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Hi bloggies!

Were you wondering where I was again? 🙂 I keep telling you it was another busy week … and yet … it just continues to happen. Perhaps I just need to realise that is how my life is … the stage of life that I am in. With 5 kids (4 still at home – 3 uni/working + 1 at school) … 1 grandchild … boyfriends … wider family responsibilities … work requirements … church/school/friends … stamping, blogging & blurfing … it is to be expected! 😀 And … it is also to be expected that the stamping, blogging & blurfing might be at the bottom of the priority pile! I guess you will all know what I mean! We all battle with the priorites … don’t we! 😀 Any way … I just wanted to share a couple of family occasions from the last few days! …..

The first was the 1st anniversary of my dad’s passing on Saturday (June 2nd). Mum was keen to keep things low key … so all the girls (my sis & me & all our girls) took G’ma out for brunch at the Coffee Club. Isn’t it nice to indulge a little … and not feel guilty. 😉 We put some flowers on the gravesite … and then did some shopping! It was a nice morning and G’ma had a lovely time with all the girls. We really missed sharing this time with my other sis & her 2 gorgeous girls. Q’ld is just too far away sometimes, isn’t it!? 😦

Just wanted to add a quick but very appreciative thank you to Lynda, Gabbi & Lee-Anne for their sweet thoughts and cards. It was just so lovely of you girls … to remember!

The 2nd moment of the weekend was the engagement of Sheree & Murray! Saturday was a day of contrasts … sad memories & full excitement! Muz is keen to have a dollar for every time someone said … “finally”!!!!! Sheree is so happy and has a constant smile on her face … and has had some very excited year 1’s saying some really funny things to her! One even promised her his $50 he had saved up to help pay for the wedding! How cute!

So … now you can imagine it is going to be even more hectic in the Lowcock household! We have a wedding to organise … and Sheree & Muz are hoping that will happen for Dec 8th! (A few contingencies need to be organised before the date is definite!) I guess you will all know where I am if I disappear for days on end again! Well … it must be time for a card … so keep watching for a second post today … I will show you the lovely card I made for mother’s day for my mum! 🙂


  1. Sandra says:

    Congratulations to Sheree & Murray on their engagement! How very exciting!


  2. Gabbi says:

    Wow – such awesome news! And look at those diamonds sparkle!!!! So happy for you all – Sat. must have been a roller coaster ride of emotions!

    I’ve bumped into Sheree at Tongarra – I’ve been in 3 days in the last week – but didn’t want to go into the who’s who…. If I had known she was sporting such a gorgeous ring, I would have checked it out for sure!

    I had a crafty card that I had chosen to send you last week, then – at the last minute I didn’t get home before it needed to be posted, so I had to choose one out of mum’s cupboard….anyway, I was thinking of you & your mum on such a difficult day – hope you could share many fond memories!

    Have fun planning for the wedding, enjoy every minute of it!

    ♥ Gabbi xo


  3. Sonia G says:

    Woot woot – Congrats Sheree and Muz! May you have a long and happy life together!

    One year seems to have gone so fast… filled with many things… so glad that you can take the time to remember the good things about your Dad! And have your wonderful family around you to share with!



  4. Helen H says:

    Definitely exciting news! Congratulations to Sheree & Murray. Sounds like more busy months ahead for the Lowcock Family!
    It’s hard to believe that a year has gone by since your Dad’s passing Andrea. It was lovely that all the girls got together with your Mum – I’m sure many special memories of your Dad were remembered & shared. Big hugs 🙂


  5. Melissa says:

    WOw, your life is extremely busy! It was a beautiful thing to get together with all of your family (well the girls) and mum to take some time out together to remember your dad, another special time for you and your family members to hang on to and remember, they are precious.
    A big hug and congratulations to you and Gav, and of course to Sheree and Murray on the wonderful news, wow engagements and weddings are so exciting (and very very busy) i can’t wait to see how all the preparations for it go, I am sure you are going to enjoy all of it! Have a great week hugs melissaxx


  6. Denise M. says:

    Girl, I TOTALLY understand about blogging/crafting being at the BOTTOM of the pile…family comes first….and OMG, you WILL be even busier now with Sheree’s engagement. CONGRATS to her!! How exciting!


  7. Lynda says:

    Congrats (if that is the righ word) on all of you getting thru the 1st anniversary. It is so wonderful that most of you could share in the day and create more memories for the chest.
    Please pass on my sincere congrats to Sheree and Murray. He did a brilliant job on the ring and I can picture all of your smiles fm here.
    Happiness is destined this next 12 months for you all….I know it. ooxx


  8. Kim S says:

    It’s so wonderful that you could all spend this time together!

    A big congrats on the engagement!


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