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PRC Soccer MB'13 (3)

Hi bloggies!

I couldn’t resist sharing this card with you considering the World Cup Soccer Championship is currently running in Brazil. My boys are soccer fanatics … especially Sandy … who can tell you all the players from all the European teams as well as those starring for their respective countries at the moment. The boys have been up at 2am to watch the Socceroos (Aussie soccer team) play their three matches. They were in an extremely tough pool … and were not expected to win any of their matches (which they didn’t) … but they played well above themselves and did us sooo proud! Sandy has been taping matches & getting up each morning at 5am to watch as many as he can! Thankfully it will be school holidays next week … so he will be able to watch all the semis & finals to his heart’s content without interfering with school!

PRC Soccer MB'13 (1)

PRC Soccer MB'13 (4)All our boys (Gav, Shane, Sandy, Jono, Murray & Mitch) play together in a Christian Soccer League (social comp) and we spend about 5 hours each Saturday afternoon at the soccer field for the two matches. Sandy plays goalie for 1st division & striker for premier. Gav, Jono, Muz & Mitch all play in premier & Shane in 1st div. The uniform cut out that I designed for this card was based on their uniform! 🙂 The pants were cut from black cardstock & the shirt from orange with the black designs drawn on using a black marker. It was a fun card to make.

And … here is another bonus card from my photo files. (I still have a mountain to share!) I made this one with 2 different colours for the base card. This was CASEd from a card I found on Pinterest … it was designed by Margaret Moody. Thanks for the inspiration, Margaret! 🙂

B'day Ian Scott Jan'14 (1)

And … just one more quickie … a card I made for Sandy’s birthday this year. He is doing music  as an elective at school and enjoys playing guitar at church too! I am a HUGE “I’m in Haven” fan and get a lot of ideas & inspiration from Lisa A’s designs. This is another of her fab creations and is almost a copy of her original. I used a different embossing folder. Her original design can be found here –>  I’m in Haven.

SBL CZ Apr14

I have been working on a project using several of Lisa’s ideas … and hope to share some of them with you all soon! Well … only one recipe for this lot … you can find it at the end of the post! My shingles pain has flared up over the last couple of days. But … I really can’t complain … I did get off pretty lightly with the severity of my case! And … it gives me an excuse to sit, rest & catch up on some computer stuff! See you again soon!

Hugs xxx

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PRC Soccer MB'13 (2)

PRC Soccer MB'13 recipe


  1. Kim S says:

    I’m a fan of Lisa A too. Isn’t it amazing that how her cards are so simple, yet absolutely stunning, and at the same time they are absolutely CASE-able by us average cardmakers. I have so many of her cards filed away for inspiration!

    Soccer is on constantly in our house too. I’m not even sure why because no one plays. We are lacrosse and marching band people!! But the I constantly hear the boys yelling and cheering from the basement. (Luckily it’s during daytime hours for us!)

    I am glad to see you around again. I love your soccer card – the bit of zig-zag under the sentiment is a fabulous look. The candles are a fabulous look – although I’m thinking I would lose patience creating each of those candles!! And I love that you did the guitar for Sandy – isn’t it great how we can make exactly the right card in our hobby!


  2. Monika/buzsy says:

    Cool cards Andrea. Especially love the guitar one… the cords and the pick look awesome!


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