’s 1st Christmas (although I do have a few here on my blog!) … Gav’s 50th birthday … Sheree’s Uni graduation — all important & significant & sentimental events! Now … you mentioned Flickr. I don’t know anything about it … perhaps I should investigate as a back up for my back up!!! Hugs xxx


  6. Monika/buzsy says:

    Oh, she is a cutie! What a great photo! Such a pretty Cocoa card Andrea. Fabulous coloring, and I love the shimmer! Glad you had that coloring session! Looking forward to seeing those images on cards! :o) Sorry to hear about all the on-line issues… technology is great, but it makes you wonder what others can do to you… the thought is very scary!
    Andrea adds: Yes … it is a little scary!! We are so thankful that our bank has an automatic SMS message with an authorisation code to put into the net banking transfer … before it can be approved. We were able to alert our bank immediately … before the transaction went through! And … without the code … the fraudster wasn’t able to get the money!!! So … I am a little paranoid about internet & privacy now! Thanks for the lovely comments on Bree & my card! Hugs xxx


  7. Kasey says:

    Hi Andrea, These are fabulous! As for Copics, go for it, you’ll love them. As for starter packs, DON’T. The boxes of 12, 24, etc don’t have the grading of colours you need for colouring images for crafting.

    Do some research, there are tons of blogs and online shops providing information, if you can, do a beginners course which will help you with deciding the colours to start your collection with, a lot will depend on what you want to colour. I’ll send you an email with some links in it. Then of course there is also prisma pencils….I’ve held off on those so far…

    Thanks for your recent comments on my blog.

    I hope your cyber issues are fixed soon!

    Kasey ~ in oz
    Andrea adds: Hi Kasey! So glad to add you back into my bookmarks!!! Thanks sooooooooo much for your email … I have stored it to refer to once I have my Copics! There is so much for me to check out! And … thanks for the place to buy! I was having trouble finding an Aussie site … last night! Most don’t seem to have a huge range of colours! Thanks for your help! Hugs xxx


  8. Donna Zammit says:

    Hi Andrea, love your card and colouring. I have also thought about copics but the price is a big factor for me too! LOL I think I’ll stick to my prisma coloured pencils for a bit longer. If you google Lime Tart they have a copic colouring club that have great hints and tips for using your copics and how to get started etc, hope this is helpful! TFS Cheers Donna Zammit 🙂
    Andrea adds: Thanks Donna! I will pop by Lime Tart and have a look! I knew my blog buddies would come through for me … with ideas & suggestions. So nice to see you! It is always great to have your feedback! Hugs xxx


  9. Melissa says:

    a fabbo card Andrea, those images are far too cute. As for copics, I love mine, not as good as I would one day like to be lol, but I love them (well the ones I have – there are so many, and I tend to stick to the sketch ones not the ciao= another decision for you lol), but I wouldn’t recommend the starter packs, not enough shades to colour as well, I did follow Keesh’s advice on them and am quite happy, someone gave you the link already so try that, but I loveeeee them ha ha ha. Have a good nightxx
    Andrea adds: Hi Melissa! It has been nice to get some feedback. I am actually wondering about getting the original Copics … because they have a colouring end and a fine tip end. I wonder why everyone chooses sketch copics over original? HHHmmm … Thanks for the help! Hugs xxx


  10. Helen H says:

    Looks like you & Christine had a great time Andrea. These images look fabulous & the sparkle is gorgeous – I’ve ordered some IIEP now, thanks to your wonderful, sparkly inspiration (& En Francais too, lol).
    Personally, I’d rather use stamppad ink & watercolour or use Prismas than Copic colour, but we’ve bought them for our DD for school/uni as she does design subjects. As Kasey suggested, don’t get them in packs – buy individually so you can get the colours to blend.
    Adorable shot of Miss Bree – love the expression! There’s so many things you can imagine her thinking. Hugs 🙂Andrea adds: Hi Helen … not sure that I know what Prismas are (I am thinking watercolour pencils) … but I am still uuuumming … and aaahhhing about the Copics. I don’t feel like you can do as soft colours as you can with watercolouring … but … I also like the idea of no streaks! Thanks for the help! and … so glad you are getting the IIEP … and En Francais … it is fine!


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