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Hi friends!

Just popping by to let you know that I have back tracked and fixed the recent posts that didn’t allow comments. I have an auto “allow comments” on all my posts … So I am not sure why this is happening. I have checked the WordPress help forum & noticed someone else has the same prob … So I am watching for a response from the tech team.

Please just let me know if the comments are not allowed and I can fix it manually. Thanks, Lynda for telling me the prob was happening again! 😄

I have just arrived back from hols with a huge catch up list & lots to do. I didn’t even feel motivated to write my Chrissy cards while I was away! Shame on me! But I was really needing a good relax …. which it certainly was. I read 2 1/2 books … Started a new crotcheted rug … Finished a few tricky crosswords … Went to the beach … Slept in til 8am each morning … Watched a couple of movies … Played some games … Went prawning  … It was lovely! I wasn’t able to do any more scheduled posts during the last week as I didn’t have any internet! (Gav forgot to take our wireless modem with us!) I do have a couple more ready to pop up over the next couple of days. I am just hoping I will find time to do some more for next week. Fingers crossed.

I did arrive home to find a fresh, gorgeous Christmas tree up in our lounge room … all decorated and pretty … and all my house decorated too. My lovely daughter & son-in-law knew I would be worried about arriving home behind the eight-ball … And knowing I had a full diary this week … they went out last Monday (1st) bought the tree and Sheree did all the decorating! (A bit of a marathon in my house!) I was soooo thankful! Hope you are getting on top of things for Christmas!  Keep smiling! Hugs xxx

Andrea Gold Black Heart

PS: I am so sorry that I haven’t done any blog hopping and commenting. I haven’t had access to internet while I was away and the couple of weeks before were manic! I promise I will visit as soon as I can! 


  1. What a great time for a break. Thanks for fixing the problem. I went to comment on one of the posts and when I couldn’t comment I liked it 🙂 Reading your post reminded me I have a book to read for book club. How wonderful your daughter and son-in-law were to decorate for you.


    1. Andrea says:

      I finished my book club book while I was away! Just in time for our last (Christmas dinner) meeting on Thurs night. Need to do some groceries … But will get back and check all you sweet blog love ASAP!


      1. I cheated and got the shopping delivered 🙂 I’ve done that twice this year and that is in the last 3 weeks! We had the jumping castle removed after Ms 10’s party Friday night and 20 minutes later the grocery man arrived for a stock up for the next party. Perfect timing.


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