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Well Scripted T&J'13 (3)Hi Bloggies!

Skye & Mitch are engaged (15th June, 2013)
Skye & Mitch are engaged (15th June, 2013)

I am so sorry you have had to stare at that same card for a whole week! I like to post more often … but I tell you … life is just constantly throwing me curve balls! I have some BIG NEWS!!! Skye (3rd daughter – 4th kid) & Mitch are GETTING MARRIED!!! Yes … the big proposal happened on Saturday morning … and we are so thrilled for them both! Mitch is perfect for our Skye! 🙂 And … they are SOOOO happy!

Skye's engagement ring
Pretty Engagement Ring that Mitch chose!
Mitch & Skye at Sheree & Murray's wedding last December
Mitch & Skye at Sheree & Murray’s wedding last December

Mitch organised a very romantic ‘sunrise surf’ & cliff top breakfast picnic. Skye was completely surprised because we had been so careful not to let on that Mitch had talked to Gav about a week & a half before! So … no … it wasn’t a complete surprise to us! They had been talking about it for a few months now! 😉 BUT … I am in the throes of organising Skye’s Country Western 21st party on 5th July … and suddenly had to start thinking “WEDDING”!!! They are keen to be married before the end of the year. I am not so sure that is going to happen! But … we at least need to get a venue booked … and then can take a little more time with other decisions!

Anyway … I thought I should share a card. I didn’t make this for Mitch & Skye … but it seemed appropriate to share an engagement card with you all

Well Scripted T&J'13 (1)Well Scripted T&J'13 (4)The “Congratulations” is silver embossed. The rest is pretty self explanatory! I have to acknowledge help with the design from Loll Thompson. This was CASED from her gorgeous card that I found via Pinterest! Any stamping I am doing at the moment is urgent & CASED!!! Out of necessity! I was beginning to think that life was going to slow down … with Stacey’s baby due on 1st Aug (and she finishes work on 5th July) … so no more Bree baby sitting!!! 😥 😥 I will miss her being around! And … with Skye doing some of my (Gav’s) bookwork to earn some money … life was easing! How wrong was I!!! 🙄  🙄  😀

Anyway … must go … I need to prepare for my first lesson (teaching) at EFL (ESL) next week. The regular teacher is away … and I am filling in … GULP! I am really enjoying ‘helping’ in class … but … hhhmmm … not so sure about the teaching thing! Plenty of other jobs to do, too! See you when I can! Hugs xxx

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  1. Gabbi says:

    Congratulations to all – wow!! Such exciting news!! All the best with organising all the functions!

    Such a beautiful card – great design!

    Love Gabbi


  2. Lynda S says:

    Oh wowsers Andrea. Just when you thought your life was the fullest it could be!!?? Pls pass on my sincere and heartfelt congrats to both Skye and Mitch…..and of course without question that extends to both you and Gav. I love the card Andrea. You have gone so simple and stunning. Just perfect. ooxx


  3. Fiona Harrison says:

    Wowsers, another wedding, how exciting. I’m not even sure if I remember finding out about Stacey. Surely i must have known. What a busy but wonderful time in your life. Good luck with ESL, you’ll be fine.

    Fi xoxox


  4. Melissa says:

    Wow – no rest for the wicked as they say lol, congratulations to you all, such exciting news, you sure are one busy lady, lovely card too xx


  5. Reva Brightman says:

    Life is moving so fast at your home– Congrats to everyone. My daughter will love the card–she is into heart big time. Hugs, Reva


  6. Annette says:

    Congratulations to you all. Wishing Skye and Mitch many years of Happiness!!
    Enjoy the planning….


  7. Whoo Hoo! We are so excited for Skye and Mitch. Congratulations guys xx
    Just take one event at a time I think Andrea. Although with a wedding there does need some early planning. Sending love to you all – and hopefully you can catch times out here and there to breathe.



  8. Kim S says:

    Just when your life is slowing down….but SO exciting!! Your family just keeps growing – with babies and in-laws! They are all so blessed to have you in the middle of it!


    1. Andrea says:

      You are a sweetie, Kim! thanks for the lovely encouragement! And … yes … busy time … but also a great blessing! Hugs xxx


  9. Monika/buzsy says:

    What a great news! Congratulations to the couple and of course to proud Mama! What a beautiful card. Love the heart rhinestones forming the heart. The blue is so pretty.


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