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Hi bloggies!

Today’s card was actually created in July 2013! Yes … I DO HAVE cards on file dating back that far … and this one has a card recipe too! (at end of post) I am WAY BEHIND with blogging! 🙂 Was this worth waiting for?? (wink)!

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Simple B'day Thanks TZ'13 (4)This was created for my youngest niece while she was away overseas with her family doing mission work. I know that the local people were intrigued with this one! I must go and find those pretty rose embellies. I don’t think I have used any since this card. I dyed this one by rubbing it over the stamp pad. It looks really pretty with the blue tips on the petals. Lots of added bling and glitz for a girly girl card. I even added some shimmer spray to the cupcake base! This definitely looked prettier in real life! Card Inspiration: HERE!

Well … off to take Sandy to his ZONE athletics carnival … after he got AGE champ at the school carnival. He is actually going for every event except 800m & 1500m. Of course … he just HAD to sprain his ankle at soccer on Saturday afternoon (was very swollen & quite bruised) and has spent the last 2 days with it up! So … I am not sure how well he will perform today??? Gav’s dad has been in hospital for several days after a blood pressure scare. He was due to have an angiogram yesterday but has developed pneumonia and was not well enough to have the test. We have been back and forward to the hospital. Gav’s mum is also not well with a bad dose of the flu. Busy Busy! Life is never dull. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs xx

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  1. Kim S says:

    It’s truly lovely! The colors, the bling, the pretty butterflies – how much it must have meant to someone overseas. I love the impact of simply adding some color to the tips of that rose – it gives it such dimension.


    1. Andrea says:

      Thanks … my 11 year old niece thought it was beautiful! Hugs xxx


  2. Lynda S says:

    Perfect cake Andrea… clever….and so v v jealous of all ur regular posts. ooxx


    1. Andrea says:

      Thanks, Lynda! I have you in my feed … but haven’t seen any Lynda posts! Hope I am still in the loop! 🙂 Perhaps I should pop by … just in case! Hugs xxx


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