Refer a Friend for Paper Lovin’ Gals!

Added Tuesday 10th April: Woo hoo! I am so thrilled to have this card chosen as an “Honourable Mention” over at Paper Lovin’ Gals! Thanks so much for the award, gals! It was a lovely surprise. And … extra special to be on the list with two of my special blog buddies, Donna & Sandra!

Hi bloggies!

Just catching a moment while Bree is asleep! My blog buddy, Sandra has asked that her blog friends might support the latest Paper Lovin’ Gals challenge … and let them know that she has referred them to us. I thought I would help her out … and hopefully she will win the blog candy! This is the latest PLG Inspiration Challenge #25 … and … here is what I came up with …

Quite a literal interpretation of the inspiration picture. My brain was a little slow this morning … but I am quite pleased with the ‘wicker’ background I created with a flat stamp and a little ‘rock n roll’! 😀 I have added some Crystal Effects to the bunny to make it look like real chocolate … and yes … it is a MILK chocolate bunny. I am not a fan of DARK chocolate!!! 😉

Well … gotta finish cleaning out my tea towel / table cloth cupboard … before Bree wakes. See you all later!


  1. Lynda says:

    Seriously….I dunno how you do it…..r u wearing that darn cape again???? I am breathless reading here and sitting down!!! Nothing wrong with a literal interpretation darl. Great card and congrats on the faux wicker….brilliant. Give Bree a speccy b’day hug for me pls!!?? ooxx (ox…one for Bree)
    Andrea adds: She is sitting here with me ‘reading’ your comment! I just gave her your ‘Bruddle’! Hugs xxx


  2. Gorgeous card, love the background and that rabbit is stunning!

    Thanks for playing along with the Paper Lovin’ Gals.

    Kasey ~ in Oz
    Paper Lovin’ Gals DT

    Andrea adds: Always happy to do a favour for a special blog friend! It was fun! Hugs xxx


  3. Fiona Harrison says:

    Very cute and thanks for reminding me that I own this stamp, had forgotten all about him.
    Andrea adds: Yes! Me too!!! The inspiration pic reminded me! Hugs xxx


  4. Paula Dobson says:

    I’m with you Andrea – Milk chocolate all the way! LOVE your interpretation of the photo. Your card is absolutely gorgeous!
    Andrea adds: Or … cookies & cream … or crunchie (honeycomb) … but definitely NOT dark! Hugs xxx


  5. Sandra says:

    Thank you so much for playing along, Andrea!! I love the wicker effect that you created. How clever of you! I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get this stamp when it was in the mini.
    Andrea adds: Hi Sandra! A pleasure to help you out! Must pop over to the Paper Lovin’ Gals site … to see if you won??? Hugs xxx


  6. Holly says:

    This came out great.. I love all the extra details you added. The basket effect you created is awesome! Thanks for joining us at the Paper Lovin’ Gals This week!
    Andrea adds: Hi Holly! It was fun to play along! Hugs xxx


  7. Jen W. says:

    The bunny sure looks lovely and the wicker background is brilliant!
    Andrea adds: Thanks Jen! It is kinda nice … isn’t it! Hugs xxx


  8. Michele F. says:

    WOW!! Gorgeous! So happy that you found us and joined us in our weekly challenge at Paper Lovin’ Gals. Your bunny is to die for!!
    Michele F.
    Andrea adds: Thanks for your lovely response, Michele! It was so nice to see your comment here! Hugs xxx


  9. Hi Andrea,
    i love the bunny, he is so cute.
    i hope you enjoyed your holiday, it looked like you had a blast, sorry i haven’t left a comment for you for a while, i do still pop in, but i do not have time in my life at the present time to sit and leave comments, i don’t even have time to craft, albeit that everything is still packed up from when we moved, we have just brought our very first home (yippee, happy dance) three weeks ago, but as soon as the renovations are done i will be back and i will have a lot to catch up on.

    Keep the beautiful creations coming,
    Sharna 🙂
    Andrea adds: So nice to know you are ‘stalking’ 🙂 Sharna! Sounds like your life is super busy … but I am sure the move & reno’s will all be worthwhile in the end. So happy for you that you are settling into your own home. Hugs xxx


  10. Melissa says:

    Love this card, the wicker effect is super cute, love the colours you have used too. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend with loved onesxxx
    Andrea adds: It was nice to have mum around for a few days … and we spent some time with Stace, Jono & Bree. But … it was a little quiet without my other 2 girls who were both away. Hope you had a lovely time too!? Hugs xxx


  11. Helen H says:

    Ooh Andrea, Mr Bunny looks absolutely delicious! The glossy coating is fabulous, as is your wicker panel. Great card! Congrats on your HM. Hugs 🙂
    Andrea adds: Thanks heaps, Helen! It is always a thrill. I haven’t done anything with CE for ages … I forget how fab it is! Hugs xxx


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