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Male 18th Card


Need for Speed TD'12 (4)Hi bloggies!

Yes!!! It has been a while! Did you miss me? I was telling Monika in my response to her comment last Friday the reason for my prolonged absence. In my previous post I explained the original problem … but … for those who are interested … here is an update! For those who aren’t 😉 skip the next paragraph!!! 😀

It has been a tricky few weeks! I spent about 8 days in bed … Then another 2 or 3 trying to catch up on Easter shopping & cooking (very slowly & carefully) … Then spent Easter at a church conference. I was careful to have plenty of rest because my back was still causing grief. A CT scan showed a bone growth on the spine pressing on the nerves. something had caused this to inflame. This week has been a huge improvement … And the neurologist was happy with progress yesterday … And isn’t keen to do anything unless it flares up again. So nearly 3 weeks & I still am finding I need some rest time on the lounge each day. I am very thankful that the excruciating pain has gone … And now it is just a constant ache across my lower back. I would have been able to do blogging in the last week or so … But had so much to catch up on … And I needed to pace myself. Very busy weekend coming up … But I hope to be back next week!

Need for Speed TD'12 (1)

Need for Speed TD'12 (3)I am sharing an 18th card that I made for one of my nephews towards the end of last year! (Remember my MALE card run??? — this was another!!) Isn’t it interesting … that even though the same stamp is used for each card image … the one on the left looks smaller than the one on the right!!!! 😀 Hhhmmm … an illusion!

Well … I really have a lot of catching up to do … after being out of action … and two busy weekends. I will try and get back again this week with another post … if you would like???? 😉

GEN 12 Andrea 2Need for Speed TD'12 recipeNeed for Speed TD'12 (2)


10 thoughts on “Male 18th Card

  1. So happy you are back –would be happier if your back were back to normal.
    Learned a long time ago we don’t always get what we want, so I’ll just give thanks for what I have.
    Hugs and smiles, Reva


  2. What a great technique! This is the first time I’ve commented on someone’s post, so you know I really like it. I hope the techniqe works for me!


  3. Oh darl….for what it is worth…sending much love hugs and strength to help you thru this next phase of ur recovery. I wish you freedom of movement sooner rather than later.
    Love this card. The perspective is very interesting indeed. This set is on the wishlist too. Great for blokes of all ages!!! Excellent card…and what bloke wldn’t be happy with slick cars on his card???
    Pls take care of you.
    MWAH ooxx


  4. Great male card! I’ve had a run of male cards recently too! Will have to show you some I have made when you come over! Glad to have you back too! We are a pair at the moment… Getting old! Well I am anyway!


  5. What an awesome male card Andrea. Love the colors and images. The illusion is perfect! LOVE it! I also like the little dry embossed stars! Rest as much as your body needs, but don’t forget to have fun. 🙂


  6. Cool card for a male Andrea. Can’t go wrong with ‘Need for Speed’. Great effect with the masking.

    Take care of yourself,

    Jenny xx


  7. SOrry to hear your back is giving you grief, hope you are feeling a bit better as I am writing this a little later than you posted (smile), hugs for you, back pain is the worst thing. On the upside your card is perfect for a male, love the borders too. Stay strong, hope you are better soon – take care xx