A cute surfer!

Hi again bloggies!

I feel like I am chasing my tail this week. After a lovely relaxed week last week … this one has been a doozy! Thanks to all who have left sweet messages for Sandy’s recovery from his ‘nose job’!!! I am absolutely amazed at how easily he came through the general anaesthetic … and how little pain he has had! His nose has a lovely splint … that has to remain there for about a week … but apart from that … there is no discomfort at all! God is so good! A little teary moment … when the nurse came to stick this long ‘tube’ thingy up his nose … reminded me that he hasn’t quite grown up yet! 🙂 But … all in all … it has been quite easy! I think the HARD part … will be trying to keep him from bumping it! It will be quite fragile for at least 2 weeks … and then completely healed in about 6 weeks!

Before I show you my card today … I wanted to share the wonderful creation that arrived in my mail box a couple of days ago! It came from Kasey with a sweet Magnolia stamp! Kasey was re-naming her blog … and asked for some ideas! One of my suggestions was used as a ‘by-line’ for her blog name! So … she sent me a lovely surprise! Sorry … I just realised that I hadn’t got around to editing these photos! I hope you can see the lovely shimmer paint Kasey has used??? 

This was a card I made earlier in the year for my nephew’s birthday. It has gone all the way to Vanuatu … and his b’day was this week!

I used my Prisma pencils to colour “Skater Ian” in … but as you can see … this was one of my first colouring attempts with the pencils … and the shading leaves a little to be desired! I hope he liked it!? Sandy has a couple of mates over tonight … for a b’day sleepover. I can’t believe my baby is turning 14 tomorrow! Where have those years gone? I feel a little sad! But … he is a great kid … so I am not complaining! I had better go and organised beds … oh … and wrap presents!!

I probably won’t be here tomorrow or Saturday … Sandy’s b’day tomorrow (& Breesitting) … then Bree’s 1st b’day on Saturday … means it will be a busy couple of days! I am gradually learning … I can have a day or 2 off blogging without feeling guilty! See you soon! Have a great weekend! Hugs xxx


  1. Lynda says:

    Wowsers…even when pressed for time you still come up with amazing cards. I love Surfer Ian. The water looks AMAZING. Your colouring will graduate at it’s own pace. Every card has it’s own specialness.
    I am so happy that Sandy has done well. Embrace and enjoy all the fun and celebration that is coming your way this w’end. Thinking of u all. ooxx
    Andrea adds: When you look carefully … you can see another ‘lazy’ card! Seems a theme with me lately!!! 😉 I am thinking … perhaps quality … not quantity is the way to go??? If I spend a little more time … but not try and fit a card in every day … I might challenge myself a little more!? Hugs xxx


  2. Sandra says:

    Glad to hear that Sandy came through his operation OK. I can’t believe that it’s Bree’s first birthday already! How quickly that has come! A big happy birthday to both Bree and Sandy! I hope they both have wonderful days 🙂
    Andrea adds: Thanks for the b’day wishes! I love sharing these moments with my blog friends! Thanks hunny! Hugs xxx


  3. Helen H says:

    Have a wonderful time celebrating with your family Andrea. Happy Birthday Sandy & for little Miss Bree for Saturday too.
    What a sweet card Andrea – the image is adorable – love his fluoro boardies & the sponged waves. Cute! Hugs 🙂
    Andrea adds: HI Helen! Will pop by and say hi asap! Not getting your sub emails … having lots of trouble with them (not just yours!) Thanks for all your lovely support! Hugs xxx


  4. Hey Andrea,
    Glad Sandy came through the surgery ok. I was praying for him and wondered how he (and Mum) was holding up!! Glad all is well. I hope he had a great birthday today. (Happy Birthday Sandy!!)

    Cute card to send to your nephew in Vanuatu. Love the waves.

    Glad you can feel less guilty by going a day or two without blogging. We all understand that life is busy (and so much more important than blogging)

    Take care and hope to see you Sunday.

    Happy 1st Birthday to Bree too. I can’t believe that year has gone past.

    Love and hugs,
    Jenny x
    Andrea adds: Jenny … what a lovely L-O-N-G comment! You are so generous … and such a special friend! Hugs xxx


  5. Monika/buzsy says:

    Darling surfiner dude! Love that image and the fun colors Andrea. The waves look awesome!
    Gosh, I hope his nose gets better and he won’t bump it again! Just thinking about it makes my hair stand up on my arms! Lol!
    Have a fabulous weekend girl!
    Andrea adds: Sandy is doing well …although … I am not sure that the op has done much? It still looks crooked! I guess we will see what the doc says on Thursday at his follow up visit! Hugs xxx


  6. Monika/buzsy says:

    Surfiner? I don’t know where that came from! LOL!
    Andrea adds: I could have corrected the original … and deleted this one … but it is much more fun to have a giggle! 😀 Hugs xxx


  7. Monique says:

    Hi Andrea

    If you pop over to my blog you will find a little award for you! Thanks for the continual inspiration.


    Andrea adds: Aawww! Shucks! Thanks so much Moni! Will post asap! Hugs xxx


  8. Melissa says:

    Great cards Andrea, I love that little surfer dude, he is far too cute, I think I need to expand my horizons on stamps lol, I am glad Sandy is doing well, and a happy happy birthday to Bree, 1 year old already, time flies doesn’t it? xx


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