A new beginning!

Hi bloggies!

Well … Sheree is off to school today … to meet her Year 1 class! I am imagining that the girls will fall in love with her clothes & hair & shoes … and the boys will have a crush within an hour! She is just that sort of person! She is a little nervous … but also excited! I wanted to let her know how proud we are of her … so this is what I made …

Yes … another coloured Tiddly Inks image! I am having so much fun! 😀 And … I seem to be addicted to this Iridescent Ice Embossing Powder! I think I might have to order some more!!! 😉 I actually gave Ree this card on her first official day of work last week … but I thought today was a good day to share it with her!

Well … I am off with Sandy (& Ree) to the School Dedication Service … so I will be able to see first hand … how Sheree goes with her class! 😀 I better keep moving … or we will be late! See you soon! Hugs xxx



  1. Fiona Harrison says:

    Just gorgeous! I’m sure the kids will love having Sheree as their teacher.
    Andrea adds: How cute … I went to the school to pick up Sandy & Sheree … and saw a little girl giving her a big hug! I knew that they would fall in love with her. Hugs xxx


  2. Lynda says:

    I can imagine a wee squeal fm Ree when she saw this Andrea. It is too cute!!! You have to love it when you find that PERFECT image for the task. I can certainly see you are getting into this colouring thing. You are doing a wonderful job and have a fantastic card to showcase it on.
    Hope her 1st day goes well. Sending love , hugs and warm wishes to you all. ooxx
    Andrea adds: I noticed today … Ree does have it sitting on her desk at school … so I guess she did love it! 🙂 She has had a good day … but has come home exhausted!!! Isn’t it good she only has 3 days with the kids this week! 🙂 Hugs xxx


  3. Mel says:

    I hope she has a good day. She has my little boy in her class!
    Andrea adds: Oh Mel! How lovely! I am sure she will enjoy having him in her class! Hugs xxx


  4. Boy it’s an amazing time for your family – and I’m loving the gorgeous cards you’re creating to celebrate! I LOVE Tiddly Inks images too – and you’ve chosen the perfect ones for your special times.
    Andrea adds: Thanks Debbie! It has been so nice to create something appropriate … and I know it has been appreciated! Hugs xxx


  5. Kim S says:

    What a perfect card! You HAVE to be sure to share her first day stories.
    Andrea adds: If only I didn’t have end of the month (yes … I am already late… ) invoicing to do I would have time! Plus our internet has now done a dummy spit … and I have upload speeds of 0.03!!!!! (According to Speedtest.net) This means I have to wait until an optimum time to upload photos to my blog!!! Sooooooo Sllllloooooowwww! I am so frustrated. But … I will try and share some asap! Hugs xxx


  6. Kasey says:

    Hi Andrea,

    Glad you got the info you needed re Copics. I’m looking at prisma’s as my next colouring medium but I think they can wait a while, I’m still trying to master the copics.

    This is such a sweet card. Love the little one standing on the pile of books.

    Just catching up on your last few posts. Gorgeous cards, with your hectic life, I wonder how you manage to find the time!


    Kasey ~ in Oz

    Andrea adds: … You know … I wonder the same thing, too, Kasey! Thanks for all your help with the Copics question! I am sure I would have loved them … but the $$$ just didn’t seem realistic. Hugs xxx


  7. These images are just so cute Andrea. I love this one and the one for Murray.

    I’m glad that Sheree had a great first day. I’m sure she will do just great and the kids will LOVE her.

    Hope you are getting on top of your bookwork??? 🙂

    Love Jenny xx
    Andrea adds: Hi Jenny! Thanks for your sweet comment. Lost bookwork all retrieved (as in … I re-entered it all) … but now a bit of a back log of current work! Sigh … will I ever catch up??? Hugs xxx


  8. Melissa says:

    Another cute card, those images are sweet, and perfect for the special occasion. xx
    Andrea adds: Hi again … I was tickled to find something so appropriate! Hugs xxx


  9. Helen H says:

    Hi Andrea, just catching up after a lovely break. 🙂
    What a sweet, sweet card – the images are just perfect – no wonder you couldn’t resist them. Hope Sheree is all settled in & enjoying her class. Hugs 🙂
    Andrea adds: Yes … the class is starting to settle into a nice routine. Sheree says that they are a really nice bunch! If only the rain would stop … so they could go out in the playground for lunch … things would be fantastic! But … she is enjoying her time … even if she is pretty tired. Yr 1 is rather full on … you need lots of prep to keep their attention! Hugs xxx


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