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A beautiful Wedding image


Hi bloggies!

Wow! Over a week since I blogged! Can you tell I have been busy? Since last Tuesday we have had … 2 hospital visits (Gav – follow up for tests & Skye – surgery to get 30cm pin & screws out of her leg) … 1 car accident (Shane is fine … but car is not so lucky!) … Christmas Shopping … Honeymoon shopping (clothes etc for Sheree) … helping mum buy a new phone … house guests for 2 days … etc etc etc. I have done NO bookwork … NO stamping … and NO blogging! Just no time! So … today is my catch up day … and I have a mountain of bookwork to do! 😯 I have to make this quick!

This was a stamp set that I ordered with one of the wedding stationery orders … and I just cannot remember which site I purchased it from. But … this image (& the rest of the set) is just so pretty. I was very low on wedding stamps … and I just love this image! You can see the main image is gold embossed. I started this for Murray & Sheree … but in the end wasn’t completely happy with it … so I will do another sometime for their wedding present. I used the “ICE GOLD” card that we used for the wedding stationery. It is quite WHITE … but with a lovely gold shimmer. Perfect for Ree’s White/Lavender/Gold theme! (The photo really doesn’t do it justice!)

I am enjoying the school holidays … but it has been busy! We are off down the coast for the LONG weekend … and ALL the kids are able to come (including Stace, Jono & little Bree … Muz & Mitch too). Shane is not allowed to work while he is doing prac (nursing) … so his weekend is free too! With the footy finals this weekend … I am sure I know what will be occupying the boys! AFL on Saturday (go the Swannies) … and NRL on Sunday (Gav & Shane’s team – the Bulldogs – are in the final … so I guess that is who we are going for!) Hopefully we will get some time to walk along the beach … and Skye & Sandy are hoping to do some surfing. I hope Skye’s leg is up to it … she is doing well … but there is still some swelling & soreness. Hope you all have a great weekend, too. I will be back sometime next week! xxx

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10 thoughts on “A beautiful Wedding image

  1. Beautiful wedding card. So simplistic but gorgeous.



  2. With help fm the great helper Google…the stamp set is an Inkadoo one!!! It is a v v purdy one indeed and I concur with all your adulations about the set!!!! Your card has a definite magical/ethral feel abt it…esp with the description re the lavendar whimmer in the CS…yummo!!!
    Love and hugs go out to all…you Lowcockk’s certainly do not do things by halves do you??? Dollars spent, dingles happening and Doggies fan’s….cld it get any more calamatous???
    I have my Swans T shirt ready for wk tomorrow and will be red and whiting with pride!!! Pls take care of you. ooxx


    • Once again … You put a smile on my face! Always here with some sympathy & caring! Enjoy your weekend! I am finally getting some blurfing done … The Internet is in & out but I am persevering! Hugs xxx


  3. Wow, what a week. You’ll all need the holiday. The card is lovely, such a pretty colour scheme for a wedding too. Hope next week is much better,
    Fi x


  4. Wow! I wondered where you’d been but I know you are so busy. I just didn’t know how busy – could life throw anything more at you??? I’m glad you are all getting away for the weekend – but that sounds busy too!! At least you are with all those you love!

    I love your card. It’s like magical swirls around that bride and groom.


  5. Great card – I hope you’ll link up at 52 Card Pickup again this week!



  6. A gorgeous card, and yep that stamp set is really pretty, I love the image, and I love the gold additions so elegant, man your week is busy, enjoy your few days away with your family, those times are precious, as is some time out. Hugs Melxx