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Surprise! Me again!


Need for Speed MD'13 (3)Hello my friends!

Well … it has been awhile! I won’t bore you with details … let’s just say life has been busy (AGAIN!!) I am hoping that after Easter & school holidays things will begin to slow down a little! Sigh … how many times have I said that in the last few years! We had a fabulous time on the cruise to New Zealand … soooooo lovely and relaxing with gorgeous scenery and pretty towns to visit. I will try and get some photos up soon! Today, I am stuck on the bed with a bad back … and after some sweet concern from my good blog friend, Donna … I decided it was time to stop procrastinating and get back here! Thanks Donna for caring! 🙂

Need for Speed MD'13 (1)Need for Speed MD'13 (4)Today’s card is a random! I found it in my files … and it is so old I actually have a card recipe for it. (Like all my posts used to have!!) This stamp set is a keeper … I have so few great MALE sets … so won’t be letting go of this one! I have roughened up all the edges of the card and paper to give it a grungy look! (Kind of!) All the details are in the recipe below! Card Inspiration: Jen Nelson

Well … hopefully it won’t be 2 months again until I get back with more! I have been making cards … but usually emergency last minute ones! I have lots to share … but just need to find time for editing and posting! Hope to see you again soon! Hugs xxx

Andrea Gold Black HeartNeed for Speed MD'13 recipe


6 thoughts on “Surprise! Me again!

  1. Oh Andrea–surely there must be an easier more enjoyable way to slow down–hopefully your back will be more agreeable and you are on the mend SOON.
    Hugs and smiles, Reva


    • Hi Reva! Another month on … my back is fine … but still busy busy busy! I don’t want to complain, though! Life is happy! I have so much to be thankful for and so many blessings! Thanks so much for your concern! I love hearing from you! Hugs xxx


  2. Gorgeous card. Lovely to see you blogging again.
    I do hope your back is better soon – unfortunate to take a forced break.


    • Hi Vicki! So sorry it has taken me to say thanks for your ongoing visits and support! I am so thankful for my blog friends who continue to pop by and leave some encouragement for me! Will pop by your blog asap to say hi! Hugs xxx


  3. Forgive me for being skeptical, but I don’t think your life is ever going to slow down!!! But that’s a good thing, right? Lots of wonderful family times now and in your future – enjoy!! But pop in every so often so your far-away friends know that all is well!


    • You are so right, Kim! Here it is another month gone … and life hasn’t slowed down. And … that is a good thing! I am “happy busy” but sometimes am quite tired! But … I wouldn’t have it any other way except for a little more time for creating! I am so bad with comments on Feedly too! I do check the posts … and have seen some gorgeous inspiration on your blog … but sadly just can’t sit long enough at my computer to comment! Always something to do! Thanks for your encouragement and friendship! I will definitely pop by and say hi on your blog soon! Hugs xxx