Happily Ever After … Anniversary

Happily Ever After I&C'12 (6)Hi guys!

 This was an anniversary card that I made for my sis’ & b-i-l’s anniversary back in December. I went for the red/pink theme … but am not sure if it worked as well as I hoped???

Happily Ever After I&C'12 (1)Happily Ever After I&C'12 (3)Cute couple image … HUH? I think I must have had a smudge on my camera lens … the blurry stamped image also shows on the picture below my card recipe. The inspiration for this card was from Kay Kalthoff.

Please give all your ‘big’ kids a hug today! A motorbike accident yesterday took the life of Mitch’s (Skye’s boyfriend) close mate. Only 22 yrs & married 2 months. So … a little sad around here today. It is such a tragedy. We feel so much for his new wife & family … and all his friends.

GEN 12 Andrea 2Happily Ever After I&C'12 recipeHappily Ever After I&C'12 (2)


  1. Nice card Andrea. I like the cute hearts. I am sure your Sister and Brother in Law loved the card.

    Thinking of you all. It is such a tragedy with a young life taken like that. We don’t understand but know God has you all in His hands. Sending you love and hugs. xxoo


  2. Monika/buzsy says:

    Very sweet Andrea. Love the blurry stamped images. So soft and pretty. Also like the soft coloring on the hearts. What a great desing. I will have to check out that inspiration card. 🙂


  3. Melissa says:

    Lovely soft and romantic, just perfect. Sorry to hear about such a young person losing their life, as someone who is around a lot of bikes, its always a worry, I worry to death everytime my brother hops on his, and after one of his friends survived an accident luckily it just makes the worry worse. it makes me sad to hear of ones that don’t. Thinking of you all – hugs xx


    1. Andrea says:

      Yes … This was such a tragedy! I was reading on the Internet that bike riders are 35x more likely to die in an accident than if they were in a car. And … If they don’t die … The stats for life changing injuries is very high too! I keep discouraging son no. 1 (25yrs) from getting one. He has grown up with dirt bikes so is quite capable … But the roads are so different! Hope your brother stays safe! Hugs xxxx


  4. Lynda S says:

    I am so v v sorry to hear of the sad loss of a young life. I can only hope that all around seek strength and love fm eachother.
    Love the card hunni….I have noticed a huge change in ur style since leaving SU…and I like it. I bet the happy couple did too.
    Ahhhhhhh…..98 e mails down to 18 and this is the last comment I have!!! Woo hoo!!! ooxx


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