Quick Baby Post!

Something for Baby - Elliot Jul'14 (4)Something for Baby - Lily Jul'14 (4)Hi bloggies!

Another scheduled post … due to time constraints this week! This time a couple of baby cards … yes … they are cards that fold flat and go into an envelope!!! I got this template from my stamping buddy, Jenny Hayward … but have since sourced one that has flaps for the tops of the blocks. Am keen to try that sometime!

Click on the first picture to view each separately for better detail. The stamp sets that I used on these baby block cards are Stampin’ Up! — “Something for Baby” and “Baby We’ve Grown”. Enjoy your day! I am busy playing with the grand babies today … I ended up having them Monday & Tuesday instead of Wednesday this week. I just love having them here! 🙂 Hope to be back again soon with another creation! Hugs xxx

Andrea Gold Black Heart

Something for Baby - Elliot Jul'14 (2)
Something for Baby - Lily Jul'14 (2)


  1. Lynda S says:

    LURVE these block cards Andrea and you have done a magnificent job on them.
    As for the “flap” issue…I read that if (once assembled) you place the card so that the smooth part is at the top (ie rest it so that is it lying along the edge you have going vertical at present…that will enable you to place things “podium” style down the card in steps….does that make sense???
    The other poss is that you have seen something TOTALLY diff to what I am trying to describe!!??
    Love them regardless. ooxx


    1. Andrea says:

      Hhhhmmmmm … Trying to picture your description …. Think I need a visit in person & a visual to get it! 😉😊 hugs xx


      1. Reva Brightman says:

        Andrea, I’m thoroughly enjoying the Love card-it is elegant-both cards are and the Baby card–flat fold– thanks for the tip- where to find the template.
        Hugs and smiles, Reva


  2. These are so pretty. Love the sparkle.
    Have fun playing with the grand children.


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