Hello! Time for some news!

Hello my patient friends! It has been awhile … again!!! I am not going to make excuses … but I know you will understand if I say in the last month there has been a baby, a house move, school holidays, a week recovering from bad flu and all that goes in between! But … I am finally here with some news! Thanks, Kim, for asking …. here are the details … 

We are thrilled to have a new little baby grand daughter, Peyton Emma! She was born on 20th June after a very long difficult labour and emergency c-section. Poor Sheree did it tough! But … after a few little hiccups … both Sheree and Peyton are home and doing so well! Peyton is a little treasure … very settled and feeding well. Sheree is still very tired … but is coping so well considering she was off her heart medication during pregnancy and again now while she is breast feeding. She and Murray are enjoying this new stage of their lives and are settling well. Here are a few little snaps I thought you might like to see.

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On the same day as Peyton was born … we were all busy helping Stacey, Jono, Bree & Seth move into their new home. It was a little bizarre to have Sheree wandering around while we were busy unpacking boxes. Usually labour is a pretty private thing … but at one point there were 18 people in the new house! Poor Ree! But … she took it all in her stride! She wanted to be where the action was! Once she was off to the hospital … she had many more hours with just Murray there to support her … so she appreciated the company and distraction while she had it! We are so excited to see Jono & Stace settled in their new home. It is wonderful for them to have more space and more storage after living in such a tiny unit for so long! Life will be much easier for them! The kids were so excited to have a brand new set of double bunks … and have been sleeping much better since their move!

Well … the school holidays are nearly over and Sandy will be back at school next Monday. I am so sorry for my absence. To be totally honest … the main reason I am not blogging is MY COMPUTER!!! It is driving me beyond insanity every time I use it. It is just so slow, it hangs all the time, the internet crashes, flash drive is corrupted etc etc etc! I am soooo over it. My answer … I just don’t turn it on! I will go for days without touching it! Yes … I need a new one … and it is on my wish list at the moment but with Gav’s job still a little tenuous I am insisting we don’t spend the money on a new one! Hopefully, things will be looking up soon. I manage most things on my iPad … but I find blogging pretty tedious on it. I also don’t have access to my photo files that are on my computer when I blog on my iPad. One day it will be easier.

Well … I will close now … it has only taken over 3 hours to get this post done! (With a little time out for dinner in between!) Yes … it is a chore … but I do miss you all! I am home alone tonight … so I will try and post another with the card I made for little miss Peyton! Hope you are all doing ok!?

Hugs xxx

Andrea Gold Black HeartPS: Well … it is just not happening tonight! (When does it ever lately???) I can’t get the photos to upload (45 mins of trying) … so I will have to try again tomorrow or the next day … or the next day!!! 😉  Sorry! xxx


  1. Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful granddaughter.
    I can relate to not having space – before we guttered and extended our house we were 6 in 3 bedrooms. It was pretty cosy. Now we have 5 bedrooms and more living areas just in time for all the extra friends that are now visiting and needing space! I sometimes look at how we are now and go how did we all fit before with lego, trains & dolls everywhere!
    Lovely to hear some of your news. We blog because we want to share not because we have to 🙂 Enjoy


    1. Andrea says:

      Hi Vicki! It means so much that you notice … even after an absence that I have posted! Thanks for all your encouragement! Hugs xxx


  2. Kim S says:

    I’m so sorry it was all so traumatic, but I’m glad you can laugh about it now – and what an amazing blessing in Peyton. New home, new baby – what a wonderful family you have!


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