Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps

Christmas Cookies (3)Hello Bloggies!

I usually make some sweet goodies as gifts for the staff in the school office each year. But … I was a little pressed for time this year … so my usual fudge making day had to be canned … and instead I baked some cookies!

Christmas Cookies (2)What made them that bit more special  was that I used the fabulous Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps to decorate them. Such a fab idea … and made in super quick time. The recipe only took 12 mins to bake. I sprinkled some Cinnamon Sugar over the top for a bit more “sugar & spice”.

Christmas Cookies (1)Christmas Cookies (4)Stampin’ Up! made it super easy for me this year … with a wonderful gift packaging set in the Holiday Catalogue designed especially for these yummy cookies. It is called “Season of Sweets Designer Kit” … and so I bought 2 packs … anticipating that I would need a few. They came together so quickly and made a simple cookie look really special. Perfect for that little thank you gift! 🙂

Christmas Cookies (5)So … with such a lack of time this year (because of the wedding) … I felt quite satisfied that I still managed some hand baked & hand crafted gifts. The kits are only available until 31 Jan. I know I sound like a SU! demo (habit) … but these are so fabulous. I think I might buy some more for next Christmas! Oh … YES! … Leonie – this is yours. There are still 3 sitting on my desk. I hadn’t managed to find the time to deliver. So … they are probably stale by now … but at least you know the thought was there! (Same for Jenny & Tracey!) 🙄 😉 😀

Bookwork catch up tomorrow. Bree is at her other nanny’s … as she was here on Wednesday instead. I also still have to strip the Christmas tree. Got sidetracked yesterday editing 2 1/2 years of photos to print some out for the kids albums. Now I just need to get them printed! Busy Busy Busy … AGAIN! 😉

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  1. These look delish, Andrea. love the snowflake ‘stamp’ and the sweet packaging.


  2. Fiona harrison says:

    They look fab. Great job. I was trying to figure out a use for those packs as they were so cute, but I wasn’t doing biscuits. I still did the fudge, rocky road, white christmas packs but it sure is time consuming.


    1. Andrea says:

      I did the fudge, rocky road & christmas crackle puddings for Christmas … just didn’t get them done in time for the end of school! I found an amazingly delicious white rocky road with dried cranberries & macadamias. YUM! Not going back to the raspberry lollies & peanuts!!! It was fantastic! Hugs xxx


  3. Lynda S says:

    Yeah…cause fudge takes soo much time…why not bake cookies, press them and sprinkle sugar then pack them all special….geez gal you put us allto SHAME!!!! Love what you did and I am sure they went down a treat. If it is any consolation…I did not cook my fudge this year either…hee hee hee. ooxx


    1. Andrea says:

      Ha ha he he! You always make me laugh! But … I do take longer with fudge … Cos 1flavour just does not suffice! Hugs xxx


  4. Melissa says:

    Yummo, they are fun to make though aren’t they, I have half a kit left over so may even buy another one in case for next year, Harry can give them out to his little schoolfriends. Amazing amongst everything else that you found the time to still bake cookies, well done hun xx


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