Another engagement!

Work of Art B&T Oct14 engage (3)Hi again bloggies!

My lovely niece, Tahnee,  also got engaged recently … and it looked as if the two weddings were going to be on the same day … Easter Saturday 2015!!! Oh dear … how were we going to decide … Q’ld trip (for my niece’s) or Sydney (for Gav’s nephew)!? We really didn’t want to have to make that choice. Although … I think I may have been off to Q’ld and Gav would have gone to the Sydney! But … thankfully (or perhaps not) … they are now 1 week apart!!! Anyway … here is the engagement card I made for Tahnee & Brett ……….

Work of Art B&T Oct14 engage (1)Work of Art B&T Oct14 engage (4)I can’t take credit for this design (again … where has my mojo disappeared to?) … I found this one via Pinterest …  Card Inspiration: Danielle FlandersThis one came together so quickly. I used a little shimmer paint on top of the hearts which muted the ink colour a little. It looks really pretty with the shimmer.

Yay! Today we pick up Sandy from his school trip to Fiji! I can’t wait to see him and hear all his stories! It will be nice to have him with us for another week of holidays before he goes back for the last week of school and his Year 10 celebration! He and Gav can do some surfing and I plan to do some reading! Hopefully I can get started on some posts with the Christmas cards I have done for 2015! Yep! I even got those finished before we came away on holidays! See you then …

Andrea Gold Black Heart

Work of Art B&T Oct14 engage (2)


  1. Lynda Shrimpton says:

    Hey darl, Just clicked on this post to comment and it says “page not available” When I go to “home” the post is also not listed…….thought you’d like to know!!! A gal’s gotta comment now don’t she??? ooxx

    Lynda xx Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2014 01:28:52 +0000 To:


    1. Andrea says:

      You are just too quick honey! I mistakenly hit the publish button instead of the schedule button! Ooops! I fixed it straight away … but obviously the email notification had already gone! Ooops! It will be up tomorrow! So sorry! Hugs xxx


  2. A great card. You are in for a very busy time next year.


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