Missing my blog hopping

We are down the south coast for a 3 day mini holiday. We have all the kids with us … Which is such a rare thing these days … What with uni, work, boyfriends, church stuff, etc etc … We hardly ever have them all at the same time. We even have the fiancé & the boyfriend & my mum as well as Jono, Stace & Bree! A FULL house … That’s for sure!! I brought my iPad so I could catch up on the blog hopping I have missed over the last 12 days or so … I have so much sitting in my feed reader!!! BUT … Sadly the Internet connection here is super slow & won’t load pictures!!! So … It is hard to comment on a post with no pics! I was so looking forward to sitting with my coffee & spending a couple of hours browsing all my favourite blogs & saying hi to all my blog friends. So … BIG APOLOGIES … I will be absent for a little longer!
PS … I will keep trying to HOP … So you might get a visit sometime … If the Internet decides to behave!


  1. Sam P. says:

    Have a lovely mini-holiday Andrea!


  2. Lynda S says:

    Relax, embrace and enjoy the special time with your family and now extended family Andrea….the blogs will still be there when you get back!!


  3. Donna says:

    hi Andrea! I was wondering what had happened to you! I figured spring is in the air and you were off doing something fun. The fall here is really starting to kick in and it is beautiful. It gets harder and harder each passing year for me to enjoy it knowing all well and good that winter is coming YUCK! Maybe a trip down under would be a good thing! LOL! Anyway I wanted to stop by and say thank you sweetie for the comments you have left me. You are a spirit of happiness! You always make me smile and feel blessed! Hugs always,~Donna


    1. Andrea says:

      You are so kind, Donna! I always miss popping by …when life gets too busy! Just know that I will be back ASAP …. If ever I go MIA again! Hugs xxx


  4. Sandy says:

    Andrea, enjoy your FULL house and have tons of fun. We will be here when you return. I don’t comment as often as I’d like, but I read your blog faithfully and love your creations. You are such an inspiration. Post some of your holiday pics when you return, the way I am doing. Hugs to you —- Sandy


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