See you in 8 days!

Hi bloggies!

Well … not even 1 sleep until we leave for Phuket! We only get about 4 hrs sleep tonight … because we have to be up at 2.30am to go to the airport! It is exciting … but … I will miss my kids! 😉 I know! How ridiculous! I am only going for 7 nights … but I wish they were coming too! They would LOVE it! But … I am looking forward to a few days of Gav & I not having to worry about anyone else except ourselves! 😀 It has been a busy few weeks … so I am keen to spend some time relaxing by the pool … and doing some long overdue reading! Sounds like bliss??? What a week it has been! A milestone b’day … with lots of spoiling … A Taylor Swift Concert … and now Phuket! I am so blessed!

The girls and I had a fabulous time last night! I didn’t go with them last time Taylor was touring (2 yrs ago). I was FAR TOO OLD!!! But … they insisted on buying a ticket for me this time. What could I say?? It was MAGICAL. My girls described it as a romantic fantasy! I have to say … it was a delight to see so many dads ‘chaperoning’ their daughters … and Taylor is just so feminine and fun! It was fantastic and amazing spectacle … and I am so glad the girls invited me! The nicest part …. was a girly night out with my girls! It was a late night … with a 2 hour drive home from Sydney. And …  my poor YOUNG darlings … were too tired to drive! So mum had to do it!!! 😯  😉 Maybe I am not so old after all??? 😀

Well … before I leave for our holiday … I wanted to share a card! I had pulled out my vanilla velvet ribbon to use on yesterday’s card … and decided to go for the punched edge instead. So … this card was inspired by the velvet ribbon! I wanted something elegant …

Such a simple card. Truly! But … I am quite pleased with the result! I am wishing I had added some shimmer spray to the vanilla card … but it is a subtle elegance. Well … off to finish packing. I think I have most of it done! I must admit that I am getting excited now it is getting closer! 😀 Take care, everyone … and I will be back in a week or so! Hugs xxx 🙂

PS: Don’t forget you can view an enlargement of any of MY photos … by clicking on each to open picture file.


  1. Lynda says:

    Confession….when you mentioned a post ago that u were going to Taylor…I immediately thought of “Chaperone Dad’s!!”..and there you write and mention it. I have to share this link with you. I know you know Hamish and Andy…and may have seen this….but here’s the link anyhow…..

    I really love the simplicity of this card. EE and WW are so smashing together. I have the punch on my (ever growing) wish list.
    Have an awesome time in Phuket. After the past year you have had, you and Gav have earnt the right to relax, embrace and enjoy. Fly and travel safe. ooxx
    Andrea adds: Hi again! You have left so much blog love … thanks hunni! I can’t begin to tell you how lovely our week away was! If only I could find the time to blog … I could share some highlights … but I will get to that asap! Oh … I hadn’t seen this … but the girls had told me about it! Taylor had put some photos of fans up on Facebook … and one was with two girls with T-Shirts on … that said “Taylor fans” (or something) … and in between them was their dad with a T-Shirt that said “Chaperone Dad”! How cute! Take care! Hugs xxx


  2. Monique says:

    Loving the new look blog. I love this card too, so simple and elegant.

    Have a great trip away.
    Andrea adds: Hi Monique! Thanks for your lovely feedback! Hugs xxx


  3. Gorgeous card Andrea – very elegant. Have a wonderful time in Phuket. Look forward to hearing all about it when you get back.

    Take care and RELAX!!!!

    Love and hugs,
    Jenny xxoo
    Andrea adds: Can tell you all about it today!!!! Yaya! Looking forward to celebrating my (previously washed out) 50th with my SU! buddies! Hugs xxx


  4. Denise M. says:

    Okay, well first, gorgeous card! I love the purple and white, especially with that lacy border.

    Second and more importantly, have a GREAT time on vacation! Ahhhhhhh, 7 nights of lounging by that pool with a book DOES sound heavenly! Ennnnnn-joy! 🙂
    Andrea adds: It was absolutely heavenly! 🙂 Hard to come back to the real world! Hugs xxx


  5. Monika/buzsy says:

    Have a fabulous time girl! Lovely card. The punched border is so pretty and I love the pretty ribbon too. Sounds like you had a wonderful bday with lots of FUN!
    Andrea adds: I did have a wonderful day … I was very spoilt and felt very loved! Hugs xxx


  6. Melissa says:

    Hope your time in Phuket was amazing!!!! Lucky girl, and least it will have been warm there lol, and I am so glad you enjoyed Taylor Swift, after all its about good times, and age is just a number….
    Your card is very pretty and elegant, I do love that ribbon to bits, and tend to hoard it rather than use it lol, love the punch border across the top too really finishes it off nicely xx
    Andrea adds: We had a wonderful time … just tooooo short! It was hard coming back to the real world! Thanks for the sweet comments about my card! I am such a hoarder of fav stamping supplies. But … I am trying to break out … and be more generous!!! 😉 Hugs xxx


  7. Helen H says:

    Hope you & Gav have been having a wonderful & relaxing holiday Andrea! Sounds like you had a fabulous night out with your girls. (You are definitely not too OLD for concerts, lol!)
    Love your elegant design with the luxurious texture of the velvet ribbon & the pearls. Gorgeous. Hugs 🙂
    Andrea adds: Hi Helen! Thanks for popping by! I must get onto my blog hopping asap! I miss all my fav girls! Hugs xxx


  8. Nicky Johncock says:

    Absolutely fabulous card. Quick to do , you ar an inspiration to me, I love your ideas. Have a wonderful time away, come back relaxed and inspired! From an Australian living in London, where the daffodils are pushing through!!
    Andrea adds: Sigh … I don’t think it got nearly warm enough for Daffodils here last spring!!! But … so glad for you … that they are peeking through! There is nothing sweeter to bring a smile to your face! Thanks Nicky for the sweet compliments! It was so nice to have you take the time to say hi! I will be back asap with a new post … just catching up after hols … a BIG JOB!!! Hugs xxx


  9. Jen W. says:

    How fun to see Taylor – such a great girls night out! And I love that lovely velvet ribbon and how you let it and that beautiful edge be the star of the card. 🙂
    Andrea adds: We had a great night out! And … yes … this ribbon is a star!!! And so is the punched edge! Thanks for noticing! Hugs xxx


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