Another 50th!

Hi bloggies!

Thanks for sticking with me lately … when I have been a bit here & there with posts! I am gradually catching up on my bookwork (after the computer crash) … but family life is also a tad busy. Sheree started her new job today … at our local Christian school … teaching YR 1. I have been helping her set up her classroom … laminating & cutting bright items to display (ie. birthday lists … word garden (100 flowers with frequently used words) … ‘wow wall’ & stars … etc etc) We also spent yesterday morning at the movies … to share some time together before she goes out into the big wide world! (As much as a small local school can be!) We saw The Descendents. I really liked it … Sheree thought it was good … Skye wasn’t impressed at all! And … it is a sad movie … so if you aren’t in the mood … then I guess you might find it a bit depressing. Anyway … here is my card for today.

This card was created with much love for my brother-in-law’s 50th birthday which is today!!! Happy Birthday, Scott!!! Hope it is a really special day for a really special guy! I do hope his card arrived on time! Snail mail is not always super reliable! I hope Scott also enjoys planning for his big walk in Tasmania next January!

I thought I would share an idea that I found on Paula’s blog a couple of months ago. I have created some acetate masks to use for sponging clouds & mountains/sea. So easy to pull these out when I need them … rather than having to make a new mask each time. Looking at Paula’s again … I think I need to tweak these a little to be more defined … but I did use them on today’s card … as is. (Please ignore the white spots! Just some left over sticky stuff!) 😀

Well … I had better get moving. Gav & I are off to a wedding tomorrow and we need to run up to Sydney this afternoon to check the park … and go to the rehearsal at the church. (Gavin is taking the photos.) It is Jono’s (son-i-l) sister who is getting married. Gav is rather nervous … cos it is 5 years since he has done a wedding. Hope it all comes back to him! I am happy … cos I found a really pretty dress to wear! (It’s a long time since I felt pretty in anything!) Yay! for the January sales!!! 😉 Hugs xxx


  1. chrissieah says:

    Ha Ha… you do realise Janelle and David are coming up to their 4th anniversary! not 5th! Great card… I should show you the one I did for Scott! Enjoy the wedding tomorrow. I am looking fwd to a quiet Aust Day!
    Andrea adds: Yes! I did notice that blooooper … but haven’t had a chance to pop back & correct it! But … you know where my head is at the moment! 😯 🙄 I just need a couple of days to do nothing … and I will be fine again! Hugs xxx


  2. Jen W. says:

    I think your masks worked brilliantly! Your background is amazing!
    Andrea adds: Thanks Jen! The encouragement is always welcome! Hugs xxx


  3. Monika/buzsy says:

    What a great masculine card Andrea. Love the scene, the clouds… I love the mask… need to make one for myself. Hope life will slow down a bit for you so you relax a little. :o)
    Andrea adds: thanks Monika! I keep hoping … perhaps when school goes back … and I have less interruptions … I will get on top of things! But … it helps to have a little ‘boost’ from my friends! Hugs xxx


  4. Paula Dobson says:

    Totally gorgeous Andrea! These templates are great eh?!! Just pull them out when needed. Thanks for the shout out *mwah*
    Andrea adds: You are very welcome, Paula! I am always so inspired by your beautiful work! Hugs xxx


  5. Lynda says:

    This is lovely Andrea. I love the gold. That speccy bling on a blokey card…gotta love that. Perfect card for anyone who has that sense of adventure. Just wonderful. ooxx
    Andrea adds: Hi my friend! You have such a way of putting things … “speccy bling on a blokey card”!!!! Always here to put a smile on my face! Hugs xxx


    1. Lynda says:

      Just sticking to what I know darl. ooxx
      Andrea adds: And … aren’t I thrilled about that! 😀 😀 😀 Hugs xxx


  6. Melissa says:

    A terrific card Andrea, I love scene cards and this one looks great, the masking is fabbo, and I too love the gold xx
    Andrea adds: Hi Mel! Thanks for your lovely feedback! Have been over to visit your blog today. Lotsa lovelies there! Hugs xxx


  7. Helen H says:

    What a fabulous scene you have created here Andrea! The sponged sky & sea look amazing, & I just LOVE the sparkly wave tops. 🙂 Awesome male card.
    How exciting for Sheree – hope she is enjoying her Year Ones.
    Andrea adds: The ‘Year Ones’ arrive tomorrow. The last week has been spent learning OH&S … and other various staff meetings & planning for our school 30th anniversary. Ree is hoping it won’t be raining … cos kids in the classroom ALL day … on your first day … is not the greatest! Thanks for liking my card!!! 😀 Hugs xxx


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