My first Christmas Card for 2014!

Holiday Greetings (3)Hi bloggies!

I was playing around with my blendies recently and pulled out a random Christmas stamp set to try them out. I was pretty chuffed with the final result. This is my first Christmas card for 2014 Christmas. I had better get my butt into gear … 1 down … only about 50 more to go!!! 😉

Holiday Greetings (1)Holiday Greetings (4)This set is from Verve and is called “Holiday Greetings”! The sentiment is a Stampin’ Up! oldie but goodie … sorry … I can’t find which set it is from but it fitted nicely in the bottom corner! The snowflakes were in my stash … punched from silver glimmer paper. I was pleased with the blendies … but must admit that I wish the lightest colour of the three was a little lighter. I guess it is just a matter of getting used to them.

Phew! It has been a hectic week. (I know … I should write “an” hectic … but who is going to correct me?) I have been to Toowoomba (Q’ld) since I was last here. We spent 4 days with my sister and it was ‘go go go’. We had a lovely time celebrating Louise’s 50th, my mum’s 75th and helping out at my nephew’s fiance’s bridal shower as well as celebrating my niece’s 15th birthday. We packed a lot into 4 days … and I must admit I came home pretty tired.

While I was away, Sandy managed to break his hand in a soccer match at school on Friday. It was a teacher VS student challenge. Long story short … he thought he had just dislocated his finger and “popped it back in” — goodness knows what he actually did do in popping it back in!!???? Move the bone back??? It is quite a nasty break and he has a back slab plaster on until Monday when we visit the fracture clinic again to find out if it will be a further 4 weeks or so in plaster or whether it needs pinning. You can see a photo of my poor baby on my Facebook page … if you are interested! So … I spent the several hours between the medical centre & hospital emergency on my first day back (Monday). Thankfully mum & Ree were here to help with the grandkids.

I thought I would also share a couple of random cards I have made recently! Click on first photo to view better detail as a slideshow!  I have such a back log in my files … I need to get posting more often! Sigh … If only time would allow! 😀 Hope you are all having a great day!

Andrea Gold Black Heart

Holiday Greetings (2)

Card Inspiration: “Well Scripted” — via Pinterest

Card Inspiration: “Chalk Talk” — via Pinterest (still looking for original … will add link when I find it!)

Card Inspiration: “Joyful Blooms” — via Pinterest


  1. Lynda S says:

    LOVE the Chrissy card Andrea. I too started (and I am still in shock) my cards last w’end too. Your colouring always inspires me darl.
    Hope Sandy is on the mend and that the damage is not too bad. ooxx


  2. Beautiful cards.
    Hope your son recovers quickly – popped over to the facebook page – I can relate to the less running around and I know it will be a different kind of pain when they can’t move. 🙂


  3. I just saw this video and thought you might like it – it shows how to make the blendabilities lighter 🙂
    Happy colouring


    1. Andrea says:

      Thanks for the link, Vicki! It was really helpful! Can’t wait to try it! Hugs xxx


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