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For those of you who know me well … you will know how I love organisation and routine! It is a little hard to be more adaptable and more flexible with routines. But … with the extra responsibilities at the moment … I am finding blogging and stamping is taking a bit of a back seat. Card Challenges are a bit ‘hit and miss’ … depending on which day of the week I find some precious time to stamp! But … the joy of spending time with Bree … and the satisfaction of being able to help Gav out with his work … is worth it in the end! Life is funny … the way you just feel like you are getting on top of things … and suddenly something will throw it all out of whack again! 😀 But … it is not worth stressing over! Well … enough philosophical ponderings … I have TWO Q&E cards for you today! 😀

Kim's inspiration!

This first one was a set of thank you cards that I ‘whipped up’ for Sheree. She wanted to thank some of the mums of her class kids for their help, encouragement & support during her first term of teaching. I didn’t have a lot of notice … so hence the Q&E outcome! I went scrolling through my ‘to CASE’ file for something easy … and LOVED this design by Kim. Mine is a smaller version … but works quite well! Thanks Kim for the inspiration! This is also a card that looks HEAPS better IRL! (In Real Life!)

The butterfly is stamped on vellum and I added a little bit of colour on the back side of the vellum and then heat embossed the front with some Iridescent Ice. I have added a border of Certainly Celery around the edge (using a ruler) … and also heat embossed over the top with Iridescent Ice. I am sorry the pic isn’t better because it is really quite pretty.

My second card is one that Stacey & I worked on together … I was the ‘designer’ … and she was the slave labour! 😉 But … these were for Bree’s 1st birthday … so I guess she was happy to help! 😀 I coloured this little Tiddly Inks “baby girl” DIGI image with my prismacolour pencils. My mum helped colour the lighter colours … and then I added the highlights! Again … the picture doesn’t do it justice! And … more II embossing. Oh dear! I think I am addicted!

Yes! Bree is about to turn 1 yr old! Can you believe it? This time last year my dad was in hospital after his heart attack. And … Stacey & Jono were about to welcome their new little girl. I am so amazed that 12 months has passed since then. But … when I think of all that happened in the months following … I am amazed that we actually got through the year! But … here we are … about to celebrate our first grandchild’s 1st birthday! What a joy she has been for us!

Well … it is past my bed-time … and so I am going to stop babbling on! See you again … as soon as I am able! Hugs xxx


  1. Jess D says:

    Both sets of QE cards look fab! Our little Bree is coming up for one too! Next month… My sister is putting together the ‘bee themed’ invites as we speak. As Brianna gets shortened to Bee quite frequently in my family 🙂
    Andrea adds: Our Bree often gets “breezy”! Not a nick-name I like … but it seems to have stuck! 😀 Thanks for popping by, Jess! Hugs xxx


  2. Andrea, Thank you so much for your suggestion for a new name for my blog. I’ve actually used it as a byline so I want to send you a little something. Please drop me a line with your postal address.
    Andrea adds: Oooh … how exciting! I am so glad you liked my suggestion! I have just sent off an email with my addy! Thanks for your sweet surprise! Hugs xxx


  3. Reva Brightman says:

    Love the big smile on beautiful little Bree’s face. When she sees the candle on her birthday cake—Oh my. Thanks for sharing.

    So nice that your Mom helped you color her Great Granddaughters card.

    Hugs and Smiles, Reva
    Andrea adds: Hi Reva! So nice to see you again! Isn’t she a sweetie! And … you are right … she is going to be really excited about her birthday. She just loves all the attention she gets so readily from such a BIG family! Hugs xxx


  4. Helen H says:

    Wow, it’s hard to believe a whole term has already disappeared! Sheree’s thank you cards are lovely Andrea – looks like Sheree has a handy little band of helpers. The card design is fabulous – the black & white is striking, & the vellum butterflies & the delicate sparkly borders are gorgeous.
    As for Miss Bree, both the invitation & your gorgeous grandbaby, are adorable! Hugs 🙂
    Andrea adds: Yes … she has some lovely mum helpers … and appreciates their help immensely. I know … a term already. This year is speeding by … isn’t it! I might be a LITTLE biased … but I think she is adorable too! Hugs xxx


  5. Melissa says:

    Both are lovely, and Q&E seems to be the thing at the moment, life does get busy, so glad you are loving the time with your lovely Bree, kids are just too precious NOT to spend time with lol. Its as i tell myself, cardmaking will be there long after Harry has grown, so enjoy the family time now Hugs Mel xx
    Andrea adds: Well … Bree is the first of what I expect will be many grand-babys … so perhaps that time will continue for many more years! I just need to find the right balance! And …not stress when things don’t get done. Enjoy the moment … what ever that entails! Hugs xxx


  6. Lynda says:

    It’s amazing what has occured in the past 12 months of your life Andrea and how you have come out of it the other end. We are all giulty of that horrendous “swamped’ feeling…some deal with it better than other tho.
    The queasy cards rock!! I am delighted that your Mum helped with Bree’s invites. If she is always so DDG and cute when she smiles like her pic…she wld be the best tonic in the world for anyone. The t’you cards look sooooooo fab…and yes…I diagnosed your ‘ice’ addiction months ago….hee hee hee ooxx
    Andrea adds: Of course you did, Lynda! You are … after all … fan no. 1!!! 😉 Thanks for the sweet encouragement (yet again!) … you are a special friend! Hugs xxx


  7. Kim S says:

    This teaches me to get behind on my blog reading – I don’t even know my card had inspired you! I LOVE your version. Such a darling butterfly along with that great sentiment – “spoiled” is good!!
    Andrea adds: LOL … I am glad you had a chance to pop by! It is always so lovely to see you! Hgus xxx


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