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Shane’s Birthday!


Hi bloggies! (FYI: Blog Groupies!)

I had to giggle … that Denise didn’t know what ‘knackered’ meant (in my last post). I guess it maybe is a uniquely Aussie word … and it might be a little tricky! 😀 But … good on Denise for “googling” it and finding out it meant “tired” … or more precisely “exhausted”! Denise … I bet your kids call you “Google Queen” like mine do to me!?? 😉 (See last post comments!)

I never look at a male birthday card with the same sense of satisfaction when it is finished. I’m sure you all know what I mean. Occasionally there is a bright light … but generally … I think “boring”! 🙄 But … I like to share them … anyway … because … maybe … just maybe … they might be inspiring to someone else who needs an idea!? 😉 Here is Shane’s recent birthday card (also on the 14th Jan … same day as Stacey!)

So … simple stamping … nothing much to this one!!! 😉 The colour combo is a Colour Coach one! I am off with Stacey & Bree to meet up with Melissa (Stace’s best friend from school … and no. 3 bridesmaid) & her mum, Heather for ‘brunch’. It will be sooooo lovely to catch up with them. Stace & Mel have been best friends since 4th grade at school. I am still a little ‘knackered’ … having had a dinner/movie date with our special friends (Dave & Tania) last night. We saw the late session of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ … and enjoyed our time immensely … but another late night … after the previous one … and I am  hanging for a nice relaxing day! 😀 Cricket final on tonight! Go the “Sydney Sixers”!!! Thankfully it is in Perth … so it won’t be a late TV night!!!


Well … better go get ready! Have a great weekend! Hugs xxx


8 thoughts on “Shane’s Birthday!

  1. I do like this a lot Andrea. Men are such a PITA (google that hee hee hee) at the best of times and card making is no exception. As soon as I place my SAB order I will come to know the new incolours….I don’t know if it is the colour in the pic or not…but it has a ‘dirty/gritty’ feel to it. I too had a slight “aussie-ism” clash on one of my posts…but I cannot abandon the language….it’s too much fun!! ooxx
    Andrea adds: Yes! I agree … I think the Aussie language is heaps of fun! Thanks for the thumbs up for the card! Hugs xxx


    • Even happier news with this card….just landed Extreme Elements on Ebay BN and unmounted for a song!!!! Let the fun begin!!!! ooxx
      Andrea adds: YAYAYAYAYA! You will find this soooooo versatile … and so helpful with those darn male cards! Hugs xxx


  2. it’s funny you say that about the male cards, because out of everyone on my blog list, you do masculine cards the best 🙂
    Andrea adds: Oh Jess! What a wonderful compliment! Thanks so much! You have made my day!!! 😀 Hugs xxx


  3. Love your card – great colour combo!
    Glad to hear you are having such special times with your kids (and grandchild) – such a blessing!
    Have a great Lord’s day tomorrow!
    ♥ Gabbi
    Andrea adds: Thanks Gabbi! It has been a lovely day today! Family all around … church blessings! Thanks for your message! Hugs xxx


  4. Great card, I made a guitar one for my mate last week, his family have 3 b’days in 11 days, so I still have a card to make for the 5 yo. I’m rather knackered too!
    My SU resignation comes through at end of the month so you will gain a customer!
    Hope you get a relaxing weekend,
    Fi x
    Andrea adds: Wow Fi! I didn’t realise you had resigned! Thanks for the support, though! It will help to keep me humming … cos I have had trouble keeping up lately! 😀 Hope your weekend was wonderful too! Hugs xxx


  5. A terrific male card, They are so hard to achieve i think, or maybe we just don’t have enough male type stamps, I think we need some fishing and golf types too, may suggest that in the next survey I think, that along with a stamp that has the word christening on it lol, anyway enough of that ha ha ha, a terrific card yet again Andrea xx
    Andrea adds: And … more line image stamps! I am finding I am looking elsewhere to satisfy my ‘need’ to colour at the moment! I hope you do that survey!!1 😉 Hugs xxx


  6. Definitely NOT boring Andrea! Love the punchy colours & great use of these images. Your male cards are always fabulous & inspirational! Hugs 🙂
    Andrea adds: I have such wonderful blog friends … who are so good for my ego!!! 😉 Hugs xxx


  7. Great masculine card Andrea. I need to take my sets out and play with them more. Every time I see your cards, I want to get stamping! Great colors and lay-out! The ribbon and brads are the perfect embellishments! My English is not perfect yet, but for a change, I did know that word! Maybe from the 2 years I lived in England!
    Andrea adds: LOL … glad someone understood me! But obviously it isn’t uniquely Australian! Thanks for the lovely feedback! Hug sxx