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Hi bloggies!

This is going to be a bit of a marathon post … so why don’t you stop for a minute and make yourself a cuppa! 🙂 There is a lot of detail in this post and plenty of gorgeous creations … I hope you enjoy!

Celebrate D'Luxe 10 yrs (2)Have you heard of the Creative Blog Hop? I have seen it pop up on some of my favourite blogs recently and have enjoyed reading about various friends’ creative inspiration and style. I was so surprised to receive an email several days ago from one of my blog buddies, Monika Davis! (M.A.D. Stamper). Monika and I have been blog friends for a few years now and she has been a huge encouragement to me … always ready with a sweet comment for my posts … and always full of wonderful compliments. She is one reason I returned to blogging recently … because I had missed my blog buddies so much! Monika has a very unique style. She usually has lots of lovely layered elements and seems to know how to add just enough for it to be the perfect balance. Her cards are always intricate and detailed without looking too heavy or overdone! She has such a clever way of putting her cards together! Here are a couple of Monika’s gorgeous creations …

Monika’s “Every Which Way”
Monika’s “Framed Florals”

So … Monika has just added her Creative Blog Hop POST to her blog and has nominated me to participate in this fun BLOG EVENT too! So … here goes ………..

Bokeh - SU! Hearts a Flutter (2)

Question 1: What am I working on right now? … I have a bunch of “secret projects” on the go at the moment! 😀 No … not really … but I am preparing a range of cards & mini card packs to sell via my blog. Time is my greatest enemy … and whilst I do have several done … I do want a good range before I actually ‘launch’ the new venture. So … it may still take a while to get this off the ground. In the meantime I am constantly creating birthday / anniversary / sympathy / thank you cards for the huge group of family and friends that I have in my life! Yes … my family is so BIG … I actually have a “Calendar of Cards” … to keep track of them all. At the moment I am working on an anniversary card for my sis … oooops! That is only in 3 days … I had better get my butt into gear and get that done!

Skye & Mitch's Wedding Card Jan'14

Question 2: How does my work differ from others in my genre?Well … hhhhmmmm … I am a little stuck to describe my style … seeing it is inspired by so many others! I am an Olympic Champion at CASE-ing!!! I just find I like everyone else’s style better than my own … so I copy A LOT!!! 😀 I like to think my style is CAS but often get too carried away … and it becomes something far from CAS! My difference? I think I ‘overdo’ everything! CAS becomes CAS+ !!! I do love whites as a base colour … but then I am also a ‘vintage’ fan. I just never seem to ‘nail’ the vintage look. I love layering images and lately have been trying this a bit more. And … I am just delving into the ‘die’ adventure … but fear that I am already becoming a “die junkie”! I just can’t get enough of them. Sadly … I broke my Big Shot just last week … and am already having DIE WITHDRAWALS!!! 😉 I truly need to get that fixed! Chloe's 21st CT'13 (1)

Question 3: Why do I create what I do?I have been a dabbler since I was young with all things crafty … from folk art to embroidery machine sewing … patchwork to cross stitch & crewel … crotchet & knitting too! But … in the last 5 or so years my passion has been card making. I am so inspired by the amazing talent of so many blog friends in blog land … and never seem to achieve the sophisticated look that so many have … but stamping & card making is a craft that is so ‘forgiving’. There are so many fabulous and easy ways to put a card together and be quite satisfied that it is ‘rather nice’. Card making is for those who don’t have the artistic talent … but have the passion. 😀 That is definitely me to a “T”! Well Scripted Wedding (2)

Question 4: How does my creative process work?Generally, in the past few years, my inspiration has come through blog challenges. A great sketch or a fab colour combination has often been my starting point. I usually move onto choosing a technique and then a stamp set to fit! But … lately … it is a case of ‘CASE … CASE … CASE’! I just don’t have the time to think … so my friends are my ‘go to’ as my inspiration! I have Pinterest boards FULL of ideas … and I just love scrolling through them to find exactly what I am looking for. Usually I do change the design a little … but more often than not … the original is SO perfect … I just have to CASE it completely! I always find it flattering if someone copies any of my creations … so I hope others realise what a compliment it is when I CASE their work!

And … now it is my task to nominate 3 blog friends who inspire me … to participate in the Creative Blog Hop. UPDATE: A big thanks to Paula for accepting my nomination. Unfortunately, the other 3 people I asked are not able to participate at the moment … which I TOTALLY get! Life can just be too overwhelming and demanding sometimes … and that one thing more to do is just one too many! So … even though I have ended up with only 1 person to hand over this creative hop to … it does mean it will continue to roll along via Paula!

Paula Dobson
Paula’s “Father’s Day”

Paula Dobson … “Stampinantics” … Paula is my NZ blog friend who I have never met but has constantly inspired and encouraged me during my stamping journey. I think I first met Paula years ago via the Just Add Ink blog challenge … and have been following her ever since. She has such a gorgeous style and is the queen of sponged scenery type cards. I love the way she makes the simple look so much more! Her colour palettes are always so appealing and on trend. I have so many of her cards filed to use as inspiration. You can see Paula’s “Bokeh” style card (above) that was the inspiration for a recent card I posted here! Paula has given me confidence in my own abilities and is especially helpful when I am a bit down on myself and my style and creative talents! She always picks me up and encourages me to continue! Please pop by Paula’s blog to continue on this creative blog hop! I am sure you will be inspired and will discover many wonderfully talented people if you choose to follow her links to her creative friends! I wonder how far you will go?

Paula Dobson2
Paula’s “Convention Swap”

Well … I had better get this posted! It is a little overdue (by Australian times!) I hope you enjoyed reading a little about the “behind the scenes” for Andrea! Please don’t forget to pop by Monika’s & Paula’s blogs to check out their gorgeous creations! I have made it easy for you … if you click the card photo you will be redirected to that particular card post on their blog. I am sure you won’t be disappointed!  Have a great day … see you all again soon!

Andrea Gold Black Heart



  1. Lynda S says:

    I love your style Andrea… makes me gasp and smile all at the same time. I think what you do is pure magic. Great cards and for one I am one happy camper you are back in the land of blogging……perhaps you can have a word to someone else we both know and tell her to get of her tukas and get back into it!!!! UGH….evil lack of time…… ooxx


    1. Andrea says:

      I am always despairing of that “evil lack of time”! And … Totally get that blogging sometimes is just at the bottom of the priority list. It is often there for me too! Don’t stress … It will happen when you are ready. Hugs xxx


  2. Well done. I like your anniversary and Congratulations card. Might have to CASE that one myself 🙂


  3. Paula Dobson says:

    Andrea, you are such a Honey and it is a real privilege to do the Creative Blog Hop with you. I look forward to putting my post together for everyone to read next Monday! I have loved being you blog friend and am inspired by you too ♥


  4. Monika/buzsy says:

    It was so nice to learn more about your sweet friend! I love your sense of humor, the creativity, your blog friendship! Thank you for accepting the nomination and for the wonderful blog post. I am looking forward to seeing your new venture! I might have to CASE it. I have way too many cards that need loving homes. 🙂


  5. Exciting Andrea. It was nice to read about you even though I see you so much. I love your style and you CASE so well. There is a real art in that. I can’t seem to do it well. I am glad you are able to create more. I am sorry your Big Shot is still broken. Perhaps we will have to have another stamping day together soon and you can use my Big Shot. Continue to create and share your cards. I love to see them. xx


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