Look what arrived by courier today!!!!

Hi bloggies!

I have missed you all! 😦 I haven’t been able to blog … because I have had no time to stamp … and have nothing to show you!!! (I do have a few special 21st cards & a 50th for my sis … but they have to wait until the b’days are past! – Don’t want to spoil the surprise!) After being out today with mum (a doc appt … and some b’day shopping) … I arrived home just before the courier came up the driveway to deliver … these ……….

Ooooh!!! How exciting!!! 😀 🙂 My fingers were itching to try them out … BUT!!! … I had no blending stumps. When I ordered the pencils … I didn’t realise that you needed blending stumps to use with the “Gamsol” mineral spirits for blending the colours!!!!!!! Yes … I am new to this … so I hope you will all cut me a little “slack”!  😉 I have since ordered some from an art supplier here in AUS … but they have yet to arrive. Any way … here is my first attempt at a card using my new “u-beaut” pencils … and NO blending stumps!

So … you can see I need a little practice on ‘light/shade’ … and so the flower isn’t how I would like it … BUT … I am pretty tickled with the result! Don’t the colours look great on Crumb Cake card (Kraft)! They almost seem to pop! The card was a scrap … but I managed to turn it into a little thank you gift card! All the details are on my recipe!

Well … now I have to run … but I will be back again … ONCE I HAVE STAMPED (AGAIN!!!) Hugs xxx



  1. Lynda says:

    Woo hoo and congrats on ur SUPER happy mail today. Being the kinda gal I am I thought I’d share this with you….

    You may have already seen it, but it is a really good basic intro to gamsol and blending stumps.
    LOVE ur first attempt at prismas. I am v v excited to see you as you progress to the colouring queen that lurks within!!!
    If u have a Riot Art n craft close by…I know they sell blending stumps and Gamsol (sold as a “Mineral Spirit”). ooxx
    PS hope ur mum is doing OK. and thanks for the b’fly blog luv ooxx
    Andrea adds: Hi Lynda! Thanks for the video … I am going to Stacey’s tomorrow … and with her fast internet I should be able to download this (and some other) tutorial videos super quickly! I will check this one out for sure! Thanks so much for the tip. I do have the Gamsol … it arrived with the pencils … but it was funny … all my hints from friends mentioned the Gamsol … but didn’t mention that you needed blending stumps to apply the Gamsol! 😀 So … I have ordered some … and they are on the way. It is a little frustrating … seeing that my pencils are here … and I can’t really try them out properly! Thanks again for your help! 😀 Hugs xxx


  2. Vicky W says:

    Wow Andrea, look out everything else….. Looks like you will be busy, so look forward to seeing heaps of creation AND colouring. With his many pencils, I wouldn’t know where to start!!!!
    Andrea adds: I wouldn’t have bought such a big set … except they were on special! But … I am looking forward to using them … and experimenting with colours! Hugs xxx


  3. Kim S says:

    That’s really your first try!!? It’s lovely! Love the shading on the letters and the colors are so rich on Kraft. I’ve never given pencils much of a try, but I have a small set and am definitely going to watch you and see what I can learn!
    Andrea adds: Yep! 1st attempt! No blenders! I was rather pleased! Wow … I am starting to feel the pressure … with all my friends waiting to see how I do! 😯 Hugs xxx


  4. Denise M. says:

    Wowwww, look at ALL those colors you got in your kit! So fun! Love your card…very pretty!
    Andrea adds: I know … 150!!! That’s mad!!! I bet there will be some that I never touch!? Hugs xxx


  5. Donna Zammit says:

    Andrea I’m so jealous I only have a tin of 36 prisma coloured pencils. I also did not know about the gamsol….you really have investigated, something I have not done at all. I usually just blend like you did and lightly colour where I want my highlights, not always successfully. I really have only just started myself and only coloured a few images. So, I will also be interested in your discoveries. Thanks also to Lynda ( and no I don’t know Lynda, only from what I read on your blog!) from me for the links to youtube and colouring, very informative! Andrea your colouring is very professional for a newbie!!! Cheers Donna Zammit 🙂
    Andrea adds: I guess I have an excuse to indulge … being my 50th b’day is approaching. I thought my kids would put together to pay … but they said … no … you have them now … so let’s get something else … and this can be a bonus!!! 😉 Now … who could refuse that great idea??? 😀 Hugs xxx


  6. Jen W. says:

    That is one gorgeous set of pencils! Totally droolworthy! 🙂 I love how you coloured the sentiment on your card and you’re right that the colours really pop off the kraft card. Can’t wait to see what’s next for you and your pencils!
    And did I mention before that I LOVE your blog header?
    Andrea adds: Ooooh … thanks for the blog love, Jen. Glad you like the summer time header. I hope to get a Valentine one up today! It’s nice to see something different when I open my blog! I think I am going to have to order some more Crumb Cake card … cos I LOVE the look! Hugs xxx


  7. Monika/buzsy says:

    Oh, those colors are just so pretty! I love your new pencils! Great coloring on your card. Especially love the greeting with the blue and white blended so nicely! I need to dig my colored pencils out, even thought I don’t have a great variety.
    Andrea adds: I am doing soooo little stamping lately … that my mojo is waning. I hope my new pencils will give me a kick start! Hugs xxx


  8. Helen H says:

    Woo hoo, bet there was some happy dancing going on once you opened up this package! Fabulous first outing with your pencils Andrea. Love the colours you chose to use, they’re sooo pretty! You will be able to colour to your heart’s content with this many colours & you can make your own blends as well. Can’t wait to see what else you create. Hugs 🙂
    Andrea adds: Now that I have them … I am realising what an amateur I am!!! But … I am keen to have a go! Just need the TIME!!! Hugs xxx


  9. This is gorgeous Andrea. I think you have done an awesome attempt for your first try. I love the shading. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your colouring.

    Well Done,
    Love Jenny xx
    Andrea adds: Hi Jen! I am keen to do some more colouring … but sadly time escapes me at the moment! Thanks for popping by! Hugs xxx


  10. Melissa says:

    Fantastic first attempt at prismas, don’t you just love them? I found it strange using the blending stumps lol, but got over it eventually, my problem was finding the ceramic container to put the gamsol in, I wanted the ones they use in nail salons, but couldn’t get hold of a ceramic one here, anywayyyys long story short I managed to get one ha ha ha from overseas! Looking forward to seeing more of your creations using prismas xx
    Andrea adds: I saw them on a site somewhere (overseas) … but can’t remember where. I am quite friendly with my nail lady … so perhaps I might ask her to order one for me??? Or … I could just use a plastic container with a sponge scrap in the bottom … like I have seen suggested on lots of blogs — probably a cheaper option! 😀 Hugs xxx


  11. Tracey Eaton says:

    OMG! That is one fabulous lot of happy mail! So many pencils…. I have about 40,m and haven’t used them for ages – but i LOVE the gamsol/prisma colouring that I used to do. I unearthed them while moving my craft room around – I think they have to go onto the ‘must play with’ list that keeps growing. Can’t wait to see what you do woth them 🙂
    PS. I used to get my stumps just from a local art supply shop
    Andrea adds: Hello Tracey! Long time no see! I am so glad you stopped by! I do hope to see you again soon! Will pop by your blog and return the blog love asap! It’s nice to know that others in blog land love their prismas! I need some practice … but more importantly … a few more hours in the day would be good! Hugs xxx


  12. Tracey Eaton says:

    Oh dear – please excuse all the spelling errors – fingers going faster than my true typing ability obviously 🙂
    Andrea adds: I could have corrected them … but it is much more fun to have a 2nd comment to publish! Hugs xxx


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