Musical Interlude!

Tongarra Country Fair 2014Hi bloggies!

I am just popping by to add a couple of photos from our school fair on Saturday. Those of you who have been with me for some time will know that Skye is the musical one in our family. She has even had a lead role in a local theatre company musical as well as performing regularly at school and church events. I was totally surprised recently to find out that Sandy can actually sing too! He was talked into performing (nagged) in the school talent quest by his music teacher and did really well for his first ever public performance. His teacher convinced him to perform at our Country Fair last Saturday … and he did two songs with his music class band. He played guitar and sang lead vocals. Well … to say I was surprised at his talent was an understatement! Of course … he is not experienced or as ‘polished’ as a performer as Skye … but it was a proud mum moment, just the same!

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We also were thrilled that Skye was asked to return to her old school and do a 1/2 hour set on stage at the fair. She asked Sandy to accompany her on guitar … and also one of Sandy’s classmates, Eden to play her violin. WOW! It was a fantastic combination and Skye performed beautifully! For the first time we managed to get some video footage of her … including one song that she wrote herself! It was so nice to sit in the sunshine and listen to the musical performances! Both kids will be so embarrassed … but I can’t help sharing a couple of photos with my blog friends! Thanks for humouring me! Hugs xxx

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  1. TFS. I wont tell unless of course they follow your blog like my Ms 18 follows mine – I think you are entitled to your proud mum moment 🙂 They must be very talented to write their own songs.


  2. Well done to Skye and Sandy. What a musical family. The photos are great. xx


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