For Mother’s Day


Flowering Flourishes BL12May13 (4)Hi bloggies!

I have so many cards to share … right back to BEFORE Mother’s day. Oh for a little leisure time! Stace is now 5 days overdue with her baby … and I have Bree today while she goes to ANOTHER check up. Surely that baby will come soon??? Stace hasn’t been feeling well the last 3 days … I am praying it won’t be long now.

Flowering Flourishes BL12May13 (1)Flowering Flourishes BL12May13 (3)This was a card I made for Gav’s mum … she loved it! The brayered colours turned out beautifully. Some white embossing, pretty ribbon & pearl trim were nice accents.

Off to try and catch up on some bookwork before Bree wakes up! Hope you all are having a great day.

Andrea butterfly girl smallFlowering Flourishes BL12May13 recipeFlowering Flourishes BL12May13 (2)


  1. Kim S says:

    Overdue??!! Yuck!!! I am so sorry that she is so miserable. But I bet you are having fun with Bree. A lovely card and just PERFECT for mother’s day. I love those beautiful flourishes and swirled colors!


  2. Monika/buzsy says:

    Beautiful card Andrea. Love the sponging and the two colors and how they bland. The white embossed flourishes look fabulous! Hope baby comes soon! 🙂


  3. Melissa says:

    Beautiful card, love the embossing, really makes the colour pop. SOme babies just are far too comfortable arent they? Harry was 9 days overdue, and still wouldn’t come – had to have a csection – was the only way lol. Glad he arrived safe and sound eventually xx


    1. Andrea says:

      None of mine would have come either, Melissa without help!! (No. 1 induction then 4 caesarians.) thanks for all your blog love today! Hugs xxx


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