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A Pretty Birthday Card!


Happiest Birthday Wishes Carrie'13 (4)Hi Bloggies!

Long time no see! Yes … life has been a bit manic over the last couple of weeks … but some of it has been GOOD manic!!! I had a lovely birthday last Tuesday (5th) … and was spoilt rotten! Gav, the kids & my mum & in-laws thought of everything to make it a special day! I had a mountain of Facebook messages … and received several handmade cards! I felt very loved! Before I bore you by blethering on with all that has been happening … I thought I was well overdue to share a card!!! 😀

Happiest Birthday Wishes Carrie'13 (1)I wanted a pretty card for a sweet niece! I used a few different stamp sets to create a summery card for Carrie! I know … Carrie’s birthday (4th March) signified the beginning of autumn (fall) … but I was still in a summery mood! 😉 The Happiest Birthday Wishes Carrie'13 (3)colours were based around the strips of paper. I used my Prismacolour Pencils to colour straight onto the Pool Party card. I really like this techy!

Well … off to do some bookwork … and then lunch with a friend … then some more bookwork. Gav is working from home ALL DAY today … so I had better look like I am earning my money!!! (Which I don’t actually get paid … it just helps with our tax!) It is an absolutely beautiful day here today. The view out of my window is gorgeous … fresh green grass, cool pool, beautiful sunshine and a couple of clouds floating by. You can see the grass growing … because we have had so much rain. But … after being brown and crackly in January … it is now lush, green & long! Have a great day!

Just noticed I left 2 stamp sets off the recipe!!! SORRY! Please add SU! – Flowering Flourishes & SU! – Sunny Fun. xxx

Oh … and … I have had to delete all the posts in my feedreader … because I was so far behind! Hope to start again today! xxx

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10 thoughts on “A Pretty Birthday Card!

  1. Belated Happy Birthday!

    Delighted to be receiving your newsy emails again. Our server changed something mid January –we are now attempting to update our email contact list so you won’t go to spam. I missed you– but thought perhaps you were no longer blogging.

    Would love to have some of your rain or at least a bit more snow. Mother Nature is sending snow to the north and east of us. We really need it in the southwest. The mule deer that come through our property would love your grass.

    Happy Birthday and many many more. Hugs and Smiles, Reva


    • Hi Reva … So nice to see you again! I have been a little busy lately .. So posts have been a little infrequent! I must get back to it seriously ASAP! I have had times when I have lost my blog friend list … And it does take awhile to remember everyone! I know have mine all come via a feed reader (much quicker to check through … Because you don’t have to open every individual post) … And my list is online so it can’t be lost! Welcome back! And … Thanks for your lovely comments. Hugs xxx


  2. What a pretty summer card Andrea. It’s perfect no matter what season it is. Love the sparkly flower image.


  3. So colourful and pretty, so sorry haven’t stopped by in a while, am trying to get back in the swing of things stamping and blogging wise, though its just not happening lol.


    • Like you, Melissa … I haven’t blogged regularly for awhile. I think it comes to finally having the right frame of mind … “If it happens … Great. But if not … Don’t stress! There is always tomorrow!” Thanks for taking the time to pop by & leave some lovely encouragement! Ga xxx


  4. I forgot your birthday – I am SO sorry!!! It should be easy to remember as we are just 10 days apart and the same age. But, as I am sure you know, the mind starts to go at our advanced age!!


    • No worries, Kim! It is so hard to keep up with everyone! Now I am struggling to remember if you are 10 days earlier or later! Giggle! I am almost certain it is later … Which means that is in a couple of days! Just in case I forget … HAPPY BIRTHDAY for the 15th??? Ha ha! 🎂🎉🎈(in case those emoticons don’t work … I sent you a cake, some streamers & a balloon)! Hugs xxx


  5. Hi Andrea! I was just having a quick look around some of my favourite blogs that I haven’t had a chance to visit lately. Your’s was the very next one I was going to click on when it came up that you had left me a comment. What a coincidence!! Great minds do really think alike 🙂
    Happy birthday for last week! I’m happy to hear that you had a great day. ssssh… don’t tell anyone, but it’s my birthday today 🙂 Rhys and I had a lovely lunch with friends and the kids surprised me with a lovely card they made themselves 🙂


    • If only I had seen this last night … I could have wished you a happy birthday on your birthday! I am glad you had a nice time with Rhys. I do hope the year ahead is full of happiness & joy. Thanks for popping by! I have been really slack with blogging lately! Don’t seem to be motivated … With plenty to keep me occupied. I sometimes wonder why I keep going but it is definitely so I don’t lose touch with lovely blog friends like you! Have a great day, hunny! Hugs xxx


  6. Love this darl. I hope my card arrived ok…and relatively on time. I am DESPERATELY behind in my commenting…….demoing is v v time consuming in the early stages!!! Hope you and Chrissy had a magical day. ooxx