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Adore GavMay14 (3)

Hello bloggies!

Adore GavMay14 (4)It is school holidays! Yay! I ALWAYS appreciate the break from normal routine when the school holidays come around. I realised this week that I am half way through my 24th year as a school mum! Yikes! Yes … that is a lot of school lunches! (Mind you … my dh has done the lunches for the last couple of years! … even though Sandy is perfectly capable as a 16 year old of making his own lunch!!! 😉 ) Anyway … I guess you can see why the break from a 24 year routine is always welcome. I have so many plans & ideas floating around in my little brain … it is time to sit down and spend some time getting them out of the brain and into reality! Thankfully, a little time stamping recently for a couple of needed anniversary cards has helped the process. 😀

Adore GavMay14 (1)

The card (above) is the anniversary card I made for Gav back in May. It was our 32nd anniversary! As I always say … “yes — I was a child/bride!!!” I am having fun with some new dies that I bought recently … but have realised that it doesn’t matter how many dies you have … there is always another out there in the stamping / cardmaking world that you feel you just HAVE TO HAVE! Sadly, the $$$ don’t always support the perceived ‘need’! 😉 The background of this card is graduated ink using a couple of different tones of ink & a brayer to spread the colour across a piece of white cardstock. I do love this effect.

Adore KenNeenJun14 (5)

The following card was for my sister & brother-in-law’s anniversary … just this past Sunday ….

Adore KenNeenJun14 (1)

Adore KenNeenJun14 (3)More fun with the same die set! This one is from Frantic Stamper … and is called “Adore 3X4 Photo Card”. It has the frame die + “adore” die + 2 sized hearts! I tried a technique that I have seen many times before … where the die cut piece is inset into the background. Super easy … but looks really effective IRL! (in real life) This photo shows the hearts inset into the Crumb Cake background.

Adore KenNeenJun14 (4)In this photo … the “adore” is actually simply glued to the background paper … and not inset like the hearts were!

Gav & I very impulsively decided to go to the St George/Illawarra Dragons footy match last night at WIN stadium. (Wollongong) Going out on a brisk windy winter’s night is not really my cuppa tea … but some of the kids were going and I just felt like some fresh air. It was fun to catch up with some friends … and fun to watch the boys of the family cheer for the girls team for a change. (None of their favs were playing … so they actually “had to” support our team!) And … yes … we won! Sandy was at a mate’s place & so missed out. He will be MOST annoyed when he finds out we went without him … because St George IS his team too!  Well … just home from a funeral … and off to help a friend unpack after her house move. Will try and catch up here again soon! Have a great day! xx

Hugs xxx

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  1. Gorgeous cards Andrea. I hope you do get to have a break over the holidays. Enjoy some time creating too. xx


    1. Andrea says:

      Thanks Jenny! BTW … I did make 1 card on Thursday. I got the sympathy one done that I needed! How did your launch party go? Lots of bookings? Xx


  2. Monika/buzsy says:

    Pretty cards Andrea. Especially love the first one with the dark background. I am right there with the with the dies! I am a die junkie!


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