A post for a friend!

Hi bloggies!

My friend, Julie … is a fellow stamper without a blog! She was keen to support my efforts for my 1st challenge as part of the Design Team at Cardabillities … and has emailed this card pic … so I can post it for her … and link it to the challenge! Isn’t she a wonderful friend! Thanks so much for your support, Julie … it is such an encouragement! Here is Julie’s card … for Sketch #53. (reminder of sketch shown here —>)

Julie's entry for Cardabilities Sketch #53

I wanted to say a big thankyou to all those who have left comments in the last few days! With ANZAC day … and then 2 Bree-days … I have had so little time for computer work. (Especially with ‘WORK’ work to do!!) I am so sorry I haven’t got to reply to them all … which means none have also been approved! After 4 years of replying to EVERY COMMENT I have ever received 😯 … I have decided that I just have to let it go … and start approving comments without replying to each of them! I would rather get them approved & posted … than hold them for days on end until I find some time to reply! I know … I feel a little like I am letting you all down 😦 … after responding for so long to my wonderful blog friends … but I have to be realistic! I will … of course … reply to the odd one here or there … if someone asks a question or needs help with something! But … generally … I will just be silently appreciating EVERY SINGLE comment that comes my way! I do hope you understand! 🙂 And … I do hope you will continue to support & encourage me with your continued comments??? 😀

A quick thanks to Nicole for an award for my tulip card … I will post the award with the card post asap! I was thrilled to be chosen!

And … a quick update … Sandy went to the doc yesterday & his broken nose is healing really well. The doc is really pleased with how straight the bone is. The cartilage on the end of the nose is still a bit crooked … but hopefully in time … he will grow and it will lengthen and straighten out. Otherwise the only solution is plastic surgery … which the doc assured us was not a preferred option for boys! 😀 I didn’t even get a photo of the splint … because it fell off after 1 day!!! (Swelling must have gone down more than expected!)

I have heaps of cards to share … but am struggling for time to post! I am hoping that tomorrow (Saturday) will mean that I will have some ‘me time’ … and I will organise a couple of posts??? So … take care … and have a great weekend! Off to drop Sandy at youth group & pop by & see Gav’s mum & dad. Hugs xxx


  1. Lynda says:

    Sweetie….after being a loyal blog follower for years…i cannot think of a time when you have EVER let us down. I am always amazed by what you achieve int he relative small amt of time you seem to have to do it!! I am sure all of us will u’stand the “no reply” thing.
    I am giving you a standing ovation over the winning card for Nicoles thing….knew it was speccy!!!
    Please take care of you darl. MWAH ooxx
    PS…great card Julie (oops nearly forgot that too….blush)


  2. Pat says:

    Very pretty card. I love the soft pastels. Thanks for joining us at Cardabilities!

    Pat DT


  3. Congratulations on your award Andrea. It was a fantastic card!

    Love the card that Julie has done. It’s lovely of you to post it for her.

    Don’t feel bad about not replying to people’s comments. I think you do a great job juggling everything. I think we leave our comments to encourage you not to expect or want you replying to us.

    Sorry to miss our stamping day together on Tuesday but I look forward to seeing all your creations!

    Love Jenny xx


  4. Helen H says:

    Julie’s card is really soft & pretty. I was hoping to play along too, but time has gotten away from me again… Maybe I can join in for #54!
    Andrea I am just totally amazed that you have managed to reply to every single comment you have received & fully understand your decision to ease back on your commitment. Please don’t feel that you are letting anyone down. I will definitely be dropping by!!!! Big hugs 🙂


  5. Melissa says:

    Its a lovely soft card. Seriously Andrea, I don’t know how you ever had the time to answer all the love that has been sent your way, whoever has the time, no one will be upset if you don’t, time is better spent crafting or giving extra hugs to your gorgeous Bree xx


  6. Fiona Harrison says:

    Don’t worry about not replying o comments, in all honesty, I’ve never had the time, or remembered, to come back and heck, and then felt bad that you would’ve taken the time to reply. I’ll feel much less guilty now that your not replying!!!!!!
    You really deserved to win for that tulip card, was so pretty.
    Fi x


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