60th Card for a dear friend!


A Little Love LN'13 (4)Hi bloggies!

Boring info alert … (feel free to skip the next paragraph!) …

Well … all my good intentions went out the window again this week. After feeling some niggles of lower back pain last Sunday, I woke up on Monday morning to find I couldn’t move. Not even a cm without the most agonising pain! I spent the whole day in bed barely moving. I will spare you all the details … but just say … a trip to the bathroom had me passing out and almost throwing up. Gav phoned the triage nurse on Monday night … and after a quick visit (a miracle for the ED) and an assessment was given, I had an injection and was sent home with some STRONG medication. More investigation is needed after it settles enough to get to the doctor. So … here I am … Thurs morning & still recovering! The pain is easing with rest … and I am feeling so much better today … but even 15 mins up to get dressed, tidy my room a little & have some brekky meant queasiness & discomfort. I just had to lie back down! Perhaps I will get to the doctor on Monday?

A Little Love LN'13 (1)So … I finally made it to my computer … with a hot pack & some panadol & lots of pillows on my bedl!!! Here is a card I made for my dear friend Leonie N’s 60th A Little Love LN'13 (3)birthday back in February! I had fun playing with some new goodies … especially that gorgeous “Falling Hearts” background die! You can see I layered some different colours behind the hearts for a sweet effect. I wish I had stamped the “Happy Birthday” down a little to make more room for the “60” … but overall was pretty pleased with the result.

Hope you all are enjoying your day! We are having the most beautiful autumn weather at the moment! It is almost going to be summer again this weekend! The poor boys have a pre-season soccer gala day on Saturday … phew … they are gonna be hot!!! Well … that’s it … gotta lie flat again! See  you soon!

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  1. Kim S says:

    Please…please…please…take care of yourself. You do SO much but you need to recover. I’ll keep you in prayers.


  2. Kim S says:

    And it would have been nice had I mentioned your card!! I so love the falling hearts die and you have made it even more special with the variety of colors!! It’s such a cheerful and festive 60th!


  3. Oh! Andrea! That’s not good. Sorry to hear you have had a bad back this week. You rest up so you can be right for our stamping day!!!!
    Let that family take good care of you.

    Sending love and soft hugs so I don’t hurt you 😉



  4. Monika/buzsy says:

    Oh, I do hope that you are all better by now Andrea, without any pain! So sorry you had to go through that! Pain is no fun! Very pretty card! Love that die with the hearts! I’ve been looking at it, but it’s so expensive. Sure looks great though. The ribbon bow is so elegant! Sending you heeling thoughts and prayers!


  5. Monika/buzsy says:

    Hey girlie… me again… just checking in… hoping that everything is going well with you and you are feeling much better! I have to add that I love the heart border on your card! I didn’t pay attention to that first… I loved the die-cut heart background sooo much that I didn’t see anything else but that beautie! 🙂


    1. Andrea says:

      Hi Monika! Thanks for your concern! It has been a tricky few weeks! I spent about 8 days in bed … Then another 2 or 3 trying to catch up on Easter shopping & cooking (very slowly & carefully) … Then spent Easter at a church conference. I was careful to have plenty of rest because my back was still causing grief. A CT scan showed a bone growth on the spine pressing on the nerves. something had caused this to inflame. This week has been a huge improvement … And the neurologist was happy with progress yesterday … And isn’t keen to do anything unless it flares up again. So nearly 3 weeks & I still am finding I need some rest time on the lounge each day. I am very thankful that the excruciating pain has gone … And now it is just a constant ache across my lower back. I would have been able to do blogging in the last week or so … But had so much to catch up on … And I needed to pace myself. Very busy weekend coming up … But I hope to be back next week! It was lovely of you to wonder where I was! Sometimes I wonder if anyone would notice if I disappeared completely? Thanks for your sweet encouragement. Hugs xxx


  6. Melissa says:

    So pretty, all the little hearts, colours and glimmer makes it a very special card xx


    1. Andrea says:

      So nice to have you back … I hope you enjoyed your holiday. The photos told a wonderful story! Thanks for all your sweet blog love today! Hugs xxx


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