Another milestone!

Hi bloggies!

When you have a big family … there is always some significant milestone happening. I have two to mention … but today’s card is for Sheree’s boyfriend, Murray. On Friday he completed his apprenticeship … and is now a fully fledged carpenter. There is no big fanfare or ceremonies for TAFE graduates … but I wanted to say CONGRATS! And … I found the perfect image over at Tiddly Inks!

Isn’t Carpenter Joe sooooo cool! I was tickled to find him! And … now I have  another option for male cards! This is basically just colouring in with markers. I am happy with the result! 😀 I wanted to say a big thank you to all those who helped with my questions about Copics! One of my bloggies, Helen … mentioned that she uses Prisma colouring pencils … and that they do a good job without being as HUGE an expense as Copics. After investigating several sites … and reading comparisons … I have decided to go with the Prismas! I realise they may not give quite as professional a look as Copics … but … they are MUCH cheaper! And … because I won’t be using them all the time … I thought I couldn’t really justify spending $600 or more … when I could buy 150 Prismas for $150!!!

Well … I am well on the way to getting on top of that bookwork back log … so I will waddle off to do some more. And … I want to do something with Sandy today … as it is his last day of school holidays! Yikes!!! Already??? Where did the summer holidays go? Oh … and FINALLY (now that the holidays are ending) it is HOT HOT HOT!!! 😀 Have a great day! Hugs xx


  1. Lynda says:

    He is sooooo cool and way cute (if that isn’t too girly a thing to say abt a blokey card.) I love it. PERFECT….dare I say….you hit the nail on the head with this one (sorry!!) I think the way you have coloured him is wonderful and I am sure murray loved it too.
    I am glad you have gone for the Prismas….I think they do a fab job. It is a toug decision….but I think for circumstance…you made the right choice….can’t wait to see what you come up with!!! ooxx
    Andrea adds: I was pretty happy to find this ‘perfect’ image for the occasion. Do you have Prismas??? I think I will need some lessons!!! But … there are plenty of online tutorials … I’m sure! Hugs xxx


  2. Gabbi says:

    Loving your carpenter dude today, and the hammer (hiding the ribbon – which the colour tones are matched to perfection, giving the card a lift, but making it non-girly … do you know what I mean…)
    Hope you have a great day – and stay ‘cool’ (last night was stinker!).
    -Gabbi ♥
    Andrea adds: Yes! Another stinker today … too! But … tomorrow is supposed to be a little cooler! Thanks for your enthusiastic response to such a non-girly card! Hugs xxx


  3. Helen H says:

    Firstly, congrats to Murray, on becoming a fully qualified tradie. The card you have made to celebrate the occasion is fabulous Andrea. Carpenter Joe is awesome & I love the rustic touch of the gingham ribbon & that cute little popped up hammer. You’ve done a fabbo job on the colouring. You will have your new Prismas making magic in no time at all! Hugs 🙂
    Andrea adds: Thanks Helen! You have been such a help in my decision … and I appreciate all the advice in your recent email! I will reply asap. Thanks for noticing the little ‘manly’ details. Although … perhaps the bakers twine bows are a little girly??? Hugs xxx


  4. Julie Andrews says:

    Great card, Andrea. Don’t know what you are talking about with prismas and copics. Obviously totally out of touch!!! But I have to go on public record to say what a great job Gavin did at my daughters wedding. He was one of those photographers that were just there (in other words not taking over the whole show like some do). We really appreciate both your efforts. Cant wait to see the final results.
    Lots of love – Julie
    Andrea adds: Oh … that is so lovely … Julie! Gav & I had a (hot) wonderful day … and it was so nice to be part of the fun. Thanks for your lovely comments! When we get together for a stamping day … I will bring my Prismas to show you! 🙂 Hope your back is improving! Hugs xxx
    PS: For those who don’t know … Julie is a long time special friend … who’s son married my daughter … and she was my no. 1 recruit to SU!


  5. Donna Zammit says:

    What a cute image Andrea! I was thinking before I had read your whole post, how fabo your colouring was, then I read it was just with markers… you are going to so nail the prismas! I use them, cause like you I can’t justify the expense of copics. I love them but it’s still early days for me too, so I’m still learning. If you google Danielle Daws, she has a beautiful blog and she does all her colouring in with prismas. She also has one that I know of videos that shows how she puts a card together, that focuses on colouring. she probably has more ( I just found her site recently, so haven’t fully investigated….it may be worth a look see! ) Cheers Donna Zammit 🙂
    Andrea adds: Thanks for the tip, Donna! I will definitely check Danielle’s blog out! And … it is good to know that there are those who are perfectly happy with their choice of Prismas! Makes me feel a little more confident! Hugs xxx


  6. Monika/buzsy says:

    Perfect card for your Murray! You found just the right image Andrea… and the coloring is awesome. Also love the ribbon treatment. I have Copics, but I’m not sure I’d go with them again… they are very expensive, and you have to have a great collection to make them work… I’ve heard good things about Prismas as well.
    Andrea adds: Still waiting for my Prismas to arrive … but it is so heartening to hear so much good about them! Thanks Monika! Hugs xxx


  7. Melissa says:

    Oh man that image is far too cute, I adore it, may need to broaden my stamp horizons yet again lol. Your colouring is excellent, – I really should drag my prismas out a little more often than I do, tend to lean towards copics lately, but the pencils are fabulous. I do love your card though and the ribbon is fabbo xx
    Andrea adds: Isn’t it wonderful! I don’t think any guy would think this too “sweet”! But … definitely cute! Thanks for the thumbs up for the colouring. I am eagerly awaiting my prisma delivery! Hugs xxx


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