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Pleated Dress Card by Petronela


Hi bloggies!

I have not got into the Pinterest ‘fad’ yet … but would love to … if only I had more time. But … I do from time to time follow a link someone puts on their blog … or a link back to one of my cards … and have a little browse. I haven’t managed to set up or store anything I find … so this latest card is a CASE without a name! Yes! I am usually so pedantic about recognising an original designer … but sadly this time I cannot for the life of me … remember where I found this card! My apologies! If anyone is able to help with this puzzle … please let me know so I can add the credits here!

Added: Mon 25th Jun … I think it was Pinterest that was the source of this card idea … but … thanks to Donna Z … I have found the original creator of this beauty! It was Petronela Hardy!! What a star! Thanks Petronela for the inspiration and the challenge … and for the video tutorial that can be found HERE -> KEEP STAMPING. I am off to watch the video … to see if Petronela shares her measurements. It would have been handy to have seen this before I fiddled around for an hour or so trying to get it right! 😉 😀 Thanks, Donna, too … for helping me find this link! 

Now … this card looks easier than it is to make! I really struggled with the right sizing for the dress … and even though I have added some measurements to my recipe (& lots of details) … I can’t guarantee that they are perfect. (I was going from memory … when I prepared the recipe!) But … it was quite satisfying to wrestle for a little while and finally it came together! This is another card I made at Leonie’s stamping weekend. Understandably, the other girls decided not to try this one! 🙄 I must admit … I am tickled with the outcome!

Added more: Make sure you watch Petronela’s blog video! I can’t believe how simple it is! I imagined when I looked at the card … that the width at the top was different to the width at the bottom … so I made it so much harder for myself! It is actually 9cm wide at top and bottom. Petronela has including the scoring measurements … so … I do hope you have a go … because she does make it look soooooooo easy!!!

Well … it is school holidays now for Sandy … although Sheree has another week “pupil free”. The public school hols also start at the end of next week. It is always lovely having this bonus week in the middle of winter! I imagine we might be quite busy ‘organising stuff’ … so hopefully Sandy will be content to just chill out during these hols! It will be good to have Sheree home so we can start planning finer details for the engagement party & wedding. We are off tomorrow to watch Gav take his V8 dune buggy ride … up at ‘woop woop’. (That means up at some obscure place miles from here!) The kids gave him this ride for his 50th b’day … and it has taken a little time to organise a suitable date! We have to be up at 5am … to leave in time! I know where I would rather be! (Blogging with you … or doing some stamping!) But … I go … because he wants me to share in this experience! Experience??? I can only imagine dirt … more dirt … cold & windy & perhaps even rainy … and a glimpse of him inside a dust cloud as he scoots past every few minutes or so! 🙄 But … I will go! Hope you all enjoy your weekend! Hugs xxx


15 thoughts on “Pleated Dress Card by Petronela

  1. Love this card Andrea. I have made a card similar to this as well. I CASEd mine from Petronela Hardy at http://www.keepstamping.com/ The post of this Box Pleat card was posted April 20th 2012. Maybe this was where you saw it. My version did not have a buckle, I just tied the ribbon in a bow, and my dress was strapless…evening wear if you please! LOL And no I still don’t have a blog! TFS Cheers Donna Zammit 🙂


  2. What a clever creation Andrea – love the border on the hemline! I haven’t seen this style of dress done before, TFS. Hope you all had a great day at Woop Woop, lol! Hugs 🙂


  3. Gorgeous card andrea. I love this & how you have the pattern along the bottom – great! TFS


  4. This is cute – and I just might have to try and case it! I’ll not hold it against you if the measurements are a little testing. I know that sometimes we just get caught up in making a masterpeice and forget to write down all the instructions. It’s what makes these cards so special – the fact that you got lost in your own world while making it.

    I hope you had fun up at Woop Woop…. and that Gav enjoyed his birthday present! Sometimes experiences are the best present to give and receive! I hope you have managed to wash all the dirt and dust off and warm yourself up again.



  5. Oh Andrea….I so love this. I have seen variations on this card…but the DSP you have used for this is almost perfect. …and the wee BOR flowers you have placed along the bottom!! delish.
    Thanks for ll the blog luvin’ you left for me. So sweet and so special. MWAH. All the best for Gav’s dirt buggy bash and hope your hols are speccy…no doubt as busy as all heck!! ooxx


    • Are you going away during the hols? I am sure you are right … with an engagement party … and a wedding to get organised … it is going to disappear. We deliberately didn’t book out holiday cottage at Dolphin Point this year … cos we needed to be somewhere with internet … and shops!!! 😀 Hope you get to have a break! Hugs xxx


  6. An Adorable card, the dress is just lovely and I miss that DSP 😦 Enjoy your time in woop woop (I too call it that he he he).


  7. Wow Andrea, this is amazing!


  8. Wow, girlie, this dress is seriously AWESOME! I’m definitely going to have to click over and watch the tutorial.

    Hope you had fun at Gav’s dune buggy race. Looks like fun!


  9. Fabulous card Andrea. Love the prett paper and that dress. I will have to check that tutorial out! The vintage brad looks great on it.
    That dune buggy looks great! We used to have one, but not as fancy as this one.


  10. Gorgeous creation again Andrea! Love what you’ve done here. Pinterest is the BEST – so wonderful for the ideas and inspiration, and I love how the pinned images preserve the links from the source… which is good for me because I’m hopeless for remember where I saw something. Also I have a habit of bookmarking things and then can’t for the life of me remember why I bookmarked them! lol
    Have a fabulous day 🙂