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Fluttering Hearts S&LL'13 (4)Hi again!

Firstly … yes … I was VERY self disciplined and DID do my cleaning before anything else yesterday! I am one of those nazi mums on cleaning day, though! I like to think it will stay clean at least for one day! (Sadly, often it doesn’t! … unless everyone is out for the day!!!) Sandy pulled the coffee table over to do some maths homework … in front of the TV … (I tolerated this because he has a broken arm … and it is holidays!) My immediate response … “You will clean the finger prints off that coffee table when you are finished … won’t you!” HA! I hope when my kids come to do my eulogy … that won’t be the only thing they remember, though!? Surely … they will remember the fun times … the self sacrifice … the listening ear … the sympathetic heart … the giggles … the FOOD … etc etc? Surely??? Anyway … I am slowly but surely clearing the backlog of cards that I have already pinned to my Pinterest page that needed to be linked to a blog post! Today’s cards are HEART themed!

Fluttering Hearts S&LL'13 (2)Fluttering Hearts S&LL'13 (1)The first is an anniversary card I made for my sis & hubby. I was thrilled with the result … but … as is my norm lately … I have to give creative credit to someone else! One of these days my tired little brain will get its mojo back and I will create all by myself … like a BIG girl! 😀 I found this card via a search on Pinterest for “Hearts a Flutter”. It is a gorgeous creation by Chiaki Haverstick … please pop by and check out her blog … Stamps, Ink, Paper … Create! I changed the colour scheme … but the design is Chiaki’s!

JaZ Apr14 (1)JaZ Apr14 (2)I went searching for my second card after a post on Helen’s blog reminded me of it! Helen has done some brayering and embossing on vellum … such a funky idea! Make sure you check it out … it looks fab! This was a fun birthday card that I made for my niece back in April! I am a bit behind with blogging some of these cards … aren’t I!? I actually used markers and coloured the back of the vellum images (“Hearts a Flutter”) … then popped some clear sequins on each to make them look shiny! I would love to try this with some crystal effects sometime … but am pretty happy with this result! Card Inspiration: Angelique Kelly (sorry … I can’t find the original on her blog!)

AB May14This last card was also using Hearts a Flutter … must go and get that set out again and have another play! It is so pretty! I have so many random projects on the go … cards, canvases, mini packs, new blog ideas … and now I have gone and ordered some wool!!! After following Dawn McVey’s blog for awhile … her cards are scrummy … I found I was so touched with her writings and the way she shared stuff in her life that I also started following her on Instagram. I have been watching her afghan creations with great interest … and have such an urge to do some crotchet! I haven’t done any for about 25 years … I wonder if it is like riding a bike? Dawn has been doing some ripple blankets … and I am planning to try one of these. I ordered some wool yesterday from Bendigo Woollen Mills … hopefully it will be here in a few days … and I can scratch that itch! It will be nice to sit in front of the TV WITHOUT the iPad or computer … and just chill out and relax! I am not much of a late night card maker … so it shouldn’t effect my card creating! Fingers crossed! 😀 😉

We had a lovely day on Monday … Gav had the day off (a rare occurrence) … and Shane also happened to be off so we took advantage and had a day in Sydney. Gav, Me & the 2 boys! It was such a treat to spend some time together … just the 4 of us! We trained it to Sydney … then took the ferry over to Manly. Had lunch … spend some time in the surf shops … and then Gav & Shane went for a swim. A little nippy in the water but the weather was just gorgeous. The first really hot day of spring. I think it got up over 30ºC! We took the ferry back to the city and then another around via Lunar Park to Darling Harbour … finishing off with a walk and then dinner at the “Margaritaville” restaurant at DH. I so enjoyed the day! We left home at 10am in the morning and didn’t get home until 10.30pm after training it home. (Train takes almost 2 hours from Sydney!) Click on first photo to view as slideshow!

Sandy's broken hand ... 4th right metacarpal bone!
Sandy’s broken hand … 4th right metacarpal bone!

Back to the fracture clinic with Sandy today. It is 3 weeks since he broke his hand. He thinks he will have the plaster off today … but I am more realistic and think it will be another week to 3 weeks before it is healed. Then … it takes a couple more to strengthen. Now I just need to convince him of this!!! Hope you all have a great weekend. It is a LONG WEEKEND here in NSW … but unfortunately Gav is involved in interviews for our new school principal … Sat 8 to 5 & Mon 8 to 5!! There goes our long weekend! I’m sure I will find something to do! (wink) Hugs xxx

Andrea Gold Black Heart


  1. More beautiful cards.
    I have now found you on pinterest so when I have a minute or two I’ll explore. Ms 14 has her boyfriend here and I need to take Ms 9 to a party.
    Nice to hear you had a lovely day in Sydney.
    Hope Sandy’s hand isn’t too much longer in plaster.
    I hope my Eulogy is a bit the same – just spent the morning requesting mine to help with the cleaning! I hope they remember all the good stuff too 🙂
    I just ordered some new yarn from Bendigo Woolen mills too – I have to finish another jumper first. I also have a local store which stocks it handy for one or two balls or to check more than the swatch before I purchase.
    Looking forward to more of your shares. Enjoy the long weekend.
    Sorry long message!


    1. Andrea says:

      What a lovely long message … Don’t apologise! Sandy’s hand out of plaster … He is happy! Still 4 more weeks before any sport though … Not so happy about that! Funny how much we have in common! Waiting for my wool! 😀 hugs xxx


  2. These are gorgeous cards Andrea and it doesn’t matter that they are CASED. You CASE so well 🙂 I especially love the vellum hearts one. I am glad you had a lovely day in Sydney on Monday. I was thinking of you and wondered what you got up to. xx


  3. Monika/buzsy says:

    Beautiful heart cards Andrea. Especially love the first one with the banner., but I {heart} the paper on the last. I like Dawn’s blog too… you could stop by my house for a cleaning! I’d appreciate you! 🙂


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