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Hi bloggies!!!

Sssshhhh … don’t tell Sandy I am here displaying his birthday card!!! His birthday is not until next week … but I used 2 challenges to create this card … and the challenges close before his birthday … so I am posting it today! I am fairly confident he won’t be viewing this post (why on earth would he visit my blog???) … so hopefully this will be a surprise for him!

The two challenges are a wonderful sketch from Freshly Made Sketches … and a fabulous boy colour combo from colourQ! I do hope you pop by and view the fantastic DT samples … and the amazing entries for both of these challenges! Now … most of you know that I am not a fan of circle challenges … but now that I have my 2½” circle punch … I am one happy little camper! I know it is not big … but it does the job … don’t you think???

I have a fab chart to match my Prismacolor Pencils to SU! colours … so it was easy to pick my pencils to colour with! I added some depth to the image by choosing slightly darker colours as well … for the highlights.

This is the PERFECT IMAGE for Sandy. He is taking a year off soccer this year … you may remember the horrible year he had last year … his coach bullied him because he didn’t play the 2 matches that they had on Sundays … and because he went away for a week for our family holiday and didn’t play one Saturday (the coach admitted this to Gavin) … SO … he has decided to try basketball this year! I was tickled to find this pic for his card from the Saturated Canary DIGI shop and I combined it with the “Real Cool” image from Meljen’s Designs!! PERFECT!!! 😀 Only 1 tiny problem with starting basketball 😦 … his FIRST game is next Thursday … BUT … on Wednesday he has to have an operation 😯 (general anaesthetic day stay) to correct the break in his nose that he sustained a couple of weeks ago!!! Did I tell you about that? 🙄 I imagine he will not be feeling up to playing in that first match … although he will be insisting he is fine to do so!? My only concern will be that he be fine for his birthday on the Friday!!???

Well … off to make Bree’s 1st B’day card! Her birthday is the day after Sandy’s … what fun!!! (Hope Sandy is feeling okay to celebrate with Stace, Jono & Bree!!!) See you soon! Hugs xxx


  1. Lynda says:

    The sentiment says it all Andrea….so cool. Sandy is gunna love it….and no…I did not catch up on the whole nose debarcle. Love the dry embossing…it looks well cool….and awesome. Your Prismacolour colouring is magical. hope Sandy has a fab day. ooxx
    Andrea adds: Nose debacle … what an apt description. Sandy decided it would be smart to jump off the back porch (at a friend’s place) … onto a jogging tramp … then onto the BIG trampoline … to get more AIR!!! He wanted to nail a ‘double sommersault’ … which he says now he landed perfectly (BIG GRIN!) … but then continued to over rotate … and NOSE met KNEE!!! 😦 Blood everywhere … and huge swelling! We took him to the docs once the swelling went down (about a week later) … and yes … broken nose needs surgery to re-adjust the alignment! It is scheduled this Wednesday! But … you are NOT surprised … are you!? 😉 It was time for another episode of “THE LIFE AND INJURIES OF THE LOWCOCKS!” 😀 Hugs xxx


  2. Jen Timko says:

    Love this image (and your secret is safe with us!!). What a great birthday card! Glad you joined us this week at Freshly Made Sketches!
    Andrea adds: Thanks Jen! I knew I could trust my blog friends! Thanks for popping by! Hugs xxx


  3. Jen Mitchell says:

    This is a really cool card Andrea! I love the way you combined the colors. Thanks for joining us at colourQ!
    Andrea adds: I find colour balance a little tricky … but did like the end result of this one! Hugs xxx


  4. Lisa says:

    What a fun card Andrea, love your coloring!! Sorry to hear about Sandy’s sports issues and yikes…a broken nose! Sure hope all turns out well for him!!
    Andrea adds: Hi Lisa! Thanks for the thoughts for Sandy! I am sure it will be fine. But … keeping him safe is another issue … he is a very sporty active boy! Loves surfing and motor bike riding … and lives & breathes soccer. So I imagine there will be more injuries to come! Hugs xxx


  5. What a fantastic card for Sandy and the challenges! Doing you mind sharing more information about the chart you mentioned that matches up the Prismacolors with the SU colors? Thank you!
    Andrea adds: Hi Darnell! Thanks for taking the time to say hi! I found the link at SplitcoastStampers … but it doesn’t have the newest in-colours. I found it quite easy to work them out … though … by colouring in a sample sheet of Prismacolours … that Helen H (H2 Designs) gave me. I will try and find the links (not sure I have them at hand since my computer crashed) … I am happy to go searching for you! Will add them to my next post! (And … email you with the links!) Hugs xxx


  6. What a fun and cool birthday card, Andrea, I love your design! Thanks for joining us this week at the ColourQ and sharing your card.
    Andrea adds: Thanks for your lovely encouragement, Sylvia! It was a great colour combo for a male card! Hugs xxx


  7. Rita says:

    Great colors and such a fun card! Thanks for joining us at Freshly Made Sketches this week.
    Andrea adds: Hi Rita! I am so glad I finally got around to another FMS challenge! My favourite sketch challenge! Hugs xxx


  8. Helen H says:

    Great blend of the challenges Andrea & definitely a perfect sporting image. Best wishes for Sandy’s birthday & his new sport.
    Hope he is feeling better too (ouchy wouchy!!! – I hope the glory of that nailed double somersault sustains him through the recovery.) Hugs 🙂
    Andrea adds: We are just home from the hospital … and not too much ouchy wouchy yet. But … I imagine when the pain-killers wear off … it might be a different story! His b’day photos are not going to be pretty … with a splint on!! But … at least he will remember it! Hugs sxx


  9. Melissa says:

    a terrific card love the sentiment. Hope everything goes well with Sandy, boys huh, can’t keep them still long enough to stay safe 🙂
    Andrea adds: Hi Mel! Thanks for your thoughts for Sandy! He is doing really well … and apart from the splint on his nose … he has sailed through the surgery! Hugs xxx


  10. Denise M. says:

    It’s an awesome card. I love the embossed stripes and that “cool” sentiment. I hope his surgery goes well and he enjoys playing basketball this year.
    Andrea adds: It has been so nice to have your feedback, Denise! You have no idea how inspirational you are to me! Hugs xxx


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